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Half dragon half human girl

Dragons are legendary creatures.

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Nina is a 17 year old girl of average height with vermilion eyes and short pink hair that she cuts asymmetrically. She is fair skinned with a slender build. Nina's primary outfit is beige and black in color with caramel outlines.

Age: 42
Ethnic: Emirati
Piercing: None
Smoker: Yes

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Dragon Half is a seven volume ecchi fantasy manga running from tostarring the titular half-human, half-dragon teenage girl Mink.

It was made into a two-episode gonzo comedy anime. Basically, the story is an Affectionate Parody of fantasy as a genre, with plenty of Fanservice and self-referential humor.

Mink goes on a grand adventure as she pursues the man of her dreams, singing idol Dick Saucer. Unfortunately for Mink, Dick Saucer is a dragonslayer as well as a singer While a powerful sorceress, the princess has an unfortunate tendency inherited from her mother to turn into a small blob of intelligent slime at inopportune times.

Dragon half ed

Prodded by his daughter and seeking revenge on Mink's father a royal dragonslayer who "betrayed" the king by running off and marrying the dragon he was supposed to slaythe king sets several plots in motion against her, including sending out an assassin, a brain-dead, underfed knight who stores his lightsaber in his head, and hiring Saucer himself to slay the "disguised" dragon.

Ultimately, Mink overcomes these obstacles, and finds herself competing in a fighter's tournament, and going on a journey to defeat the demon king Azatodeth so she can gain his People Potion and become humanjust for a chance to meet her idol. Although the anime is mostly silly, the manga is both silly and epic.

It also features some very strong Art Evolution. Not to be confused with the Hentai Dragon Pink.

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