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How to become an escort on second life

December 06, I just have some years of experience, and felt like sharing some of the things I learned so far with everyone interested on this "business".

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I wrote this article about 5 years ago. At the time I just started my very first job as an escort girl in Second Life. I am a sex worker ever since in one way or the other. In this article I raised a couple of questions about the sex trade in Second Life. In fact, to get answers to those was the original intention of becoming an escort girl. At the time I tried to investigate the Second Life red light scene for you, with not much success.

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When I embarked on my under cover mission to investigate the escort scene in Second Life, I asked asked myself the question, why do men use escort girls, when there are so many opportunities to have virtual sex available for free. Hence the reason I decided to become an escort girl in order to get first hand experiences pun intended. My initial approach was to try as a freelance escort girl, trying to find clients on all kind of venues.

This approach failed miserably and I came to the conclusion admittedly a bit preempted that is actually not much, if any demand for escort girls. At least not enough to make decent money for Second Life standards. Then I met the girls at the Magic Dream Angels. They were actually building, running and promoting a classy and friendly escort club. I agreed with them to work with them fully disclosing my intention to write about it on Second Life Adventures.

Everything was different then. I found out that having an attractive location and a welcoming environment is key to success in the sex business in Second Life. It does actually work. Within a short period of time I made somewhere in the region of This experience also answered my all important initial question: Why do men use escort girls in Second Life?

The following list I compelled, based on the my own experience as an escort girl and might not be complete nor is it representative for all escort establishments.

Cybersex and sex work in second life

Sometimes men and women for that matter are just horny. They are in the mood and want it there and then. An escort girl is available, all it takes is pay her and have fun. At most of the free sex places, there is no such thing as quality role-play. Its just cheap pixel porn. A good escort girl, knows what is important, to give the client the impression of actually having sex, how to turn him on, arouse him in real to the point him actually having bliss, excitement and even an orgasm in real.

Not all escort girls are that good. Some clients do actually have a SL partner. I have had clients in a stable relationship over years, but their partners are not much into virtual sex. Those men still love their girl friends and have no intention to break up the relationship, but for the sexual part they go to a discrete escort girl — no strings, no commitment, no drama. Some clients make serious money in Second Life for Second Life standards.

They spend a lot of time in Second Life with their business. Creating things, customer support, promotion — such things take up time and there is not much In-World time left to go dating. People enjoy being a part of something. We do actually have a of regular clients who book us to support the idea of a welcoming, classy club. A place were people are greeted as friends, where we have fun at parties and were the girls are not greedy bitches but enjoyable company. He actually finances a big part of the tier fees. Yes, that happens too. I got booked to teach how to have sex in Second Life — properly.

These men simply want to be well prepared before meeting a regular girl or even their Second Life partner before taking a girl to bed, prepared to impress, prepared not to spoil it. I actually think this one is a very good reason to use an escort girls services: Lessons in Love, so to speak.

Actually I think all Noobs should at least once do that, if only they could afford it. Whatever kink it is, one might fancy, its save to try with an escort girl. Escorts get paid to do it and to shut up about it.

However, this does not happen often, most clients just want regular sex.

I did have clients who would not go to other escort girls. They simply fancy me, or even have a little crush on me. The reasons why people use escort girls in Second Life do not differ much from the reasons people use them in real life. I also met some guys who would refuse categorically to have sex with an escort girl.

No, its not the fear to catch a virus. In my experience you can categorize those ant-paid-sex guys into four :.

No problem with that, some people simply have chosen not to buy Linden Dollars and do not make money In-World either. I can totally respect that even so I believe someone who refuses to take part in the Second Life economy is not really a Second Life resident.

I call them SL-tourists. However, there are some false broke as well. They pretend to be broke, in the hope to get a free pity fuck — how lame is that?

He is so awesome, so good looking and in his own perception of himself such a desirable man, that he almost believes he should be the one who is supposed to get paid. Using escort services would potentially make his penis shrink. He is not looking for sex, he is looking for love.

I am sure they missed the part in pretty woman, when Richard Gere gave Julia Roberts 3. Hey, you want to rescue me? Give me 3. Its bad to be a prostitute. We will all burn in hell for having abused the desires, emotions and weaknesses of men to get their money. I realize this is a bit of an old post, but was a very good read, particularly because it takes you into the mind of the SL escorts to some extent. I myself was attracted to the SL world as it allows me to be a bit more uninhibited and allows more of my playful personality to show.

I initially got into SL for the exploration side of things, TPing to different areas and seeing all the sights SL had to offer. Recently I have started visiting clubs and interacting with the dancers there. The one thing that I try to remember is that the girls are there to do a job, and act in the best way possible to succeed at their job. Which then makes me wonder about the authenticity of our conversations at times.

I find myself wondering whether they are just trying to reel me in, especially when the conversations turn more sexual in nature which of course, I have no objections. As an SL escort yourself, I would like your perspective. Are people like me annoying for you or the other girls? I do tip accordingly when I visit, but I wonder if it would be best to just hurry and do the deed so you can maximize the client volume.

Your post has been in the spam folder for some reason. As far as I am concerned, there is no need to beat around the bush. I get booked for sex and get paid by the hour. Nothing wrong with some banter or after-talks though, but I prefer getting down to business. But that is just me. Strippers might see this differently.

They dance, strip and get tips. Escorts are naughty and They are more than happy to take charge.

Cybersex and sex work in second life

Which was just perfect for everyone. I simply relaxed and had a great time. That is the only reason why men use an escort girls in second life. An escort stay a prostitute.