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Kushina hurts naruto fanfiction

Jiraiya stood there, frozen in shock.

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Summary: What if Madara was a woman? What if she was the mother of Uzumaki Kushina and by extension the grandmother of Uzumaki Naruto? What if Naruto was the chosen heir of the Juubi? What if Minato wasn't the kind man people thought he was? Hinata, general Konoha bashing.

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The Naruto franchise always focused on young ninja attempting to achieve their dreams. Rarely do these dreams involve romance. Instead, characters focus on becoming the leaders, or Kage of their nations, or learning new skills to become more formidable warriors.

Manga creator, and executive producer of the anime series and several movies, Masashi Kishimoto, has been up front about not enjoying writing romance.

Instead, many of them involve one-sided feelings and at least one of the people involved undergoing extensive character development that pushes their story arc forward. In some cases, a pairing resulted in one character becoming a better person or better developed in the eyes of the audience.

In other cases, two characters pairing up was the result of a long story arc coming to an end. Other pairings were more of a hindrance to the franchise. As two of the Legendary Sannin, Tsunade and Jiraiya knew one another as children and grew into formidable shinobi. Separately, these two are kind of a mess.

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Underneath their bickering over those subjects, they shared a deep affection. It was this affection that showed a softer side to them. While Jiraiya always had feelings for Tsunade, she never let him share them. Due to the Akatsuki, they never got a chance to pursue a formal relationship. Despite the series not being a romance, if ever there was a central couple of the Naruto saga, the title character and Hinata Hyuga would be it.

In fact, she admired him so much that talking to him made her faint. That could have led to a dangerous road, but instead, Hinata grew from the experiences. The two grew to share mutual respect, both making one another better shinobi during their team-ups. They also saved the world together, got married, and had two great kids, never losing faith in one another. Like many of the relationships in the Naruto canon, the feelings between Sasuke and Karin appeared to be pretty one-sided.

Just like Sakura before her, Karin was obsessed with Sasuke. Much of their relationship was built on Sasuke using her as a means to an end, and Karin following along with hopes of being noticed. It was the kind of relationship that set a bad example for fans.

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With them gone in the present day, much of what fans know of them is down to flashbacks. What we do know is that their connection was born of extreme circumstances. Kushina only realized how much Minato cared for her after he saved her from a kidnapping. Their connection saved the series beyond their falling in love, though. Some potential pairings dominate the manga, while others only show up for fans who read supplemental material.

Kakashi and Kahyo are one of the latter. The two, like many pairs in the Naruto universe, exist in hints rather than in practice.

He also finds himself teased about the possible relationship. This would all be great if it actually occurred in the main continuity and all Naruto fans had the opportunity to read it. The two actually became villains when they were striving for peace. They wanted to stop the wars and violence that plagued the shinobi nations. Unfortunately, they used war and violence to try to achieve their goals. The relationship between the two of them served to humanize them and make the reader more understanding of everything they sought out to do.

As a member of the Uchiha clan, she was one of the first who Itachi targeted when he eliminated everyone. Obito thought that he gave Kakashi his eye while breathing his last breath. Miraculously, Obito was saved.

Chapter 4: i’ve been reincarnated? and abused?

Unfortunately, his miracle was short lived as he later witnessed Kakashi fail to save Rin as well. It was that failure that sent Obito on his path to becoming Tobi and a member of the Akatsuki. It was also, however, the connection that he, Kakashi, and Rin shared as teammates that allowed him to reform and help Kakashi later.

Kiba was always a wild child in the franchise. You never knew what he was going to say or do. We also never saw him in any romantic relationships. Tamaki was introduced late in the franchise. Since Tamaki is a cat person, fans might not have thought they would get along since Kiba is a dog person.

What we do know about them is that Fugaku often praised Itachi as his favorite.


