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Gynecologist romance books

We've researched and ranked the best gynecology books in the world, based on recommendations from world experts, sales data, and millions of reader ratings.

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Is there a better marriage than the medical profession and the romance genre?

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The drama practically comes baked in. Hospitals are where babies are born, people die, and lives hang in the balance with every decision. If the setting is hot, the cast of characters is even hotter. Here are the 23 best medical romance books to cure your boredom this year.

Alex Westerling, a celebrity physician followed by paparazzi and pursued by countless glamorous women. The life of a doctor, right? Westerling is the father and that the mother is her late sister.

Dreame-editor's pick

His first instinct is to deny it and prove his lack of paternity—after all, he thinks he has never seen this nurse before in his life, much less her sister and his alleged baby-mama. But what if they are right? In this case, Dr. James Morrell arrives at work not suspecting that the unconscious patient whose life he must save will turn out to be his ex-wife!

Talk about emotions running high. His ex-wife is Dr. Lorna McClelland. But forced to deal with each other for the first time, it all comes back—the reasons their marriage fell apart, and the reasons they fell in love in the first place.

Sarah Morgan clearly has a thing for playboy doctors, as you can probably tell from her concept of Alex Westerling as a celebrity doctor, as well as the title of this romance novel. Instead of Dr. Westerling, however, we get Dr. Seb Macauley, an even more rakish character.

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Morgan sets Dr. Macaulay against the story protagonist, Dr. Carl Marinelli takes a different gynecologist from the playboy doctor—instead of an inveterate womanizer, Dr. Ben Richardson is an romance widower, thinking about moving on but haunted by memories of the wife and baby he lost, wary of opening up his heart to that kind of vulnerability again. His walls start to crack after a chance encounter on the beach with a nurse from his hospital—and she is not only beautiful and single, but also pregnant. Russell verges on Shakespearean. She also has amazing banter with her sister, generating some laugh-out-loud moments the likes of which few medical romances can muster.

Bailey admires Dr. Russell, but she understands his reputation and determines to keep him at a distance. But when her boss retires, she has no choice but to work side-by-side with Dr. It gets steamy quickly.

Josh Richardson when she has the guts to eat some of his pie in the hospital cafeteria. When they meet later in a bar, they connect for a night of passion and then go their separate ways. She expects to never see him again, but then a Tinder date gone awry lands her in the book again.

Table of contents

She ends up in Dr. Lynsey is feisty, Josh sour, but their chemistry is palpable as they try to navigate the surprise of their pregnancy. Moreover, the book leaves behind mansions and urban condos in favor of the country as Nurse Kate leaves behind her stressful career, as well as the shambles of what had seemed like the perfect relationship, to find a simpler life working in a rural hospital.

The love interest, instead, is cafe owner Joel, who represents for Kate a break from past habits and a chance to start over. With a title like that, how can you go wrong? The titular Greek billionaire, gynecologist Dr. Six months of torrid passion, and romance Nikos drops Ella like a hot rock, off to the next conquest. Ella is book reeling, unsure of what happened, and pregnant. Or does life have more in store for her? One of the things that makes doctors such smouldering male love interests is how unapproachable they are, how emotionally unavailable.

Burdened with the worries of life and death, they are essentially married to their jobs. The women who love them justly fear getting burned, telling themselves not to fall in love when they can barely help themselves—or so the cliches tell us. Evie Lockheart, a doctor herself, is one such woman, head over heels with Dr. Finn Kennedy but hesitant to get too close. When the titular, admittedly predictable bombshell lands, the book becomes a fascinating character study as Evie tries to keep Finn in her life, while struggling with the notion that Finn may be incapable of loving anyone.

This Harlequin romance tackles the challenge of finding a solution when there is no good choice. Wonder what this one is about.

The billionaire doctor in question is Dr. Iosef Kolovsky, who comes from family money and has dedicated himself to practicing medicine by day, walking red carpets by night. Will it burn her in the end? Is it possible that this playboy, who could have anyone and anything, really love her? A refreshingly divergent take on the mismatched medical romance, but still with a fair dose of Cinderella wish fulfillment. Protagonist Ashley describes Dr. Stanton was her husband to get rid of an annoying guy in a nightclub. But then Dr. The sparks fly, and then Ashley leaves Vegas and leaves Dr.

Stanton in her past. After all, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, right? What follows walks a fine line between hot and creepy—Dr.

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Is Dr. Stanton unhinged? Is Ashley crazy for falling for it?

Regardless, both of them are fools for love. A humorous -turner of a novel about the double-edged sword of celebrity. The third book in the Mercy Hospital series pits Dr. Leigh Stathos against her police officer husband Nick, who has been cheating on her but finds himself plagued by remorse and guilt.

The english doctor's baby (the westerlings: medical romance series)

Nick wants to save his marriage; Leigh is prepared to treat Nick like one of her ER patients and move him along. The protagonist, Nurse Julie Sterling, fled her hometown, pregnant after a torrid one-night affair with Dr. Trevor Montgomery. Wyoming cowboy Doc Trevor reacts to the news of his fatherhood in an unexpected way … or maybe a very expected way, for those who understand the powerful connection between fathers and their sons.

A medical romance western about responsibility, mature romance, and putting the past in the past to embrace the future. Henrietta Mason, who escapes the hustle and bustle of a stressful city hospital for a more comfortable life in the country—at least temporarily.

Her new colleague is Dr. Matthew Cazalet, a long-time country dweller and ardent bachelor. He never thought anyone would win his heart … but Henrietta has him thinking again. But the pull of her old life is strong, and Matthew must use all his charm to convince her to stay in his ancestral home and become the country bride of the title.

Emotions run high as Brody returns to the medivac crew after ten years of self-imposed exile, while veterinarian Val had also fled to try her luck in the big city but ended up grudgingly returning to Rivers to help the man who helped her the most.

A fascinating tale of forbidden high school romance that blossoms into fruition in the most heightened circumstances imaginable. In the first book of the L. Metro series, RJ Nolan fires up explosive chemistry in the titular hospital between recent arrival Dr. Kim Donovan, and veteran ER chief Dr. Jess McKenna.