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How does batgirl wear her hair

With her recent live-action debut via the Arrowverse, played by actor Ruby Rose, Batwoman is one of the most talked about superheroes of the moment. Mainstream audiences might not realize that not only is Batwoman not a new character, she has been around for over 50 years in comic books.

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Part of the appeal of the Bat-Family is their stunning costumed character des. Fans look forward to the new versions, eager to see what artists will come up with next. Will the costume wear the character or will the clothes be an afterthought? With an array of exciting characters who don the Batman logo on their mantlesthese costumes are perhaps DC's most important transformations, dictating whether or not a character fits into Gotham and even their place in the wider Bat-Family.

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The reveal arrives a few days before Ryan, who was created specifically for the show, makes her comic book debut in Batgirl The original red, straight-haired wig has been replaced by a natural and curly one with red streaks created by Janica Workman, and the suit's gauntlets and boots also received an update.

Check it out below. Don't expect to see this suit right at the beginning of season 2, though.

Ryan starts out the season in Kate's original costume and goes on a journey to make it her own, which mirrors what Kate went through in season 1. Initially, Kate wore Batman's costume, and the iconic red wig didn't make its debut until episode 3.

Similarly, Ryan will unveil her redeed suit in season 2's third episode. This meant creating a new body de and new cowl that was undeniably a statement that screamed 'powerful.

The wig was something we never perfected in season one, and Janice Workman crushed it with this new take. Javicia and I saw various prototypes of styles and red ombres, and at one point we were trading our own iPad-doodled versions. Janice translated that into what we are looking at now. When I see it, I smile.

It makes me feel inspired. For Leslie and Dries, it was important that Ryan used the suit to speak her own truth.

To that end, they're hoping it reflects the fact that Ryan is both a lesbian and a Black woman. It was an honor to be able to collaborate with Caroline and Maya. I felt it was important that viewers could tell by the silhouette that Batwoman was a Black girl.

With the form-fitting suit and beautiful Afro, we definitely nailed it! In deing the new Batwoman look, Mani wanted the suit to convey the "physical strength" Leslie brings to the part. The costume isn't the only difference between Leslie's Ryan and former star Ruby Rose's Kate Rose exited the drama at the end of season 1.

Whereas the latter came from a wealthy family and is Batman's cousinRyan is a former drug runner who lives in her van, has first-hand experience with the city's failings, and views being Batwoman as a way to break out of the system that's kept her down for so long. You're going to see that community of Gotham that got overlooked. It's funny because a lot of Mary's [Nicole Kang] patients can be examples of that community — that community that gets overlooked by the hospital, by the Crows.

It's a very personal thing, but that will be a huge battle. When Caroline and I were talking about it — just the battle of, they're not the only ones that need help, but those are the ones that Ryan is attached to that she really wants to be able to help. Batwoman — which recently d production in Vancouver — will return to the CW in Batwoman reveals Javicia Leslie's brand new Batsuit: It's 'her moment!

By Chancellor Agard.

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