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Indian haircut story

Its really a thrilling experience for me to wait in that line. She is a chatter box n she is keep on talking n asking me so many questions. Jus an hour I just saw her beside my room by brushing her lustrous long butt length hair.

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I have thick long hair upto hip length. I will trim my hair once in three months. Usually i will go to local parlour with my husband.

Age: I am 54
Ethnic: Senegalese
Tone of my eyes: I’ve got cold blue eyes
What is my sex: I'm girl
Color of my hair: Lustrous hair
What I like to drink: I like liqueur
I have piercing: None

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Friday, November 16, Shraddha kapoor hot images.

Friday, October 26, Village woman haircut and love story with barber. She is heroine of the story. She is basically form poor family. She and her mother only in her family. They live in a small village. Her mother is a daily labor. So she is concentrate in her study. But nobody help to her.

Finally her class teacher decided to help her. But she got a seat in Chennai and selects Science College and ed computer science department. So she packing her things and start travel to Chennai and she staying in college hostel. She is not so fair.

Story of a beautiful long hair girl from india

But she is what color and looks cute and homely girl and she has long and thick hair till her waist length. She is high class family girl and native is Coimbatore. Sheela is modern girl and she has below shoulder length hair. Both of introduce themselves and they are being close friends.

Story of a beautiful long hair girl from india

Twice in a month sheela goes to the parlor and doing threading and facial. Some times trim and some times change style. Now she has round shape below the shoulder length hair. Whenever she goes to parlor she took rekha together with her. But she is just watching only what sheela doing. He is the owner of the parlor. He is an orphan. He has done fashion technology.

But love to run the beauty parlor for the past two year. So now sheela is regular customer to his parlor.

Indian woman haircut stories

Day by day his parlor getting good name and famous for bob cut. So lot of college girls goes to his parlor and getting different type of haircuts and charge is compare to other parlor very low. First in his parlor 5 employees worked. Now he change is parlor Hi-tech and 10 employees working. All are professionally well talented beauticians. All are girls. Every Friday is holiday for his parlor. But he spend full day in parlor. When sheela come first time to his parlor that day holiday.

Mom’s first short haircut

He told sheela to today holiday and come tomorrow. But she convenience him and get trim and facial that day. Rekha also come together with sheela. Sheela is just watching what sheela getting. After that onwards sheela and rishi is being close friends. Sheela convenience her and told I will pay our semester fees. But she is refused. So she is packing her things and ready to go her village. In that time sheela cell is ringing and she heard a good news. She told to rekha hey, one unknown person paid your two year college and hostel feel totally.

Mom’s first short haircut

But rekha not believe that and had doubt on sheela. And she asked straightly to sheela I think u only paid my college and hostel fee. Tell the truth. But sheela refused and told if I paid the fees means only I can paid one semester and hostel fees. Then how can I paid total two year amount? So rekha went to hostel warden room and asked about her paid hostel fees.

In that letter had written pls accept this amount for rekha two year hostel fees. So I accept that amount and receipt ur name. Then rekha went to college and asked department. They also told same too. After that she is concentrate more in study and daily she is paying for unknown person who settled her two year fees. Also often in Friday rekha and sheela goes to parlor and sheela only getting trim and facial.

Days are moving fast and sheela and rekha are finished them fifth semester exams. That time rekha hair is grown till her butt. After opening sixth semester one Friday sheela and rekha goes to parlor.

Rishi asked how is ur study going on? Then rishi congrats to rekha. Rishi asked to sheela now ur r going to finish ur studies. Sheela replied I thought I want to change but also I have shoulder length hair. If I go still short means it will suit to me? Rishi replied to sheela, hey my parlor is famous for bob cut. If u ok means I give u super bob cut. Sheela asked bob cut will suit me? But one thing, after this cut u will look so cute and sexy.

If u k means I will give that cut.

Rekha is thinking rishi will make sheela sexy cut. Also she is eager to watching that. Rishi told come to my personal cabin. Both follow him and entered his personal room. It was fully decorated and modern de.

Mom’s first short haircut

Having three high cost rolling cushion chair and beauty equipments. Rishi told only close friends only I will allow this room. Still now one only friend has come to this room. But she is now married. After that u and rekha only entered this room.

Indian girl nandhu’s haircut

Sheela said thanks to rishi. In this time two and half year rishi is speaking only with sheela. Few and less words only speak with rekha. Also like his behavior and gentleness. Rishi told rekha sit in chair and sheela sit. He cover a new rose color velvet cloth to sheela and again ask after this cut u will look so sexy. So think and say ur decision. Rishi open the drawer and took some scissors and different type of combs and dryer, hair bands. He comb her hair and tied a rubber band between neck and above the shoulder level and did short pony tail.

He took the scissor and cut the hair. After few cuts her ponytail gone. Now he shakes her hair well and sprayed water on her hair and he doing the hair separate by hair band. Then he told sheela bend ur head forward.

Sheela bend her head. Now rishi comb her hair down from left side ear to right side ear level. Then he start to cut her nape hair.

Sheela feel exciting and rekha also. Because rekha watching first time real bob cut with nape cut.