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Killing eve fanfiction

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The rest of the season finds her hurt and angry, as she realizes she can only rely on herself, using fashion as a coping mechanism. It's the beginning of a new dynamic in their relationship. A job gone wrong might be what changes everything.

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Cancel Apply Her Handler by Maddz2 reviews AU: Villanelle gets a new handler and an asment to commit possibly the most high profile assassination of her career. Bridge the gap by KillingEve4Ever reviews Set after the season 3 finale.

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What happened after they turned to look at each other? The one where Eve and Villanelle can't stop texting each other by Hotladykisses reviews Very highbrow texting between Eve and Villanelle about philosophical and romantic topics.

Of course not! Or is it?

Spoof or is it? Takes place after 3x6.

Ao3 killing eve — what are the best completed villaneve fics?

Translation from the French fanfic written by cleodacieuse. Killing Time by kickstergal reviews CH4 up.

What do you do after That Bridge Scene? Well, you start working it out.

Morning routine - we_were_younger - killing eve (tv ) [archive of our own] >

Villanelle tilts her head curiously, completely unbothered by the fact Eve's heart suddenly feels like it's pumping fire through her veins instead of blood. Ta petite tare, Eve by Mary J. Tu te foutais de qui, Eve?

What happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object? A very important date! More chapters to follow if you like it :. International Klein Blue by F15hface Random snippets of life post-bridge. Something to Offer by writingtheblues reviews "I already told you my reasoning behind rescinding that offer, Villanelle. What use could you be to me? Follows the end of season 3. Together by wibblywobblybowtie reviews What happened after the bridge scene.

Lots of thoughts and feelings from both of them. Soo many thoughts and feelings.

I promise I'm better at writing at fics than I am at summaries Or at least, I hope so? You can be the judge of that I guess : Spoilers for 3x08, but let's be honest, you're here because you've seen that episode and you need more. A Dangerous Development by jellieB0mbs reviews This story takes place after the event of season 3 episode 3. After what Villanelle has done, yet again, how is Eve going to cope with what she also did?

In My Veins by bobbiejelly reviews "Eve Polastri always thought that her first-time sex with Villanelle would be rough; it isn't. At all. Some fighting, some crying, and then some hot, hot, hot, hotel room sex. Killing Eve. Rated E for Explicit.

Villanelle stories

Outsider by Danarius The Polastri's enjoy dinner whilst Villanelle is metres away. Villanelle shows up expecting to commit possibly the most painful murder of her career, but what happens instead is much more interesting to her. A slight twist on the scene.

The way she looks at Villanelle makes her feel like she's a person again. Not a psychopath or a killer, not even someone impressive. Just an ordinary woman. Nice life, cool flat, fun job. And, lying so close in her bed, someone, at last, to do the normal stuff with her. Another version of the Oksana VS Tatiana confrontation Thorns by Seralina reviews Nature will always reclaim.

Killing eve is my obsession

Stones turn to dust under pressure. Green presses up through the ruin of what was. Something may even begin anew, bright, beautiful. Every new growing thing too will flourish with adversity and care. If they're lucky. Sliding right into the perfect opening that I saw. Do You Like Elton John?

Morning routine - we_were_younger - killing eve (tv ) [archive of our own] >

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