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Free lesbian story sites allow you to read erotic and nonerotic stories by amateur writers. There are stories to suit everyone's preferences, and in most cases, you don't have to give up any of your own information in order to access them. Read about first encounters, threesomes, college stories, adult friends who finally decide to try taking their relationship to another level, and more. There are many free story sites on the web. Look for a lesbian short story or something a little longer. Choose from sites like:.

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Liz fingered the purple-blue bruise above her cheekbone.

She remembered the days when half the team was made up of lesbians and they drove home after an away game, no matter how far. Nearing twenty-nine, Liz knew she was on her way out and maybe it made her a tad bitter. Not that she minded that much. Her gaze followed Nina as she brushed her long unruly curls before tying them into a ponytail for bed.

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It was just a bit embarrassing at the moment. I was distracted. Nina had slipped out of her summer dress and wore nothing but a flower-patterned pair of shorts and a skimpy tank top. Did she not realise they were sharing the bed? The thought of inadvertently touching Nina during the night had made her a bit too moist for comfort.

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By what? Before splashing cold water in her face she examined herself in yet another mirror. Her cheek was swollen, narrowing her left eye. The bruise seemed to mock her and, admittedly, despite the dramatic purple-red edge of the contusion, it was her ego that was wounded most. Liz ran her fingers through her blond bob and sighed. She undressed and let the soft silk of the pyjama envelop her limbs. Who was she kidding, anyway? She had plenty of silk garments and none had this effect on her. She relied on another deep breath to calm her down and headed back into the bedroom. Nina lay on her side, her nose buried in an Ian Rankin thriller.

She looked up as Liz entered the room. At least the legs are covered, Liz noticed, torn between relief and disappointment. Either way, some miracle would have to happen for this not be a feverish sleepless night for her. Sheer fabric like silk was quite revealing and Liz was suddenly mortified.

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She pulled the sheets up to her chin and lay there with no idea of how to relax, let alone fall asleep. The rate at which she turned them made Liz suspect the book was worth staying up late for and she made a mental note to buy it.

At least they would have something to talk about next time they had to share a room. If there ever was a next time. After twenty minutes Nina switched off her reading light and turned on her back. She was wide awake and had spent the better part of the last ten minutes wondering if she should lie on her hands to prevent her from inadvertently touching herself. It was a good thing she had on an extra layer to hide the goosebumps. As long as the subject was the team, Nina could handle it. Two girlfriends for instance, and a lot of pent up lust, it seemed now.

Liz lay there blushing in the dark, gobsmacked but with pure joy rushing through her veins. You saw what happened today. A few strands of hair had come loose from her ponytail and crinkled along her cheeks.

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Nina sank down into the mattress and her bent elbow hit Liz in the bicep. She wanted to brush it away, but something stopped her. Liz had to gasp for air. Her nipples poked her pyjama top and a moist heat glowed between her legs.

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She peered into her brown eyes. They brimmed with lust and desire and Liz was slightly taken aback by the sudden reversal of the situation. Liz leaned down for the first kiss. Soon she was squeezing and tweaking and the tank top got in the way. The supple flesh under her hands ignited throb after throb to pulse through her pussy. Her glance alone, with those huge brown eyes glinting with desire, was enough to entice Liz to rip off all her clothes and ravage Nina, but, despite the lust leaking from between her legs, Liz knew she had to go slow.

It was hard against her tongue and Liz sucked it between her lips and gently trailed her teeth along the tip. Liz repositioned and hovered over Nina until their breasts almost touched and their nipples grazed against each other.

She appeared impatient and started pushing her shorts down before Liz had a chance to luxuriate in the thought of slowly exposing her pussy. She locked eyes with Nina and covered her hands to liberate them from their task. She lowered the shorts lazily, as much a test for her as it was for Nina, and bared her black pubic hair first.

Their eyes met and Liz saw no reason in them to deny such a heartfelt request. Both naked, Liz coaxed Nina down on the bed and kissed her.

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Nina moaned at the touch of flesh on flesh and Liz repeated the action. As magnificent as the nipple fuck felt, she needed a taste now. Nina tasted salty and moist and intoxicating. She circled it around and up and down and then let it slip inside.

Nina buried her nails into the sheets and moaned louder with every thrust. Liz watched her fingers slip in and out of Nina and a small puddle of juice gathered in her palm. She flicked it back and forth with her tongue to the same rhythm as her fingers delving inside. Liz kept fucking and licking Nina until her voice grew hoarse and her body stopped shaking.

Liz hoisted herself up on her elbows until their eyes met. Liz knew slow was no longer an option. Your privacy is important to me.

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List of free lesbian story sites

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