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Introduction to nudism

Nudists come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, ages, colors, ancestries, dialects, handicaps, talents and personalities. And in all sexes.

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The couple I work for actually own a nudist resort here. The lack of clothes also helps with the heat. Most of us have probably gone skinny dipping at some point in their life. Well skinny dipping at the naturist resort is a whole different ball game please excuse any testicle associations.

My age: 35
I prefer: Gentleman
Iris tone: I’ve got misty gray-blue eyes
What is my figure type: I'm plump
I like to listen: Pop
My hobbies: Diving
Body piercings: None
Tattoo: None

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Someone walks past you on the street. A businessman rushes past you and bumps right into her — he spills his Starbucks latte on his Armani suit.

Your introduction to nudist & clothing optional travel

He takes one look at her and immediately dismisses her, rolling his eyes at her ill-fitting, tacky band shirt, and continues on his way. Clothing serves several purposes. It protects us from the elements, gives us opportunity to express ourselves and feel comfortable, and helps structure and identify individuals and groups in schools and workplaces. But it also makes it very easy to judge people.

Clothing becomes a layer of judgement we place over others. Initially it looks something like a mix between a campground, trailer park and country club. For most of us in modern western society, that sounds like a far-fetched hippie utopia.

Some average realizations

Naturism makes that even easier — at Bare Oaks, people of every body type are out there enjoying themselves. And you very quickly realize that the only one worried about your body is yourself. Without clothing acting as a layer of judgement, it suddenly becomes an even playing field.

In that way it also encourages a sense of community. And not to worry — the staff is very strict about any overt sexual or creepy behaviour.

Introduction to nudism and naturism

In that way it almost is like a hippie utopia. The association of nudity with sex and shame is so deeply ingrained in our society that it can take some time to change your perspective. As kids we were all perfectly content to run around naked, but somewhere along the way we lost that care-free attitude growing up. Naturism brings us back to that state, to the simple, innocent joy of being free and natural.

Still not sure? Let yourself air-dry for half an hour after a shower, try sleeping in the nude or just hanging out in your bedroom sans clothes just make sure your blinds are closed first. Or take the plunge and make a trip to a naturist park or clothing optional beach.

An introduction to nudism/naturism

Get comfortable with your body and take note when you find yourself judging others based on their clothing or body type. When not working as a deer, Matt's either reading a book and drinking whiskey or writing a book and drinking coffee.

Posted on May 8, Posted on March 21, March 26, Posted on December 31, February 21, I have to agree with your comments. Bare Oaks has been an absolutely amazing place.

The wife and I have been going there for 2 years now and have never had a bad time. The people are friendly and yes, they are very protective of one another to keep out the bad element.

But what happens when we remove those layers? Feeling Overdressed?

By Matt When not working as a deer, Matt's either reading a book and drinking whiskey or writing a book and drinking coffee. Thanks Matt, nice work!