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How to finger a girl lesbian

Fingering is very common, especially among lesbians. Besides giving our partner oral, lesbian fingering sex is one act that we can do to give sexual pleasure to another woman. However, just like with other lesbian sex acts, you should do it properly and carefully.

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Everyone likes different things. Here are various positions and tips. Discover together which ones you both like. Besides your fingers, you can use a dildo or vibrator to stimulate her clitoris. Want to check the basics?

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Happy Friday, my lez sex kittens. But what about fingering?

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They are arguably our best tools when it comes to pleasure. You can do so much with them! Talk about a versatile sex toy.

Here is your complete guide to owning your hot AF fingering skills. Yes, our wonderful bodies create their own natural lube — but sometimes added lube can make all the difference.

Having lube on your bedside table to whip out seamlessly when needed will be helpful to make sure you can partner with smooth confidence. Our bodies take time to warm up to sexual touch and it can be super sexy to slowly build up to a faster pace or a deeper thrust. Build up and find your rhythm — keep it consistent as you edge her to pleasure.

And extended foreplay often le to a more intense orgasm. Adding more depth to your fingering by using multiple fingers can feel amazing, but you want to make sure your partner is ready for it. You can simply and sexily ask in your own style to add another finger.

Two finger or one?

This is the erogenous zone on the front wall of the vagina. Center her pleasure. But if you want your bae to come over and over again, then use your other hand to add in clit or anal stimulation. Having pleasure from both finger and clit stimulation can lead to an epic orgasm on all fronts.

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Some people with vulvas can experience vaginal orgasms, and clit stimulation can help prompt this — while for others, fingering might just bring additional pleasure to their clitoral orgasm. Every body is different and every body experiences pleasure in a multitude of ways. The vagina is a complex creature and is filled with an exorbitant amount of nerve endings that give endless pleasure.

Give yourself time and space to explore all the ways in which you can make your partner come.

How to finger your lesbian partner correctly

Literally look at her body. Take it all in. Watch how she physically responds to your touch and adjust accordingly. You may find that her vulva changes color or her vagina expands with your movements. Listen to her body and learn how to understand her sexual responses.

This will give you more information to pull from the next time you get down! Women come with so many different body types — and your trans women partners deserve to experience pleasurable fingering. Unlike a vagina or anus, the inguinal canal is enveloped by flesh so it can be more difficult to find. You take your hand and feel upward directly behind their dick.

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I will endlessly come back to this in every single one of my sex ed columns. Ask your partner how they like to be fingered — if they like to be fingered. Talk to them afterward about how the experience was for them. Talk about the new things you want to explore with them.

Better lesbian sex?

Talk about sex, baby. Treat it like an appetizer or side dish, not the main entree.

Lube is cute. Build up. Come hither.

1. trim fingernails and wash hands

Use both hands. Try different angles and positions. Get up close and personal. You Might Also Like Advice for Lesbian, Bi and Queer Women.

Two finger or one?

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