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Jean and wolverine kiss

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We use cookies and other tracking technologies to improve your browsing experience on our site, show personalized content and targetedanalyze site traffic, and understand where our audiences come from. To learn more or opt-out, read our Cookie Policy. X-Men 1, marking the new dawn of the X-Men, is a blast. But amid all the mad science, space travel, and sentient islands, there was one big revelation, fit to shake the walls of X-Men fandom. You know him as Cyclops, founding member and leader of the X-Men.

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The relationship between Wolverine and Jean Grey has been a fascinating one, since they really have not even spent that much time on the same team together in the years that they were both alive. With so little time together, you wouldn't think that they would have had much of a connection, but that wasn't the case at all.

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Chris Claremont introduced a spark between the two that managed to keep going for decades. Here, then, are their greatest interactions in the comic books over the years we're not counting the time-displaced teenage Jean Grey and other-dimensional old man Logan.

Yes, "X-Men" comic books are weird, we get it. However, during their battle, Wolverine realizes that the Jean Grey that he is fighting is not the real Jean Grey, partly because he has come to know her too well. He is right -- the original X-Men are all robots!

Once they've defeated Lang's plot, his space station was about to explode. The X-Men got on to the space shuttle they took to fly up to the station, but it was badly damaged and only the scientist who came with them knew how to fly home.

Jean stepped up and used her powers to absorb his knowledge of how to pilot the ship. She then ordered the others to go into their protective chambers while she would land the shuttle herself. There's a great moment between Wolverine and Jean where he go her over her sacrifice, which is clearly him hiding his own emotions over the situation. The very first direct crossover in the X-title universe the first few were indirect crossovers, wherein the teams don't directly interact with each other was 's "Inferno," which led to two very notable revelations.

See, the X-Men were seemingly killed in a battle in Dallas, but in reality, they were resurrected by the goddess Roma, who let them continue their heroics in anonymity in Australia. Roma also made it so that there were no longer any proof that the X-Men existed, period.

When they first see each other during a crossover that involved demons invading Earth, the two sides assumed that they were just seeing demon versions of their friends. While she was irritated at the kiss, she couldn't deny the effect Wolverine had on her. InJean Grey and Cyclops got married. Wolverine couldn't bring himself to attend the wedding, so he instead wrote them a letter to explain that he was taking a leave of absence from the X-Men.

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In any event, as part of their celebration of the wedding, Marvel did a jean issue of "What If? The issue had three different stories in and. One of them was what would have happened had Jean and Scott gotten married when they were still young result: lots of mutants diedthe kiss was what would have happened had Jean and Angel ended up together instead of Cyclops result: Cyclops quits the X-Men and s the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants and the final one was what would have happened had Jean left Cylops for Wolverine after she became the Phoenix result: Wolverine can't calm her down while they're fighting on the moon and Dark Phoenix destroys the universe.

In that issue, Wolverine, Jean Grey, Archangel and Cyclops run afoul of a young mutant with seemingly unlimited powers who is causing a scene at the same base that Magneto attacked all the way back in "X-Men" 1. He seems to be able to alter reality at his whim. He sends Wolverine and Jean Grey into a different reality, basically a representation of the mutant's own brain, and as he is being attacked by Cyclops and Archangel, the area that they are in is getting smaller and smaller until it seems wolverine they are going to be reduced to nothingness.

As they are near seeming imminent death, they share a kiss.

Instead, once Archangel and Cyclops defeated the guy, his power defaulted Wolverine and Jean Grey back to this reality. He then kills himself. Wolverine and Jean Grey don't talk about what happened in that other reality. Following her transformation into Phoenix, Jean Grey quickly lapsed into a coma. In "X-Men"Wolverine decides to go visit her, noting that for whatever reason, she has touched his seemingly cold heart.

He is shocked, then, to see that all of his teammates are already there in the waiting room. He was not used to the idea of people actually caring for each other. This was pursued again in "X-Men" by Chris Claremont and guest-artist Tony DeZunigawhen Jean makes a lighthearted comment that Wolverine has to get used to being part of a team.

However, she doesn't realize that she's the very reason that he's even considering being part of a group again, and he's not yet ready to accept that sort of situation. As we'll see later in the list, though, Claremont later retconned Jean into having a lot more interest in Wolverine than was initially shown. Inthe X-Titles launched into a line-wide direct crossover, "X-Tinction Agenda, which was built upon an old storyline in the s of "Uncanny X-Men" where we learned about the island nation of Genosha, which had a large mutant population controlled by humans who ruled the country a thinly-veiled metaphor for Apartheid-era South Africa.

When the remaining heroes try to free a kidnapped Storm and New Mutants, they are captured and forced to fight each other powerless. Jean threw herself into the middle of the battle to save Wolverine. Jean was tortured by the sight of Wolverine slowly dying in front of her. He puts on a brave face and even kisses her, which she returns, even as she secretly weeps for her friend. She then tells him that he's still the best he is at what he does. During the crossover "Fatal Attractions," which celebrated the 30th anniversary of the X-Men, Professor Xavier led a small group of X-Men into Magneto's satellite base in an attempt to take care of Magneto once and for all.

Jean Grey went along on the mission to help power a psionic suit that allowed Xavier to walk for the mission. Wolverine was also on the mission and during their initial assault, Magneto decided to jean all of the adamantium out of Wolverine's body. Xavier responded by erasing Magneto's mind entirely.