Another point against this particular couple? Flashbacks revealed Mikoto and Kushina Uzumaki shared a friendship before Naruto's birth. As a Legendary Sannin, Tsunade left her village behind, traveling the countryside and getting herself further into debt thanks to a gambling problem.

She hardly seemed like a great candidate for Fifth Hokage.

The storyline gave fans an insight into her character, and made her becoming Hokage even more inspiring. Teammates as children, Rin and Kakashi had a tight bond. The romantic angle of their relationship, however, was very one-sided.

Rin was the one who had feelings for Kakashi, while as far as fans know, he only considered her a teammate. It still hurt him deeply when she chose to step into the path of his strike to end her life and protect the village from the three-tails inside of her. Rin wanted the danger of the three-tails to end by the hand of the person she loved.

The action left Kakashi with a lot of guilt that influenced how he taught Sakura, Sasuke, and Naruto in Team 7 in the future. Hayate and Yugao are relatively minor characters in the grand scheme of the Naruto franchise. In fact, some fans might not even realize that they know who the characters are. His girlfriend Yugao was revealed much later during filler storylines, so manga purists might not even recognize her in the anime.

The relationship between the two was fleshed out when Yugao was forced to fight a reanimated Hayate during the Fourth Shinobi World War. It would have been very tragic if everyone remembered who they were. Not very many of the Naruto movies feature romantic storylines.

Naruto the Movie: Bonds did feature a medical apprentice named Amaru with a crush on her sensei Shinno. Amaru had a deep respect for Shinno because he saved her life and agreed to train her. He actually wanted to gather dark chakra to make himself more powerful.

Lee greatly admired Sakura and was always willing to help her on a mission. Sakura was usually too busy worrying about Sasuke to notice Lee. Rather than treating him badly, she continued to be polite and friendly with him. Likewise, Lee never attempted to get in the way of Sakura pursuing a relationship with Sasuke despite his feelings for her. They might have produced one of the healthiest crushes in the franchise. The Last: Naruto the Movie made a lot of fans who had watched Hinata become very happy.

Hinata got a lot of the spotlight, as she worked to save her little sister and her relationship with Naruto blossomed. Before that relationship could bloom, however, she agreed to marry Toneri. Toneri is the person who abducted her sister, so for any fan watching the movie, they new that the agreement was a desperate act. The problem was that no one actually believed that Hinata wanted to marry Toneri except for Naruto, who suddenly became the most gullible character in the franchise.

It was an unnecessary way to move the plot of the movie along.

As the first leader of the Leaf Village, Hashirama is incredibly important to the Naruto mythology. Often forgotten is his wife. She also happened to belong to a very important clan that would eventually vanish - the Uzumakis.

She was by his side in battle and eventually became the first jinchuuriki of the nine-tailed fox.

Chapter four - sunshine (naruto fanfic) - chapter 4 by ashley_walls full book limited free

Without Mito and Hashirama, there would be no story for Naruto. Naruto used his crush as an excuse to follow Sakura, get in between her and Sasuke, and rush headlong to her defense in battle. One of the oddest couples in the series is Sai and Ino. Ino, despite being empathetic and intelligent, was also incredibly shallow.

She was more worried about her appearance than physical training. Sai, despite being an incredibly capable shinobi, had no Kushina skills. The two had a lot to learn. Over time, they valued one another as more than just a pretty naruto or a good battle partner, providing plenty of growth for the duo. They might be a fan-favorite couple, but Sakura and Sasuke have one of the most troubling relationships fanfiction the hurt saga. Sakura spent nearly all of her formative years pining after Sasuke, wanting to be stronger so she could fight alongside him, and excusing a lot of his bad behavior.

For his part, Sasuke spent a lot of his formative years ignoring Sakura and trying to make himself more powerful. The only time he showed concern for her was when she was the weak link in the chunin exams. Sasuke also tried to mortally wound Sakura in battle several times, something she forgives a little too easily when she winds up marrying him. Filler episodes are created specifically for the anime to fill in gaps.