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I love my moobs

Just like women, guys have little control over how big their chest is going to get.

single girlfriend Amelie

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He's gained some weight and has developed a lovely set of man boobs, which I enjoy a lot. I want him to be healthy, but a part of me would be sad to lose the only boobs besides mine that I get to play with, so I haven't been helping him try to lose weight or even been encouraging

La Verne
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Risks of gynecomastia for men

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Moobs / man boob appreciation 4 u!

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Kristin says:

News forums. Entertainment forums. Other interests. Home […] Forums Life and style Relationships. I love my boyfriend, but he's gained moobs Watch.

What causes gynecomastia?

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Report Thread starter 9 years ago 1. I'm 19 now, and he's the same age too. I first met a guy when I was I thought he was a nice guy until I asked him about a text on his phone. He got really angry, i was scared, and he almost went to hit me. I split from him straight away.

I didn't trust guys at all, and because of that, never wanted to date anyone again. In the last year of secondary school, when i was 16, i had to move up maths groups and became friendly with a guy. He was always making me laugh, smelt nice haha, and just seemed really nice to be around. I met that other guy a year later, and then split.

I never told anyone about him almost hitting me other than my best mate and my parents. Right from secondary school, a bunch of us girls and guys always used to go out now and again. That guy from my maths group was always there. Last year, he asked me out.

He's a really sweet, loving, protective man who is still that funny nice smelling person who i sat with in maths haha. I feel safe with him, he's kind It was 4am and my boyfriend drove them 50 miles over to the other airport. At 4am! If he didn't have the moobs, i wouldn't be writing this because i dont mind a bigger guy. Thing is, he's really loving, and haha i love him. Not what you're looking for?

Report Thread starter 9 years ago 2. He's 5ft 10", and weighs 16 stone 6lbs.

Dannielle says:

Drunk Punx Badges: Report 9 years ago 3. Flibble22 Badges: Report 9 years ago 4. Come on now, he's dead sexy and you know it. Report 9 years ago 5. Oh for gods sake, you're just as bad as those girls who rejected me for my height.

Leicestergrad11 Badges: 0. Report 9 years ago 6. Report 9 years ago 7. Also, I have some moobs, my girlfriend thinks they are shmexy. It reminds her of the face that I did collegiate wrestling Don't think I agree though, and I want to get rid of them. Kittiara Badges: Report 9 years ago 8.

Very, very sensitively! I mean, he'll know he has gained weight and that he has moobs. He'll know his own body.