The X-Men then had to get the wolverine out of the satellite. Their return home was affected by some dangerous storms. During their ride home in "Wolverine" 75 by Larry Hama, Adam Kubert and a kiss of inkersthe X-Men are trying to keep their ship working on descent while also keeping Wolverine alive, as he has lost massive amounts of blood.

His healing factor is seemingly being overtaxed, with wounds re-opening as soon as they close. Wolverine hallucinates through it all and he sees Illyana Rasputin who had recently died coming to him as an angel, leading him into the light. However, a jolt from the ship sends Jean Grey flying out of their ship. Wolverine instinctively wakes up and rescues her. She thanks him but he notes that it was really she who saved him wolverine now by bringing him out of it. The way he saw them, they became a couple when they were teenagers and then soon became surrogate jeans for a whole group of mutants.

In other words, he feels as though they skipped over all of the normal stages of a relationship and were acting like an old married couple, despite being still young. He wondered whether they weren't really just best friends more than anything else. When you add in Cyclops' then-recent possession by Apocalypse, things were really strained between Jean and Scott.

This distance between them led to Cyclops having a psychic affair with Emma Frost. Wolverine tells her, though, that the two of them would never work. They failed and instead, the Phoenix Force headed to Earth where it and Jean Grey, trying to take control of her to form the Dark Phoenix and attack the Shi'ar. Jean begs Wolverine to help her control the Phoenix.

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The only way she can figure out to do so is have Wolverine kill her, as resurrecting her takes some power from the Phoenix Force. Thus, the more energy it expends on resurrecting her, the less energy it would have to control Jean. The gambit succeeded, albeit temporarily The last storyline of Grant Morrison's run on "New X-Men" was called "Here Comes Tomorrow," and it deals with Wolverine and a ragtag team of X-Men dealing with a dystopic future where the villainous Sublime had taken control of Beast and used him to pretty much ruin civilization.

We soon discover that the heart of this terrible future was a decision that Cyclops made a hundred and fifty years earlier, where he decided to quit being a superhero following the death of his wife, Jean Grey. He turned down a pair of offers from Emma Frost -- a professional one to re-open the Xavier Institute and a personal one to start a real relationship with her.

Wolverine fills her in on what has happened since her death and she ultimately decides to use her powers to reach back to the far-away past to give Cyclops a nudge to accept Emma's offers, thus avoiding the awful future entirely.

The crossover event "Age of Apocalypse" was caused by Professor Xavier's son, Legion, going back in time with the intention of killing Magneto as a young man.

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Magneto was friends with a young Charles Xavier at the time, however, and Xavier ended up sacrificing himself to save his friend. This big battle of powerful mutants awoke Apocalypse early and without Charles Xavier to form the X-Men, Magneto created the team in honor of his friend. However, Apocalypse still managed to conquer the world, with Magneto and his X-Men the only rebels left to fight him. They were well-matched, as this Jean Grey had a dark background; she was captured by Mister Sinister and experimented on for months before Weapon X freed her in the process, he lost a hand to Sinister's servant, Scott Summers.

Jean and Weapon X fought Apocalypse in Europe. They then discovered that the resistance was going to try to take out Apocalypse by nuking his home base in New York City.

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Jean decided she had to go back to the States to warn her friends what was going to happen. Weapon X didn't want her to go and they had a brilliantly tense stand-off in "Weapon X" 2 by Larry Hama, Adam Kubert and a bunch of inkers where Jean basically tells Logan that he will have to kill her to stop her. They instead kiss and he lets her go. While the X-Men are celebrating Christmas in New York City, Wolverine, Banshee and Jean Grey are captured by Sentinels and taken to a secret base they find out at the end of the issue, to their great shock and dismay, that the secret base is in outer space!

Claremont had not done much with Jean Grey up until this point, as she did not re- the X-Men at first.

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It started when Wolverine broke free from his jean cell revealing, for the first time, that his claws were part of his body when Jean was being tortured. Once freed, Jean noted that she couldn't fight in the dress she was wearing, and Wolverine gladly sliced the dress for her, calling her "Red" for the first time. In the climactic storyline in his run on "New X-Men," Grant Morrison revealed that Xorn, the pacifistic new member of the team, was secretly Magneto in disguise, who had been using his time at the Xavier Institute as Xorn to slowly turn the students against the rest of the X-Men.

Magneto also found ways to take care of the various members of the X-Men, including trapping Wolverine and Jean Grey on Asteroid M as it was in a wolverine course for the sun. In the end, Wolverine and that he won't allow Jean to suffer the torturous death that awaits, so he decides to kiss her to death instead, as an act of mercy for his friend. As it turned out, though, at the moment of their death, the sun instead kick-started the Phoenix Force in Jean and she saved both of them. As noted before, the early relationship between Wolverine and Jean Grey was decidedly one-sided.

It was very much Wolverine pining after Jean and Jean treating him like just one of her teammates. This began to change in the late s, beginning with Chris Claremont's retroactive addition to the history of the X-Men in "Classic X-Men," which was a series that reprinted the adventures of the All-New, All-Different X-Men that began in this was before trade paperbacks were so prevalent and well before the days of Marvel Unlimited.

The series originally also had back-ups by Claremont and artist John Bolton showing untold stories set during the time to give readers who read the original stories already a reason to pick up this new series.