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I had sex with my sister story

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This story from Dina Petro has been read 4 8 7 8 times. Sex With my sister for the first time Written by Dina Petroongenre incest By: Dina Petro In my story, you all or most of you have read the sex relation happened between my brother and I, it is still happening till now, this is a different one with my little sister, it is a woman-to-woman sex in bisexual relations. My sister and I have always been very close together, just like we were twins, two years are not much of an age difference, so we did have same interests, shared almost everything in our life.

How old am I: I am 49
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It was I was 14, and my sister was That went on for a few weeks, until the day my sister came home unexpectedly. Usually when she came home, it would take her a few seconds to unlock the front door, which I could hear and would give me enough time to stop the movie, zip up, and pretend nothing was happening.

But on this day, she forgot her key to the front door, so she went through the side yard to get in through the back door in our yard. Our sliding glass back door.

Me and my sister (true story)

That you could see through into the living room behind the back of somebody watching tv. What are you watching!? I decided to make like I was watching it for the first time. I told her that it belonged to dad, I just found it, I had never seen a porno before and wanted to see what all the fuss was about.

First time with my sister

My sister, who was tomboyish enough that she was never squeamish about anything rude, lewd, or crude stood there and watched it with me for a couple minutes before sitting down on the couch. She clearly had never seen a porno herself, and seemed fascinated. After a while, the movie ended and we put them away since our parents would be coming home soon. But the next day, as I had just settled in to watch one of them for the thousandth time, I heard the front door unlock, and my sister walked in.

To my surprise, she sat right down on the couch and asked me which porno we were watching today. Since she was obviously determined to watch it, I turned the TV back to channel 3 and hit play. I began to wonder if I would ever have any alone time again. I shied away, and she immediately dropped it back down and laughed it off like a joke.

But I suddenly felt an urge towards my sister like I had never felt before, and decided that since she had made a sexual advance towards me, albeit just about the mildest one possible I decided it would be all right to return the favor.

I went back over to my side of the couch and pretended to turn my attention back to the movie, but my mind was totally on what we had just done. That was how it all started. We would both come straight home and watch pornos.

Sex with my sister for the first time

We also got very used to making overtly sexual remarks and gestures to each other just to see if we could get a rise out of each other. It often took the form of flashing. Her t--s, my d--k, it was all fair game. As crazy as it seems, it all just seemed normal by that point. But if you want, you can lick it to see what it tastes like.

She unbuttoned her pants and pulled them down to her ankles so she could spread her legs.

Her py was the one part of her body that she had not flashed me yet, and now, here I was about to lick it. I was more excited than I think I have ever been. I got down on my stomach and put my head between her thighs. I was excited, but also very nervous. I closed my mouth around her py and began swirling my tongue around to taste every nook and cranny.

I licked her py as long as I thought I could get away with it, then kept going anyway. I had never eaten a girl out before, so my technique was pretty atrocious, but she was so turned on by the situation that she managed to c-m anyway. After she came, she pushed my head away and just lay there for a few minutes, grinning and telling me how wonderful it felt.

I asked her if she wanted to see what a c--k tasted like, and she eagerly said yes. I pulled my pants off in record time, and my c--k sprung out like it was on a literal spring.

She touched it first, jerking me off a little bit before leaning over and taking the head in her mouth. But I still came in about 30 seconds. We never even bothered with the pornos after that. We would just come home from school, go straight to one of our rooms, get naked and go down on each other. All the saturation of sex that we got from the pornos and our little games was enough to make it all just seem like harmless fun. I asked her I think the very next day if she wanted to go all the way, but she refused.

A couple weeks went by before I made the discovery of a lifetime. Upon making the discovery, I hung out by the office every chance I got, waiting until a moment when nobody was looking, then ran in and grabbed a handful. Pocketing them, I ran back out and had the longest second half of a school day in my life.

Kissing causes incest – part 5 (sex with my sister in front of mom)

When we got home, we both went into her room and got naked as usual. The next night, at around midnight, my sister snuck into my room, naked. I was glad and relieved to see her. I was so excited I actually tore the first one just trying to get it on. My sister was busy getting herself wet, and I was already rock hard. Finally, I got a condom on right and got in front of her.

Holding my d--k, I guided the head into her opening and pushed. She obviously thought so too, since she let out a surprisingly loud moan as soon as I entered her. We spent the next hour and a half just fg every which way we could think of. Some positions were surprisingly unworkable, but others were pure bliss. We went until we were too sore and chafed to continue, then cuddled for a while before she finally went back into her own room for the night.

To this day, it remains one of the best nights of my life. For the next year, we spent every afternoon after school, and a few nights besides, just having sex. The greatest was the day she was pretty sure her birth control had finally kicked in, and we were able to go bareback from then on. It was a hell of a feeling hanging out at school, listening to the other guys talk about getting laid all the time, and knowing from experience that they were full of shit.

Even so, our sexual relationship eventually tapered off to the point where we were doing stuff maybe once every week or two, if that. We had sex for the last time the day before I left for college. I missed it for a while after that, but there were other girls in college who were willing to take my mind off it. And they were all surprised at just how experienced I seemed to be at 18 years old.


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