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Is losing your virginity at 14 bad

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cutie babe Anahi

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As it was the first real kiss for both of us, it was quite interesting to say the least. OK, it was bad, but we did get better the more we kissed.

My age: I am 30
Ethnic: Egyptian
I love: Gentleman
Iris color: Big hazel green
My hobbies: Collecting

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Is 14 too young to lose your virginity?

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'i lost my virginity at that one, single event still haunts me 30 years later.'

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What happens when you lose your virginity?

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Report Thread starter 13 years ago 1. What would you say is the average age to loose your virginity in the UK? Also, what percentage of 17 year olds would you say still remain virgins? Not what you're looking for?

Report 13 years ago 2. Report 13 years ago 3. Does it matter.

No, btw. Report 13 years ago 4.

Is 14 too young to lose your virginity?

Ha, stupid question. Everyone's just going to give when they lost it. Are you 17 and haven't lost it yet? Seriously, that's fine. If my bf was a virgin, i would be glad i had such a sweet guy. If your a girl, then that's fine too. Badges: Report 13 years ago 5.

What happens when you lose your virginity?

Report 13 years ago 6. Report 13 years ago 7. Report 13 years ago 8. Original post by Phil Report 13 years ago 9.

19 things you should know before you lose your virginity

I think it depends where you live, whats the norm for when place may be shocking for another. LozengeC Badges: 9.

Report 13 years ago Yeah, I, and a lot of my friends who're 17actually the majority are virgins, it's normal. I wouldn't really worry about it. And averages don't matter anyway, all that matters is that the person feels ready.