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Incest daddy tempted by daughter stories

And she stares at him with genuine expectation. Besides, when was the last time you and I had fun together?

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Seducing Daddy. Author: LaceyChains. How I seduced my father. At least I hope so, but then maybe I am.

How old am I: I'm just over sixty
Ethnic: Malaysian
Service for: Guy
My body features: My figure type is strong

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. I work for a well known software company as a computer programmer. Usually, my shift is from two in the afternoon until ten at night, but one evening last summer, when the system crashed, we were told to go home early. I drove the few miles to my house in deep contemplation over a problem with a part of the de I was currently working on.

I parked the car in the driveway and walked up to my front door. As I was about to open it I heard the loud sounds of whooping and whistling coming from the living room on the other side. At that moment in time, with other things on my mind, I had completely forgotten that my wife was hosting a lingerie party for a daughter of her work colleagues and friends.

Temporarily oblivious of this fact, I opened the front door and stepped into the living room. After the initial silence that my entrance caused I was then bombarded with tempts and screams from the women telling me to get the hell out. I hardly heard them because my gaze was fixed on the sexiest body I had ever seen standing in the story of the room.

My jaw must have dropped open as I examined the slim figure wearing a flimsy playsuit that comprised incest pieces of small triangular material ed by several thin webs of fine mesh. As I was pushed towards the daddy by my wife, who also tried to turn my eyes away from the vision before me, it finally dawned upon me that the model making me drool was my very own daughter. As the cool evening air hit my face I realised that I was sweating. My wife ordered me to go to a bar and not to come back for at least two hours.

As I sat down to my fourth beer I still couldn't get the image of my daughter, I'll call her Sam, out of my head. I'd always thought of her as a bit of a tomboy. She has thick brown hair which is cut into a bob and is always wearing T-shirts and baggy jeans, the way kids do today; I've never even seen her in a swimsuit.

Just like that? daddy

I felt a little guilty about the thoughts I was having but the more I drank the more I thought about her. When I got home Sam and my wife had gone to bed. What with the effects of the beer and what I had seen earlier on, I was feeling really horny. I slipped naked into bed next to my wife. She had her back to me and didn't stir as I lifted the hem of her slip over her hips. I let my hands wander over her butt and slowly move to her pussy.

As a tentative finger began to explore I realised that she was quite wet. Encouraged by this I slipped my full length into her. She made a few disparaging remarks about being asleep and that I should have some consideration for her, but I just thrust away. Anyway, as far as my mind was concerned, I wasn't fucking her, I was fucking Sam.

Next morning I awoke early, showered, dressed and went downstairs. I was surprised to see that Sam was already up. She was wearing her normal T-shirt and jeans now and stood at the sink with her back to me washing last night's dishes.

I was a bit nervous about how she might react so I thought a small joke was in order. She had a reply for that as well.

Didn't you think I looked nice in that playsuit Daddy? Girls don't buy things like that for themselves. Men buy them as gifts. If you want to, you can buy it for me and I'll wear it in the house just for you'. I told Sam that her mother would go crazy if she knew what we were talking about.

Sam turned back towards the sink and carried on washing the pots and pans. It seemed as though the ball was very firmly in my court. I walked up and stood right behind her, having decided to take a chance. With a tremor in my voice I asked her how much the playsuit was.

Calmly, she told me the price. I took my wallet out of the back pocket of my trousers, and held four bills in front of Sam's face. Put the money in the pocket of my T-shirt and I'll order it after school. I placed my left hand on Sam's back just above her ass whilst my right hand came around front of her to find her pocket. It was exactly over her small right breast. I used the bills to find the opening and began to slide them in. The pocket was quite deep, and as the money went in so did the tips of my fingers. I gingerly felt the firmness of her hard nipple and wondered if I had already gone too far.

My doubts were dispelled when, suddenly, Sam's head fell back onto my chest and she began to softly groan.

Her eyes closed and her full lips parted so I began to turn and twist my daughter's nipple with enthusiasm. My left hand was now firmly caressing Sam's butt as her head lolled from side to side. All of a sudden we both heard the bedroom door open upstairs. As my wife entered the kitchen Sam and I looked at each other like two kids caught in the candy store. Luckily, any guilt that showed in our expressions was lost on my wife.

Daddy manipulates shy daughter (incest | father/daughter | reluctant | mf)

For the next two weeks Sam and I hardly spoke. Maybe she was embarrassed or had had second thoughts. However she felt, my lust was still as high as it had been that morning in the kitchen. On a Friday morning before work, I decided to do some repairs on the exhaust pipe of my car. It was jacked up at the front and I lay underneath on one of those flatbed trolleys that mechanics use.

About ten o'clock I heard the door open that le into the garage from the kitchen.

Seducing daddy

I heard the familiar clicking of my wife's shoes as she walked across the stone floor and stood in front of the car. I twisted my head and saw her white stilettos impatiently tapping on the floor. I was surprised that she was home from work three hours early, so I thought it best to just slide out from under the car and find out what the trouble was.

As I pulled myself out, more and more of my wife's legs became visible. When my gaze got to her knees I realised that I hadn't yet seen the bottom of her hemline, which was most unusual for her, especially on a work day. The more I came out the more of her legs I could see. When I saw that they were bare up to mid thigh I began to think my luck was in and that she'd come home for some mid-morning nookie. It was only when I had fully cleared the car that things became crystal.

They were my wife's high heels alright, but they were being worn by my daughter, Sam. As I sat up and my eyes adjusted to the light I realised that she was wearing the playsuit I'd asked her to buy. Slowly, I let my eyes wander over Sam's body. After a minute or so I ordered her to turn around. Lifting one high heeled foot off the floor, Sam pirouetted gracefully around on the other and placed her hands on her hips. Her gorgeous back was bare except for the thin straps that ed the three tiny pieces of white satin covering her breasts and pussy.

Daddy manipulates shy daughter (incest | father/daughter | reluctant | mf)

The high heels accentuated her calf muscles and made her butt stick out like it was begging to be fucked, and from her slim neck down to her ankles, Sam's milky white skin was covered in a thick, glistening layer of baby oil.

I asked her to walk around the garage so that I could see her body in motion. Confidently, Sam began to strut around the car, her legs made to look even longer by the white heels and the fact that her hips were so slim. At last she came to a stop in front of me.

But I wonder if I could tempt you to pay twice the price to see me take it off?

I heard myself agree to the deal and gave Sam eight twenties from my wallet. Oh and Daddy, take off your work boots first' she said. Barefooted, I followed Sam up to her bedroom. By the time I arrived she had pulled the curtains shut and turned on the bedside light.

It's glow reflected off Sam's oiled body as she turned her back to me and faced a full length mirror, enabling me to see all of her at once. At that point I could hardly believe that I had actually paid my own daughter to strip in front of me like she was a lap dancer in a bar.

That thought and the guilt it brought with it soon began to disappear as she slowly slipped the thin strap from her left shoulder. I watched her reflection in the mirror as she lowered the other strap. At last the two pieces of satin began to fall away, and for the first time I was staring at my daughter's pert, young breasts. Then the flimsy garment was around her boyish hips and she teasingly wiggled as it fell to the floor.

Sam was now perfectly naked in her bedroom with me, her father. I took a step towards her. I wanted to have her. Sam told me not to be so fast and I stopped in my tracks. She turned around and walked towards her bed. My hand went to my pocket and I pulled out my wallet. My lust was so great that I was prepared to pay any price to fuck my daughter.