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Jag fanfiction harm and mac

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Here are two possibilities. These can be read, btw, in any order you'd like. Set right after the series finale, "Fair Winds and Following Seas"so expect spoilers galore for all of the 10th season, and maybe even before that. I just wanted to tie up some loose ends.

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Mac was a lot of things, but late wasn't one of them. He's standing at the counter in the Roberts' kitchen slicing a watermelon for Harriet, racking his brain as to why Mac could be late. Traffic had been alright by July 4th standardsand she hadn't told anyone she wasn't coming. Harm had been with her last Friday when Harriet invited the two of them, and Mac said she'd love to come, so why wasn't she there?

Everyone else was there.

Harriet, never failing at hospitality, invited the bulk of the JAG office. Bud was grilling in the backyard, Little AJ was playing in his sandbox, Tiner and Gunny were throwing around a football. Sturgis was talking to the Admiral, Imes, and Mattoni-probably about submarines. Singer didn't come, but that was neither a surprise nor a disappointment.

Jag fanfic

Instead of ing in on the festivities, Harm opted to stay in the kitchen to help Harriet out. Partly because he wanted to be helpful, partly because he wanted to concentrate on puzzling out a reason for Mac not being there.

Because Mac was never late. Harm looked up at the clock. It wasthe party started at Mac had told Harriet she'd be there a little early to help her set up, and 'a little early' passed a long time ago. Especially by Mac's standards. Harm was so busy thinking and checking the time that he didn't realize he was bringing the knife down on his hand instead of the watermelon.

He hissed and jerked his hand back, dropping the knife as blood spilled out of the cut on his thumb. He put his hand under the faucet and turned it on, hurriedly grabbing some paper towels. Harm was thinking about Mac so much that he thought, with lifting spirits, that it was Mac's voice, but it was Harriet's. She was arranging cookies on a tray and had looked up at Harm's exclamation of pain. She abandoned the cookie tray and rushed over to him. Comes with the territory," Harm told Harriet with a grin.

He turned the faucet off and wrapped his thumb in a paper towel, blood instantly seeping through. As Harriet rushed off for the kit, Harm chuckled to himself and shook his head, applying pressure to his wound. Even though he'd been friends with Harriet for a few years now, Harriet was still in the habit of calling Harm 'sir', even when they were out of uniform.

Bud was even worse about it. Harriet returned with the first aid kit, pulling out some gauze and grabbing Harm's hand before he could protest. Harm examined his newly-bandaged hand and Harriet closed the kit. She drummed her fingers on the countertop in thought. She told me the other day she was feeling queasy," Harriet said.

Harm's eyebrows shot up. Harm looked at the clock. It was almost Mac was 45 minutes late with no explanation. Something was definitely up. Without another word, Harm grabbed his keys and headed for the door. I'll see you later. The door shut and Harriet sighed. She returned the first aid kit to the bathroom and began to put the watermelon slices into a red, white, and blue striped bowl.

Recently she'd developed an affinity for collecting holiday-themed items, so she now had specific bowls for St. It was admittedly an odd hobby, but one she enjoyed nevertheless. As she brought the watermelon and cookies out to the backyard, she couldn't help but think about Harm.

Specifically, Harm with Mac. The day those two realize how in love they are with each other is gonna be a good day, she thought. Harriet was well aware that Mac was only a month out of an engagement to Mic Brumby, and Harm had recently ended things with his girlfriend Renee, but it was obvious that Harm and Mac were meant for each other.

Obvious to everyone except Harm and Mac, that is. For Harriet, it had been obvious the day she met them on the Seahawk. The universe certainly put them together to be more than coworkers. Harriet sat the cookies and watermelon slices on the picnic table in the backyard and walked over to Bud, who was manning the grill.

He was wearing a "Kiss the Cook" apron she got him as a joke the past Christmas.

She never expected him to actually wear it. The Colonel is never late," Bud said, and Harriet laughed.

Colonel Sarah Mackenzie was a lot of things, but she was never late. Hardly ever, at least. Her internal clock was spot-on; no matter where she was, what time zone she was in, it always worked without fail. She'd been laying on her bathroom floor for approximately 1 hour, 33 minutes, and 17 seconds, staring up at the ceiling. She should've been at Bud and Harriet's an hour ago. Mac felt awful for being MIA, especially after promising Harriet she'd help her set up, but she couldn't bring herself to get up and face the world.

Not with knowing what she knew. There was no way she could go out, even if it was just to spend time with her friends. There was no way she could act like she didn't know what she knew. You've got to pull yourself together, Marine, she told herself.

She forced herself into a sitting position, and immediately met her reflection in the mirror above her sink. Her short, brown hair was tousled and her eyes were bloodshot.

She sniffled. Some pathetic excuse for a Marine, she thought as she laid back down.

She could call Harriet, tell her she was sick or something, but there was no way she would be able to act nonchalant. Then Harriet would get concerned, mention it to Harm, and he would come running like a knight in shining armor. And, no offense to Harm, but that would be the worst possible thing right now. Being late to the party was something Mac could deal with. What she couldn't deal with was her period being 10 days late. What she couldn't deal with was being five weeks pregnant.

She reached up to the sink and felt for the pregnancy test, her fingers eventually finding the dumb piece of plastic that had singlehandedly managed to change the course of her life in two minutes. Mac looked at the two pink lines until her eyes went crossed, willing them to change.

She even shook the test a few times, like a magic eight ball, to see if that would change anything. Sadly, nothing worked, the two lines remained there. How could she be so stupid? This wasn't a mistake a Marine Corps officer made.

Yet here she was. Barely a month had passed since she ended an engagement with one man, and now she was pregnant by another. Ironically, that was Mac's one comfort. The fact that the baby's father wasn't Mic Brumby made this impossible situation a little bit easier. She would much rather tell Harmon Rabb Jr, a man she'd had a one night stand with five weeks ago, that he would be the father or her child as opposed to a man she had just cancelled an engagement on. Well, he cancelled on her, technically, but Mac didn't like to be reminded that she'd been dumped, so she chose not to think of their break up like that.