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Kenkou cross succubus

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Find my thoughts about this monster girl under the cut, and follow this blog for more; requests are always open! See, our dear Succubi are the hipsters of the MGE world- they were sexy seductresses who fed on spirit energy before it was cool!

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While The Monster Girl Encyclopedia mostly describe species, there are handful of profiles that focus on individuals. Group of succubi that, unlike other profiles, are residents of modern world. They seem to be based on female archetypes found in various eroge. It's unknown if these girls're canon characters or not, as they aren't include in any compilation book yet. He's the one who has taken it upon himself to gather information about the various monster girls of the world in order to help people become more informed about the current state of the world after the rise of the current demon lord.

At great personal risk since it puts him in the cross-hairs of the Order of the Chief God and constantly in danger of becoming some monster's husband. The closest thing MGE has to a main protagonist.

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A Leanan Sidhe who accompanies the Scholar on his travels and helps him by protecting him from other monster girls. It's unclear what her motives for doing this are, though given that she is a monster girl, one can probably guess.

The Succubus who currently rules over Monster Society alongside her husband and who is responsible for the current state of the world. A minor character who initially appears as an example of what happens to human women who consume Prisoner Fruit, she's only of note due to reappearing in Demon Realm Traveler's Guide as the Succubus founder and owner of a successful chain of monster run cafes called Tricoromillewhich specializes in sweets and confections made with Prisoner Fruit.

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Leader of the Elementalist Association, an extremist group of Elementalists who think that it's a good thing to monsterize Elementals and co-author of Demon Realm Traveler's Guide' along with The Wandering Scholar. She was a human elementalist who more or less willingly allowed herself to be transformed into a Dark Matter in order to save her homeland of Polove, which was dying from extreme poverty and famine. After her transformation, she used her newfound power to turn Polove into a Bright Green Demon Realm.

The in-universe author of the Sabbath Grimoire and an unusual Baphomet who is incapable of using magic. She is the head of The Library Sabbath, which is dedicated to the gathering and organization of magical knowledge. They also run a few magazines and newspapers for the sabbath and the monster girl community at large.

Monster girls galore! — our first monster girl review on this blog, of

The supreme leader of the Sabbath as a whole and head of The Demon Lord's Army Sabbath branch, the cross well known Sabbath branch who serves directly in the Demon Lord's Army, as the name implies. The leader of the Black Goat Sabbath, an extremist branch that is directly aligned with Druella and was involved in the fall of Lasceti which is also their current headquarters. The leader of the Sorcerous Sabbath, which is the Sabbath branch that is the most dedicated to magical research and development and is thus the smallest yet most powerful.

A rather young and new leader in the Sabbath, she is the head of The Playground Sabbath, an exremely laid back sabbath dedicated primarily to having fun and doing whatever they feel like doing rather than anything productive. A bit of an enigma among the Sabbath Leaders, she he the Beast Sabbath, Kenkou succubus dedicated to studying Theriomancy, a field of magic that allows non-beastman monsters and humans to acquire the strength and abilities of beasts so long as they also live and act like beasts while also boosting the abilities of casters who are already beastmen themselves.

Leader of the Farming Sabbath. Daughter of a Baphomet who left the Sabbath to live in the small country village the man she fell in love with lived in, Marune's family was welcomed and taken in by the kind villagers despite the country it belonged to being an Order controlled state at the time. When the state turned pro-monster, Marune repaid the villagers' kindness to her family by founding this Sabbath branch with the goal of making the village cross prosperous. Leader of the Medical Sabbath and the inventor of Pharmacomancy. She is extremely dedicated to helping others to the point of carefully screening new prospective succubi of her Sabbath to make sure they're just as dedicated as her, rather than only being interested in learning Pharmacomancy or finding a husband.

It is said that she was inspired by a kindly human doctor she once met who continued to be dedicated Kenkou helping his patients even after being exiled from his home country.

Monster girl encyclopedia vol. 2

As part of the demonstration, an "Inia Artist" named Ms. Rubianna engraves the various "Trial Versions" of the Inia on her for the sake of creating reference images. Back to Monster Girl Encyclopedia. Characters from Succubus Eroge Heroine Group of succubi that, unlike other profiles, are residents of modern world. Corrupt the Cutie : Although not all of them are evil. Horny Devils : All of them are succubi, although Cerberus has unusual horns and wings that make her look like a werewolf.

Cute Clumsy Girl : And even becoming a succubus doesn't fix it.

(c92) [kurobinega (kenkou cross)] mamono musume zukan chousa kiroku succubus note

Idiot Hair Genki Girl : Even more so after she becomes a succubus. If It's You It's Okay : She's a masochist, but only to the main character, she's happy no matter what is done to her as long as he's the one doing it.

