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Gynecomastia bra fitting

True clinical gynecomastia is an endocrine system disorder that causes an increase in the size of breast tissue in boys and men.

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Medications causing a hormonal imbalance have resulted in me growing fully "female" breasts, not fat sacks.

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February 10,PM. SideSet Senior Member Posts: Thanks to the encouragement, I called Soma, explained I was a man who had breasts, and could I come in for a bra fitting. I was welcomed, told come right in, ask for Elizabeth. When I arrived, I was instantly recognized and warmly greeted. Elizabeth asked what size bra I had on, and quickly added she immediately noticed as I was walking in that it did Gynecomastia work for me.

I said I was wearing a cami with a built-in shelf bra and did not know my size, as I had never worn a bra. She looked surprised, and said fitting will take care of that, honey. She measured around at the base of my breasts and said 39, so let's start with a 40, but we can maybe try some 38s, too.

Then she explained she was going to measure around the fullest part of my breasts, right where my nipples are, to get my cup size. She said "Sweetie, you are way too big to go around braless, way way too big. She told me my breasts probably weigh 10 pounds, and said I must be having some back pain, which I said I was.

Men wearing bras—man-boobs or gynecomastia

She also said if I kept going without support, I was going to get saggy, and nobody wants that, and then the only thing for it would be surgery. She said all that movement must be uncomfortable, plus it does not look good, and the other women will talk about you, especially when you high beam. Elizabeth then brought me some bras to try on. She said she would normally start off a "person" with a wirefree bra, but she thought I needed the extra support of an underwire. I noticed she said person and not woman, which I thought was nice of her.

She then said she normally waited outside while "people" tried on their bras, but if I was comfortable, it might be better if she stayed in and helped me, since I was new to wearing a bra. I said no problem; men go around all the time with bare chests. She giggled and said "don't be silly.

You can't go topless unless you want to start a riot. G is our biggest cup, and you are about there. But you are tall and well-proportioned. She explained that she was a G cup, 32 G, and only 5 feet tall, so "think about all the stares and comments I get.

Elizabeth looked at my breasts. She was very professional and said it's no big deal for a woman to see "somebody else's" breasts. Yours are semi-self-supporting, which is good, especially for your size.

She explained that was from rubbing on the inside of my tops because of all the jiggling and bouncing. She told me she had worse nipple chafing when she was breastfeeding; Try having a little one always chomping down and fitting on your nipples. She told me, when I was done here, to go to Motherhood Maternity next door and get myself some Lansinoh cream and stick-on medicated nursing p and that would take care of it.

She said the cream was thick and a bit sticky and the p would help also keep my bras clean. She said the stuff was fabulous and she could not have kept breastfeeding without it, and that breastfeeding is the most rewarding experience. She then said, if you think your breasts are heavy now, imagine how it feels to have a half cup of milk in them.

Oh, my God, what a relief when you express it out. Elizabeth said enough for now about good breast health, let's show you some bras and have you try them on. She said, after looking Gynecomastia me, she thought she knew what might work best and said she would be right bra with some bras for me to try on, and left me standing there topless. She came back with a handful of bras, and with me still barebreasted, she started explaining Soma's different lines of bras, Memorable, Embraceable, Enticing Lift, Enhancing Shape, Sensuous Sides, Vanishing Back.

Then she walked me through the different styles, full coverage, demi, balconette, pushup, plunge, minimizer, t-shirt, sports, bralette, and nursing.

And then the types of cups, molded, padded, lined, unlined, sheer. And the straps, traditional, racerback, halter, convertible, strapless. She said, " I know it is a lot to absorb. There is no quiz at the end. Today we will try some that I think are best suited to the shape and size of your breasts.

The 10 best men bra

And you will have plenty opportunity to learn because you are going to be coming in here a lot building up your bra collection. So don't worry and let's have some fun. As I was slipping into the staps, she said "that is a racerback. I love them, stay in place, look nice and smooth, but a little tricky to put on, huh, not to worry, you are going to get a lot of practice until it is second nature.

The best bras for men with gynecomastia

It is front close, so that is easier than contorting yourself to hook in back. Putting on a bra is the only time gravity is a girl's best friend. All other times, we fight it. That is "scoop and swoop. She had me look in the mirror. I caught my breath. She said. Wow, huh? That bra looks great on you. It fits you like it was made for you.

That is a DDD cup, dear, and you fill every inch. That is why I ran my finger inside the top of the cup. To check. I am impressed. How does it feel? She said, "Honey, you have a stunning bust. I said yes. Everything held in place?

Bras and compression shirts for gynecomastia

She said to notice how compared to when I was braless, it now nicely shaped my breasts, round and full and how the upper part of my breasts now looked fuller also. How nicely lifted my breasts were compared to braless. I agreed, I guess enthusiastically, because she said, "sexy, huh?

She then said see how much better you look. Bust lifted, round, full, firm, and, with your height, in proportion to your body. Then she hesitated, and giggled, "Well, you are a bit big on top, dear, but notice that your waist now looks smaller, like you just lost 10 pounds or put on some good shapewear.

February 10,PM Reply 1. I could have LOL. What a wonderful experience. Elizabeth sounds like an angel.

Sounds like you learned a lot and had fun like she said. Tell us all about Motherhood Maternity! How do you now feel about having breasts and needing to wear a bra? Since this topic is in Acceptance and your first was in the general, it sounds to me as if you have accepted and maybe even embrace and enjoy having breasts.

And you sure have big breasts! Those bras look great on you and you in them.