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Hump my brother

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Posted Apr 3, by anonymous views 4 comments. If anyone read through the whole thing then thank you.

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I just wanted to let it out somewhere. On a few occasions, he dry humped me in his sleep and masturbated when he thought I was sleeping. This happened probably a year or two ago. Now I do want to add some necessary context because the title makes it sound worse than it actually is.

My brother and I are very close. Much closer than most siblings out there. We annoy the shit out of each other but also support one another and are comfortable opening up about our struggles. Our touching is just playful banter mostly. Anyway, a couple years back we established a rule in our house that during the summer, my brother and I would share a room so we can sleep with the air conditioner turned on.

Onto my first point, one night, when we were both asleep, I suddenly awoke to a weird sensation behind me.

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My brother was moving in a back and forth motion, pressing his hard groin towards my backside. It then dawned on me that he was humping me while still asleep. He stopped.

So I let him. It happened once more. It occurred a total of three times if I recall.

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Thankfully that was the end of it. As for the masturbation part, this is a whole other mess.

While we slept in the same bed as each other, I usually went to bed earlier than him. He would usually still watch stuff on his phone. A couple times long after I tried to go to sleep, I felt the bed rocking in a slow, rhythmic pattern. Accompanied by the weird movement I could hear him breathing in a strange way. I just froze each time he did it and pretended I was asleep. I was scared, weirded out, and confused, especially since it was my brother.

Hump my brother

In both situations, I wondered why the hell he would do those things. But I stayed quiet because it was just too out of place and I preferred not to bring it up. If he knew that I knew what he did and my parents knew about it too, things would most likely be very different now. Because aside from these incidents, I have also experienced being accidentally touched numerous times in the chest area due to our playful banter.

I just shrugged it off as him annoying me and disabling me from going to sleep by roughhousing me. This is partially true too, but the whole humping and masturbation situation was the icing on the cake that made me cut off the sleeping agreement. This asshole just puts this crap on every post.

And I for one is getting fucking tried of it. Add comment as: Anonymous RawConfessions user required.

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No part of this website can be reproduced in any form without prior written consent. Add post as: Anonymous. RawConfessions user required. My brother masturbated beside me and dry humped me in his sleep.

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I used to like dry humping dogs and I would like to do it again. Commented Apr 3, by anonymous.

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