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I had sex with my friends dad

Girl I really gotta say this, you did what you should. Sometimes there's no right decision to something, but you've done something that is true to yourself and for the right reasons. Hope things can work out.

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Ok what i did was so bad, i fell out with my friend real bad on a night out but after an hour or so apart i found her getting chucked out this bar on her own with two guys trying to take her back to theirs, so after telling them to fuck off i called her dad and he came and picked us up. I've slept with a couple of my friends mom's over the years and I have even had sex with my drunk mom and she thought she was having sex with my dad at the time. She was calling me by Dad's first name telling me how much she loves me and wants me to suck on her nipples and cum inside of her because she wants to feel my hot cum inside of her vagina. I really wanted to tell her it was me her son and not dad but I think she would have made me stop so I just did as she asked me to. I really loved the experience of my her nipples and the opportunity to cum inside of her vagina. I was able to sneak out of the bedroom before she had a chance to turn on the lights and as far as I know she has no idea that it was me and not dad that had sex with her that night.

How old am I: I'm 29 years old
My hair: Dark-haired
My body features: My body features is fat

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He was the first guy to ever get his cock to that place in the back of my mouth where it can slip into my throat.

My best friend in college had a lake house about an hour away from our campus. It was a college students dream. I met him the same day I meet her, as he lugged her heavy furniture into our freshman dorm, sweaty and attractive — in a rugged, masculine way.

I like them young. I always made sure to dress my best when I knew he was stopping by.

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At first it was uncomfortable when we arrived and saw the trucks, Steve was there with his brother and some other men. They had planned a fishing weekend. But I felt something else when Steve winked at us.

That night, after many, many drinks I found myself wandering out to the dock. Everyone else had passed out, but I was wide awake.

I saw Steve approaching me from the windy path down the hill from the cabin, two bottled beers in one hand. He handed one to me wordlessly, searching my eyes for something — the reason I was awake and alone maybe. Did this mean — before I could finish my thought, he was on me, one hand placed very firmly on my lower back the other in my hair as he kissed me.

Dear deidre

His tongue was in my mouth before I knew what was happening, tracing mine. I got the urge to wrap my legs around him, but there was nowhere to balance on this dock. I giggled when we crossed the threshold and closed the door behind us. It was his demeanor, it was that he was a real live man, not a flimsy college boy.

This was going to be a different kind of hook-up. He removed all my clothing fairly quickly and then he laid on top of me, fully clothed.

Dear deidre

The rough textures rubbing against my bare skin felt incredible. I wanted to prove that I was worth it, all this risk. So I reached up and felt him through his pants, staring longingly into his eyes.

He pulled his shirt over his head as I unbuckled, unzipped, and released a very healthy looking cock. I slid off the bed and onto the floor to get a better angle and he stood over me gathering my hair behind my head as I started blowing him.

I looked up at him and was rewarded with a face that was most definitely in ecstasy as I took him in my mouth. He held my head down on his cock while I took him in deeply. This was a move widely hated by every woman I knew, but it was usually performed by dumb frat guys.

Steve knew what he was doing, he was looking out for me and making the experience short — just long enough to add a bit of excitement. When he pulled out of me he smiled and leaned down to kiss me. He pulled me up and walked me over to a dresser placed underneath a large window.

I could still see the moonlight on the lake as he bent me over it. Was it really just a few moments ago we were nearly strangers on that dock together? I was brought back to reality by Steve spreading my legs further apart and pushing my upper back down until my bare breasts were pressed against its cool surface and I felt him enter me.

He shushed me by placing his hand over my mouth for a moment as he picked up speed. My moan was apparently too loud but he was willing to risk the loud sound it made as he slapped my ass over and over, groaning and filling me with his cock.

He was still thrusting into me rhythmically, alternating between kneading my breasts and grabbing — and slapping — my ass. I laughed, it was true. And so, I began a year-long affair with Steve. Occasionally I just gave him head while he drove me around campus, careful not to drive anywhere too well-lit or populated.

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