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Incest fallout shelter

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single wives Sariah

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Years: 24
Color of my hair: Dark-haired
My Zodiac sign: I'm Aries
My favourite drink: Gin
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Helpful tips to avoid catastrophe in fallout shelter

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Matthew berek

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Can you merge 4 rooms in fallout shelter?

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VinylModding Enthusiast. Messages Reaction score I dont think this discussion is about my or anyone else profile pic, so your comment about my profile pic is defo out of place lol. Click to expand KhalifaKyle Enthusiast. Messages Reaction score 6. This is amazing man thanks! Fraust Dogger Enthusiast. Messages 31 Reaction score There's something so satisfying about pressing 1 button and having "Mr. Handys healed! Looks so crazy simple, but I bet it took a lot of work, didn't it?

Interesting addition to clear relative's hierarchy that puts incest back on the menu, doesn't it? Never hurts to have more breeding options. This child was born by regular parents no stat above 6 and level under Last edited: Sep 21, Messages 12 Reaction score 3.

Mega Therion Enthusiast.

Messages 30 Reaction score 2. I checked in the code how the stats are calculated. First they sort the stats of the parents then for each stat the game randomly selects the value from one of the parents.

Yes I know bro, but you are the best I have ever seen, so I have faith in you on making what others can only dream of! U're awesome DAMN Then what the hell hapened on my game?

A day in the trap of your fallout shelter

Cocococaine Newbie. Messages 5 Reaction score 0. I'm aware than if you try to edit save manually, you can set "legendary" status to your dwellers. Maybe adding this to your editor could help with making higher stats children? Cocococaine said:. How's the next update coming along? Love how handy this app has made playing this game, so much easier to just load her up and edit, then go back to playing.

Can you merge 4 rooms in fallout shelter?

Especially with all the features you've been putting in. Well, I ed a new version 1. I have few other things that I want to implement, but the porblem is not with coding or anything, my main problem is time. School just started for me, and there are other things I have to do, but when I have freetime I try to add new things to this app.

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Messages 7 Reaction score 2. Thanks for this great APK; I love using it and am glad to have the ability to now add dwellers.

There does appear to be a bug with the latest release 1. Nothing can improve it. They are working a proper job and are at full health.

You're still in school? Vicious Bug Newbie. Messages 1 Reaction score 0.

Fallout – what counts as incest

I'm having the same problem, after adding a dweller to the waiting line and then removing it BTW thank you for your awsome work! Vicious Bug said:. Hm, I'll take a look at this problem. Yes, I'm attending secondary school. Could you your vault here? You must log in or register to reply here. Top Bottom.