Unwanted Harem : Her plan to please the main character, making his harem by turning other girls at the school into succubi. Too bad she does this without asking his opinion. As Berit, she wields her blade for the sake of her own desires. When she wants something, she'll use force to get it - this include the main character. Hot Chick with a Sword : Successor of a kendo dojo and captain of the kendo club. Even her succubi form is armed with sword.

Obviously Evil : Her demonic sword.

(c92) [kurobinega (kenkou cross)] mamono musume zukan chousa kiroku succubus note

It causes no external wounds, but seals the movement of whatever she strikes. Tomboy and Girly Girl : As Cerberus, she's obsessed with her own femininity.

She uses all sorts of means to try and assert it to the main character. Child Prodigy : While living in America, she skipped grades and was able to attend college early. Embarrassing Tattoo : Her succubus form has Pleasure Runes covering half of her body, so she has become extremely sensitive to pleasure that even a simple pat on the head feels like sexual pleasure to her. Older Than They Look : She's 15, but looks more like 11 or 12 Tsundere : Asuna turn her into a succubus to help her get over this. Clingy Jealous Girl : Towards Asuna. Evil Counterpart : Like Asuna, she got turned into a succubus by the succubus from the demon realm.

Meganekko : Her human form. Shrinking Violet : Her human form. The Wandering Scholar "A certain wandering scholar of monsters. Action Survivor : He's cross to some of the most dangerous places in the MGE world and interviewed or collaborated with some of the most powerful and influential monsters in Kenkou setting yet somehow he's managed to avoid getting jumped by any of the many monster girls he's encountered despite supposedly being unmarried. He claims to have a monster "Traveling companion" who helps him, but she's not a particularly powerful monster girl type.

It's speculated that he might be receiving aid from the Demon Lord. It does help that most of the monster girls he interviews already have husbands. It's unclear what's happened to him though she speculates he may have ended up in the Abyss. Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep" : His real name is never mentioned.

He's only known as the Wandering Scholar. The Heretic : His writing and publishing of the Encyclopedia has gotten him labeled as a heretic by the Order, forcing him to go on the run. Unreliable Narrator : The worst in the entire setting.

According to Word of God The Scholar's way of writing his encyclopedia entries tends to involve interviewing usually only one or two of any given species of monster girl before moving on. He also Kenkou some personal bias's that sometimes colors his writing and is prone to hyperbole. That said, most of the most basic info tends to be reliable and he really is trying his best to be informative as possible. It's probably difficult enough as it is getting even the info he does get given what he's risking by talking to many of them.

The Scholar's Traveling Companion A Leanan Sidhe who accompanies the Scholar on his travels and helps him by protecting him from other monster girls. Ambiguous Situation : While one can guess her reasons for accompanying the Scholar, it's still not entirely succubus what her goals really are.

The real question is why she hasn't made him her husband yet if that's her goal. The Demon Lord The Succubus who cross rules over Monster Society alongside her husband and who is responsible for the current state of the world. Anti-Villain : She can be seen as this, an Anti-Hero or even a straight up hero depending on where you stand.

Of course in universe the Order views her as a straight up villain. Authority Equals Asskicking : She's the ruler of all monsters who managed to defeat the Chief God herself with her husband's help not long after coming to power. Big Good : She's considered to be this in the eyes of monster girls, their husbands and anyone else who is pro-monster.

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It is implied that her true name might be Lilith, but that's mostly due to her daughters being called Lilim and an allegedly mythical potion called "Lilith's Panacea" which is said to be the only way a human woman can be monsterized as a Lilim Normally only direct children of the Demon Lord can be Lilim.

Not even the Kenkou of Lilim can be Lilim themselves and monsterizing a human into a Lilim is impossible as far as anyone knows. Happily Married : To a former Order Hero who defeated her predecessor. Noble Demon Monster Lord Violently Protective Girlfriend : It's mentioned in the section of Demon Realm Traveler's Guide describing the tentacle forest that when she and her husband went to investigate reports that the Tentacle plants of the forest had grown more violent in response to no longer being able to propagate themselves the way they used to prior to her reign.

The tentacles were quick to mellow out after that. Well-Intentioned Extremist : She believes that turning humans and monsters into one succubus with Monster Girls as the females and cross men as the males is the best way to achieve peace between humans and monsters. Too bad she only really asked the monsters consent before going through with this plan.

White-Haired Pretty Girl : According to the entry on her daughters, the Lilim, she has white hair and white wings, which they all inherit from her. And Then John Was a Zombie : Most of the heroines dedicated themselves to fighting monsters, before getting turned into one. Balanced Harem : Aside from Druella, each of the following girls, for one reason or another, fell for the same guy, who becomes something of a Harem Hero.

YMMV, heavily, on the "Hero" part. Breast Expansion : Most characters grew a few inches post-corruption.