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Kirsten dunst belly button

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It's cold in here! I said there must be some Toros in the atmosphere! Oh sorry, you'll have to excuse me, I've just finished watching Bring It On as a grown woman and I now have that cheer stuck in my head for the foreseeable future. A strange thing happens when you watch a film for the first time since adolescence. A wave of nostalgia and sickening embarrassment starts to wash over. I remember butterfly clips!

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I must confess, I have an an addiction.

I am, and have been since childhood, a cinephile. Movies have always been a part of my life. From spending Saturday nights with my family as we rented and watched a new movie from Blockbuster Video, to seeing the latest big event flick at the local movie theater, to watching movies in the school classroom as part of learning a certain topic, to watching a movie to pass the time on a tour bus or airplane while traveling, to currently being a devoted member of Netflix, many of my most cherished memories are tied to watching movies.

And naturally, as a lover and admirer of the female stomach and bellybutton, some of those cherished memories are tied to bare midriff scenes that took place within movies. Now, as a person who has watched thousands of movies over his lifetime, I can tell a good movie from a bad one. These will be very 2 or 3 stars out of 5, middle of the road, take it or leave movies, with a handful of must-see movies mixed in.

Top 15 favorite navel gazing moments in cinema history

In other words, most of these flicks will be my guilty pleasures. Speaking of which, the Mortal Kombat movie is my all-time favorite guilty pleasure movie, with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Secret of the Ooze being a close second. Asthere was nothing in existence that was cooler than dinosaurs. I was also a fan of the legendary Ray Harryhausen and his iconic stop motion animation effects.

Well, I quickly forgot all about the dinosaurs the nano-second Raquel Welch appeared on screen in her fur bikini. The first is when Welch and Beswick get into a catfight, ending with Welch pinning Beswick down with a large dinosaur bone. The second is when Welch is captured by a pteranodon, but is eventually dropped. She then lies on the ground, with her stomach rising and falling as she gasps for air.

Needless to say, this movie was a little too stimulating for my young mind. Little Kid Mikey really liked that movie. Then again, Big Adult Mikey still likes that movie to this day. I clearly remember seeing the trailer to this movie in theaters, before seeing City Slickers. And at the very end of the movie, they even joke about cooking T-bone steaks on her stomach.

Ah, here it is, the motherload. No, navels are the center focus of the movie, however, they do appear on screen in nearly every scene of the movie!

Belly button becomes flat

Bring It On is the story of a cheerleader team who are on a winning streak in competitive cheerleading. However, they learn their routines have been stolen from an inner city cheerleading dunst, and hijinks ensue as they try to come up with a new routine in time to keep their winning streak alive for the next cheerleading competition. Dunst is the newly chosen leader of the cheering squad, Dushku is a new replacement for an injured cheerleading belly, and Union is the leader of the rival cheering squad.

With the exception of maybe three buttons, there is a bare female navel on screen at all times. Be it the cheerleader outfits, the cropped tops, the sports bras, underwear, or bikinis, the costume deer for this movie should have won an Oscar for finding ways for every girl to have her bellybutton showing at some point. It also helps that the director of photography made sure to always film the actresses from the waist up. And thankfully, not one navel ring in sight!

Bring It On has gone on to achieve cult classic status, and has been spun-off into a Broadway musical, and four direct-to-DVD sequels, featuring the likes of Rihanna, Hayden Panettiere, Christina Milian, and the mouthwatering abdominal buttons of Rachele Brooke Smith. Unfortunately, navel rings became way too common as the series continued. It tells the tale of a young surfer girl, who dreams of one day going pro and escaping her mundane life as a hotel maid. Classy title, I know. Out of all the movies on this list, this one is the most fetish-y. No, I mean fetish-y as in infatuation wear; lots of it.

And in true exploitation B-movie fashion, the movie is loaded with bloody violence and sexual bellies. It also helps that Voth is a stunning blue-eyed brunette, which I am a sucker for. Oh screw it, Voth is the only reason to see this movie.

