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Harley quinn sex fanfiction

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Open for contributions, this is intended as a collaborative story. Dinah Lance shook her head groggily. She grimaced with the pain.

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Escaping after the events of Batman: Arkham Asylum, Harley is alone and cold on the road when a kind stranger picks her up. Want to know how she thanks him? Author's Note: I've had this fic rattling around in my brain for awhile now, but what forced it into daylight was the release of Arkham Asylum video game and the totally sexy version of Harley Quinn in it. I hope you guys enjoy; I know I enjoyed writing it. Your notes rocked! On a back road, a car purred along, the driver steering the vehicle deftly as dead leaves swirled in its wake.

The driver, a clean cut man of 23, sighed and listened to the silence of his drive in the midnight air. It seemed the only freedom he found now a days were the late night drives he took to escape the stress of moving to Gotham from the country for his dead end job and his failed romance life.

Harley quinn x male reader imagines

Here on the road he felt free and alive, his troubles always trailing behind him, never catching up until he slowed down to turn for home. He was enjoying the peace of the deserted road, missing the Arkham Asylumand the smaller below it that was obscured by a pile of leaves that were sex away in the wake quinn his speeding vehicle.

About two miles from the missedhe noticed a head of blonde hair done up in pigtails in the Harley. He blinked for a moment before realizing that the person said hair belonged to was wearing a dark blue jumpsuit. As he approached, the person turned, revealing that it was a woman with a white painted face and black rings around the eyes like a mask. As he got closer he saw that sticking out of the bottom of the fanfiction of blue jumpsuit, her feet were clad in platform boots, one red, one blue.

Her hands were also covered with gloves, also one red and one blue, and her lips were painted a bright red. She limped as she walked, but she stopped as he slowed down. When he pulled up next to her, he rolled down his window.

She bent over and leaned in the open window. He blushed. I got ditched at Mr. J's party. He blinked at the sad tone in her voice and put it together. She must have been thrown out of a costume party, it was close to Halloween. She reached inside with her hand when the door locks clicked and opened the door.

She quickly popped in and he rolled up the window.

Mad love (the joker and harley quinn fanfiction)

He turned on the heater to fight off the cold night air. She returned his friendly smile, making him swallow. He quickly put the car in gear and they began moving down the road. Don't have anywhere to go now that puddin's party got shut down! She grabbed the zipper and slowly dragged it down to the bottom, nestled just above her crotch.

She pushed it open and sighed, feeling the heater vents against her costume. He couldn't take his eyes off her, her chest clad in white blouse with a tight red corset. The top few buttons of her white blouse were undone, revealing the top of her ample chest. She giggled as she caught him staring and smiled before licking her lips. He whipped his head forward, blushing again.

He forced his eyes on the road as he watched her strip out of her jumpsuit from the corner of his eye. Now that he could see her whole costume, he was overcome with desire. She had tight silk sleeves, each a bit torn, also in red and blue colors.

She had a short white skirt clinched with a large black belt and gold belt buckle. Her incredible legs were clad in thigh high leather boots, one red and one blue, of course. Just above that he could see a pair of black fishnet stocking that were connected by garter belt straps that went up and under her skirt.

She giggled and he realized he was staring at her again, mostly her legs. Harley giggled in her seat and scooted closer to him, wrapping her left arm around his right as he drove, trailing the finger tips of her right hand along his forearm. You picked me up rather than letting me freeze in cold.

His heart was beating fast as her right hand moved off his arm and began caressing his thigh. It moved up and down in long strokes and he forced himself to focus on the road, even as he felt himself hardening from her touch. He shivered and she leaned closer to him, her lips brushing close to his ear. He could only nod dumbly as she nuzzled the side of his neck. He quickly turned down the next road, knowing it would circle around to the road his house was on.

Her left hand caressed his arm as her right moved slowly over the bulge in his jeans, cupping and feeling him. He groaned as she slid down his side, her right hand unzipping the front of his jeans. The same hand reached in and fished his cock out of his straining boxers, freeing his eight inches into the cool air of the car. They caressed him before she bent her head into his lap and began to take long licks along his erection. Her tongue moved achingly slow, up and down, and swirling around it from base to tip.

Harley quinn

For what felt like tortuous hours she licked his dick. Then she paused with for a breath and took him into her sexy mouth with a wet slurp. He gasped and jerked the wheel a bit, as she began sucking in him in hard, long, and agonizingly slow strokes. Each movement of her head up and down was accompanied by the sexy sounds of her slurping and sucking. Her left hand caressed his right thigh as her right slowly fondled his aching balls.

He clutched the steering wheel tightly, trying to focus on the empty night road. Each foot closer to his house seemed to get longer and longer as the pleasure built in his penis. He gritted his teeth as Harley continued her sloppy blowjob. He tried to focus on anything else, but knew he was fighting a losing battle. He moaned in relief when he saw a small sex road to some one's corn field. He quickly pulled in and drove down just far enough to be hidden from view.

He switched the car off, but turned on the inside light. Harley, feeling the car stop, doubled her efforts, her head bobbing up and down faster, her sucking and slurping becoming more insistent. He rested his left hand on top of her head, between her pigtails, caressing her. His right hand slid down her back and skirt, siding under the cup her ass. Quinn smiled feeling it bare. He let out a moan as Harley gave a particularly strong suck. Harley moaned around his dick, making him shiver.

She began sucking harder and moved her head atop his erection frantically. He felt his orgasm hit him with a force of Harley freight train, and he came hard. His cum shot out of his cock and Harley groaned as it filled her mouth.

She kept sucking on him swallowing his cum as it filled her mouth. He clutched her fanfiction and ass, his ass bucking in the seat as he came. Harley continued to slurp on his softening erection as his jets of cum tapered off.

The first time

She continued to suck on him as he went limp. He smiled down at her, caressing her back with his right hand as she sucked. She didn't stop until his penis began to twitch and soon became hard again. Then she let him slide out of her mouth.

She giggled at the line of cum that connected from her pouty red lips to his cock. She caught the string with her finger and stuck it in her mouth, sucking on it for a moment. She kneeled on her seat and lifted her skirt, revealing the thong over her garter belt.

Harley quinn x male reader imagines

She slowly slipped it down her legs to reveal her dark haired, neatly trimmed bush. She reached down and ran finger along her soaking wet pussy lips. She raised her finger to his lips and he captured her finger, sucking it clean of her pussy juice.

She smiled and moved over him in the driver seat. He reached with his left hand to side and leaned the seat back to give them room. She giggled as he went back with the seat. She reached down and grasped his cock with her right hand as she straddled him. Then she slowly guided herself down and onto his throbbing length.

Mad love (the joker and harley quinn fanfiction)

They both moaned as he slipped deep inside her. She slowly lowered herself down, until he bottomed out inside her. Harley giggled with a smirk on her face and bucked into him a bit, making him moan. His laugh turned into a moan as she began moving up and down on his dick. He grasped her hips to help her move slowly up and down. She smiled at him and slowly undid more of her top and first few ties of her corset. Her breasts slowly came into completely into view.