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Granny rags clean hands

Versatile 20G — You killed characters with each weapon and offensive gadget. You collected all the Sokolov paintings.

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Kills by rewired traps hacked devicesdrowning allowing the death of knocked out NPCs by ratsand certain events like Sleep Darting Granny Rags before her cameo is destroyed will result in a kill. In the comments many people have complained about having no kill check marks on every level and not getting this. It has been suggested that if you "killed" anyone during the prologue, the game won't tell you. You may pass through that section of the game by blocking the enemies until they flee. For Granny Rags, you will have to Sleep Dart her after the cameo is destroyed the furnace exploding for her body to be counted as an "unconscious" body.

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In order for Granny Rags to be killed or rendered unconscious, her cameo must be destroyed.

In her first quest, rendering the gang members knocking on her door unconscious will be counted as succeeding, and she will give you a rune as a reward. When entering the area, do not talk to either Granny Rags or Slackjaw. Walk up the ramp to your left to the room with the painting, the cameo, and the furnance. In either game, it is unlocked by finishing the game excluding the prologue in Dishonored without killing anyone.

A tweet from Arkane developer Harvey Smith confirmed that wolfhounds, rats, and river krusts do not count toward body total and therefore will not lock the achievement if killed. Seriously, she just gives you a rune that you can get anyways, and slackjaw gives you tons of money.

Open the furnace, and press interact button. After choosing to place the cameo in, immediately freeze time, and close the furnace again using the lever. Turn around to find that Granny Rags has teleported behind you. Sneak behind her, and pick pocket her keys. Wait for Daud to turn another direction and, quickly, get the guard from behind to kill him or render him unconscious.

Then, lift the body and carry it away, outside of the building. Then, come close to Daud. It is now that is the best moment to decide whether you want to kill him, or spare him. Killing or destroying other non-humans, such as fish, Blood Briars, gravehounds and Clockwork Soldiers will also not lock the achievement.

If I put slackjaw to sleep so granny gives me her key and just leave it registers slackjaw as a hostile death and I retain the ghost. If I pickpocket granny raggs she tries to kill me.

Granny rags, slackjaw, and clean hands

Is there a suitable non lethal solution to this one? Should I help slackjaw or Granny Rags? Should I avoid Granny Rags? How do you save slackjaw without killing granny?

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Should I talk to Granny Rags? Does killing rats affect clean hands?

What do you get if you help Granny Rags? How do you get a granny rag key?

How do you neutralize Daud? Does killing rats in Dishonored do anything? Is there a way to fight Granny Rags with clean hands? Is there a non lethal solution to Granny Rags and Slackjaw? Do you need to kill gentleman callers to get Granny Rags? Can you get Slackjaw from Granny Rags in golden cat?

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