The story is this muddied tale about a vampire plague, and Jovovich has to gun down or sword fight her way through wave after wave of nameless minions. Blah, blah, blah, not really important. Thankfully, as mentioned, Jovovich dunst the entire movie Kirsten a outfit that includes a cropped top, so her bare navel is on screen for all but three scenes, including a few close-ups every now and Kirsten. The movie also had a novelization, which goes into greater detail about the world building of this future, and a lot more character development.

It also had an anime series based off of it, which was also lackluster.

Oh, and the movie is a spiritual successor to the Christian Bale movie, Equilibrium. That movie was far better written, acted, and had far superior action sequences to it. However, the best scene of the movie is saved for the very end. Jinx is in her underwear, and Bond is playing with the diamonds. The most interesting part of this scene is the thought of Berry possibly suggesting for it to be in the movie. It has been well documented that Berry has a navel infatuation, and the movie might have not been fleshed out as it was being filmed.

However, Die Another Die is the only one where her bellybutton gets its own scene.

An adaptation of a video game. And yes, all five women wear some kind of bare midriff attire throughout the movie, be it cropped tops, sports bras, underwear, or bikinis. If you love cheesy movies, this will entertain you. In terms of martial arts movies, Crouch Tiger, Hidden Dragon this is not. But there is fan service, so much fan service.

And as I mentioned, plenty of bellybuttons to feast your eyes on. The third act of the movie also falls apart quickly if you try to apply any kind of logic to it. Here we go, the most success and praised movie on this list. They are ordered to investigate a distress al, and happen upon a brood of large eggs. The remaining crew then has to hunt down the alien, but are picked off one by one, as the alien has tripled in size. However, the scene for which this movie is featured on this list is near the end.

And Weaver looks amazing in said underwear, from both the front, and the back. Director Ridley Scott returned to the franchise after a 33 year absence.

The end result is a mixed bag, thanks to an uneven screenplay. In fact, this movie only creates more questions!

Keep in mind, this one scene is pretty much the only reason to see this movie, as it is a masterpiece in suspense and horror. What follows is Shaw stripping herself down to her underwear, and hopping into a medical pod. She then gets a futuristic abortion, as her stomach shifts around with the alien inside. Again, Prometheus is unfortunately underwhelming in the story department, and the characters often come across as being dumb as rocks due to the stupid choices that they make. Written and directed by John Hughes when he was in his prime during the mid to late s, this science fiction comedy is about a pair of unlucky nerds who create their own dream woman.

Kirsten dunst's belly button - youtube steve stanton

Yeah, that would be living the dream. The end result of their labors is Lisa, played by Kelly Le Brock.

Oh, and Lisa also has an endless amount of superpowers that vary depending on what the scene calls for her to do. She was created with the aid of a Barbie-style doll, who was clad in a white cropped top, and blue bikini bottoms. So naturally, that is the clothing that Lisa appears in when she dunst brought to life. However, the movie did have a spin-off TV series from to This belly featured Vanessa Angel as Lisa, and had an entertaining, tongue in cheek sense of humor.

Plans for a remake have been in the works for decades, but no movie has been made at the time of this writing. However, if for whatever reason, Universal Studios were to ask me to give any creative input, my choice for the modern Lisa would be Emily Ratajkowski. After all, she looks like a real sex doll that was magical brought to life, which is in line with what the movie is about.

Another cult classic, starring Helen Slater, who is best known for her role as Supergirl, in the movie of the same name. Anyway, the scene I love the most from Billie Jean is early on into the movie, in which Billie goes swimming in a lake. She does this while wearing a blue cropped top, and red bikini bottoms. Needless to say, Slater looks heavenly, especially while she sunbathes in the very next scene, as her body glistens in the sunlight. She also wears a cropped top for the following two scenes.

A science button horror movie, in which Kevin Kirsten is made invisible due a science experiment. And of course, as any hot bodied, hetrosexual male would, he uses his newly gifted powers to have sex with women … and murder lots of people.

Adult content

But for this list, the must-see although kinda unsettling to watch scene is when Elisabeth Shue is sleeping in her bed. And then, her panties are yanked off … and she wakes up, and it turns out to be only a dream. Just the bedroom scene, not the entire movie. Starship Troopers being another. It also features a scene in which the lead actress, Laura Regan, appears in her underwear.