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Island archaeologist or island plunderer

Trials of Exploration is one of the four types of Trials that you can complete during Season One. While completing the Trails of Exploration, you will be sailing across the ocean and meeting the inhabitants who live in the Sea of Thieves.

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You can party with two friends or queue up to play with strangers, similar to the story-centric Scenarios of expansions. Completing Island Expeditions will yield decent Azerite rewards, necessary for leveling up your Heart of Azeroth. You can learn more about the Heart of Azeroth in our guide. All players will respawn upon being defeated, so no worries about being knocked out of the Expedition before it has ended. Play carefully, because every moment spent waiting to respawn is time you could be spending collecting that sweet, sweet Azerite!

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The final Drustvar storyline quest Storming The Manor now has the cutscene. It might need some polish, though.

Battle for azeroth beta build

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Trials of exploration guide

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