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Jerking off in public stories

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Today I am going to enlighten you about the time I masturbated in public and actually very much enjoyed it. We would have sex whenever and wherever we could and despite our age difference, it was like our sex drives were on the exact same level. He introduced me to lots of new found pleasure, he showed me how much I loved nipple play and the thing he introduced me to do most and most memorable was public masturbation. It all started with not wearing panties in public, this drove him wild. I would wear short little skirts and he would get off on the idea that I had no panties on and quite often this would lead to blowjobs in the car and even sex.

How old am I: 26
Ethnic: I'm thai
Color of my iris: Cold gray-blue eyes
Gender: I'm fem
What is my Zodiac sign: Pisces
What I prefer to drink: Red wine
My favourite music: Folk

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Naked public adventure + jerking off in public

In Up. Home Forced to jerk off in public. We currently have stories with more being added every day. Forced to jerk off in public by This experience occurred when I was sixteen I'm now It was PM on Sunday night. I pedaled like a man possessed to the local park.

‘public masturbation’ stories

The day before I got my first handjob from a gorgeous girl there after she caught me jerking off in the Women's public bathroom. And like any horny teenager I was hungry for more. I just hoped that she would be there again tonight. I streaked through the parking lot, past the basketball court and the restroom I was pleasured in. I stopped my bike at the top of the wooded trail and peered down to see if anyone was at the tennis courts.

Sure enough, my hand maiden and her friend were there. They looked even hotter than the day before; especially the fox who jerked me off.

Naked public adventure + jerking off in public

I rode slowly down the hill to meet them. The girls recognized me immediately. The girl from the restroom turned and smiled. My dick jumped as she said this.

I touched myself & masturbated in public

I already had a boner, but now it was beginning to almost hurt. My name is Heather and this is my friend Nancy," my mistress smiled. Nancy noticed the pulsating bulge in my shorts and pointed it out to Heather.

The girls both laughed and turned their backs toward me for a moment. My throbbing hard-on nearly exploded as I got a view of their beautiful asses.

Heather was wearing a tank top and a bikini bottom that barely covered her gorgeous cheeks. Nancy was wearing a tight t-shirt and pair of gym shorts that left very little to the imagination. I could not hear what they were whispering about, but I didn't care. I just longed to feel Heather's fingers or both Heather and Nancy's fingers! I'll jerk you off, but first you have to do something for us first," Heather teased.

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Jerk off right here until you shoot your nasty white stuff," Heather said. I stared at her incredulously. But if you ever want me to touch your dick again, you have to do what we say. But what if someone -" "Do you want this or not? She made a sexy gesture with her right hand mimicing a vigorous handjob.

I looked around at my surroundings. We were the only three people in the park that I knew of. I couldn't see the basketball court or the restrooms up the hill. Next to the tennis court was a soccor field. The park was almost completely surrounded by trees.

Hardly anyone ever came down here on Sunday nights, but if anyone did stroll down the path I'd be toast. As usual, however, I thought with my dick instead of head. I pulled the leg of my cotton shorts aside and exposed my rock hard cock. Red faced, I began to play with myself in front these two girls.

Then Nancy interrupted me. I was stunned.

‘public masturbation’ stories

I reluctantly removed my t-shirt and then my shorts. There I stood, completely naked, except for a pair of socks and sneakers. My boner bobbed comicly in front of me. My balls hung low, aching to be unloaded. I shivered as a cool breeze blew over my cock and naked ass.

The girls just continued to laugh.

They began to chant, "Jerk it! Jerk it!

I looked around and still saw no one else but the three of us. I tried to remember what time the County Park Rangers came to lock up the park. I wasn't sure if I had two hours or ten minutes to give them the show they demanded.

Despite my embarassment and the fear of being caught, I was really turned on. The sight of these two hot chicks standing before me in their skimpy outfits imploring me to jerk off was just too much. Without taking my eyes off of them, I began to vigously pull my pud. I encircled the swollen purple head of my penis with my thumb and index finger and rapidly stroked.

My scrotum bounced up and down as I publicly pleasured myself. I was in heaven. I had jerked off outdoors many times before, but never in such a public place. And never with two hot girls watching me!

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Heather then giggled, "Do you need a little help, Billy? She roughly bumped into my balls with her ass, wedging my scrotum between her tight cheeks. The sensation, mixed with pleasure and pain, was too much for me. I let out a deep groan as a huge rope of semen fired out of the tip of my dick. I plastered Heather's bare ass cheeks with my come as three more powerful spurts erupted from cock. I stroked my dick until it went limp between my fingers.

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She then proceeded to wipe the come off her butt with it. She pulled up her bikini bottom and threw my shirt in my face. And don't be late", she said, shaking her finger at me. I quickly dressed and got on my bike. I passed Heather and Nancy in the parking lot. Heather blew the horn of her car at me as I rode by. I could see them both giggling at me through the windshield. I sped home, already geting hard again at the thought of what Heather and Nancy had in store for me the next day. Copyright SMI-Help.