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How to get your wife to give head

The days of one-sided lovin' are over.

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Otherwise, consider these rules for fellatio etiquette. Pressure her: Guilt-tripping your gal into giving head will only succeed in making her resentful. Instead, stick to telling her how much you love her blowjobs and letting her decide if she wants to take a trip downtown, Ghose says.

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For one reason or another, massive amounts of men find themselves lacking the pleasurable explosion that fellatio provides they either get it rarely or none at all once they get married — even if their wives did it in the past. This can be demotivating, depressing and can even lead into a serious handful of trouble if not addressed as soon as possible. Due to this, tons of men search for help on how to get blown. While it might seem difficult, the power of information provided by science and tons of surveys make it quite simple to achieve. There are a few general concepts that you must master before starting such as cleanliness, confidence, mood and more.

The crucial first step. Think about your wife and the key personality traits that define her.

How to tactfully ask for a bj????

Is she adventurous and fun? Or is she more quiet and reserved?

Have you noticed changes to her mood and personality over the years? Now is the time to zero in and focus on the reason behind your wife not blowing you. Personality is the easiest to understand and manage.

Things that get asked a lot: “how do i get my wife to give me a bj?”

She might also simply not be excited enough or feeling adventurous. External factors are the hardest to figure out and manage. This means that something else, besides her own personality traits, is wrong. It might be a lack of intimacy, respect or even love which le to your wife not performing oral on you.

Has she gotten increasingly cold? Was she more exciting and sexually active with you before?

Can you pinpoint a time where she stopped giving you head or heavily reduced the occasions? Ask yourself these questions and figure out the reason behind it. Although this will heavily depend on your from the second step, here are some excellent tips to fix the most common issues that are keeping your wife from blowing you:. Bonus: General Tips — Be cool, calm and collected. Exude confidence and sexiness through your actions instead of your words.

The biggest mistake a married man can make is to beg his wife — not only for a blowjob but for anything. Never, ever beg your wife for it.

Women love confidence and self-respect, begging destroys both. Never let the tables get turned and let your wife have all the control. Your wife, and any woman for that matter, will admire that, respect you in return and be much more sexually attracted to you.

They love to chase and if you hand your wife all the control then she has nothing to chase for — hence the loss of interest, then loss of sex, then loss of blowjobs. Click the button below to have a look at it:. Get the Guide Here.

The new rules of oral sex

What a ride. Not only are these tips extremely effective if you were wondering how to get your wife to give more head but they also apply to many other facets of marriage. our mailing list and get exclusive tips and secrets on all things seduction. Comment Name. Get to Know Me.