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Leslita incest stories

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Copyright: I the owner retain the right to my work and do not give permission for it to be reposted on any other site without my express written permission. This work is imaginary, and any liking this story has to a real person's life is a chance occurrence. If any of this material is offensive to you, or you are underage then do not read the work below. Thank you.

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This story is adapted from a small portion of an erotic novel entitled "Choices," written by an author who goes by the pen name Tajod. His writing, "Choices" included, can be found at the storiesonline. There's much more to it, all superbly rendered, but I don't want to give the plot away.

The main relationship is heterosexual, but there is plenty of lesbian sex as well That part of the story became a focal point for me. The buildup to the lovemaking between mother and daughter gets stretched out, in bits and pieces, over nine chapters of the novel.

I took these bits and stitched them together, fleshed them out to make them cohere as a story of its own, changed a few details bumped the girl up to fourteen, and gave mother and daughter different namesadded a few new parts and made the actual sex scene about four times as long. What can I say I'm a hopeless romantic. Though this story is based upon the writing of another, I honestly do believe that it has been altered enough to be considered an original work.

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Imagine that an artist takes a small detail from a famous painting, blows it up to full size, then puts his own brushstrokes all over it. That's what I'm attempting here. Did it succeed? You be the judge. Much credit is due to Tajod for creating the excellent story that I ended up mining for my own lesser scribblings My hat is raised to you, kind sir.

This story is dedicated to Leslita regular Ally perhaps better known as "Ally!!! Evelyn stepped from her shower into the cool air of the Leslita, still yawning as she reached for a towel. The banging of the shower incest woke her daughter Cyndi. She struggled sleepily out of bed and slipped into the bathroom. Replacing the towel on the rack, she padded into her room. Cyndi followed her naked mother into the bedroom, where Evelyn selected a pair of panties from her dresser drawer, then stepped into them.

The fourteen-year-old studied her mother, admiring the woman's shapely form. I want to get a head start on my English asment for next week," Cyndi murmured, furrowing her brow slightly as she carefully hooked her mother's story.

She hung the pants back in the closet, then laid the skirt on the bed. Evelyn stopped in mid-motion as she slipped a foot into her pantyhose, watching her daughter struggling with the nightie. She was naked underneath, and Evelyn took the opportunity to admire her child's bare body without having to pretend she wasn't looking.

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Beautiful, Evelyn thought. God, she's growing into a lovely woman. She reached for the top button on the neckline and undid it with a flick of her thumb. Cyndi growled in frustration, shaking her hair to take out some of the tangles. Evelyn gave her daughter a slap on her bare bottom. She rubbed her bottom, then stuck her tongue out at her mother.

Nice butt, too, thought Evelyn With a sigh she picked up the pantyhose, and once again began to slip them on. With an empty house, homework finished and time on her hands, Cyndi headed for her mother's computer after snacking in the kitchen. Once logged on, she began to search through her mother's files. Right away, she found her mother's collection of erotic fiction She eagerly rubbed her hands together, opened up the first story and began to read.

Leslita stories

Minutes later, Cyndi was staring at the monitor in shock. Every story in her Leslita file seemed to be about lesbian sex -- and the lion's share of them were tales of older women with teenage, even preteen girls. Next to the "Stories" folder was another one marked "Pictures. I wonder, she pondered, then moved the mouse to click on it. Her eyes widened as a story of photos filled the screen, every one depicting female nudity There incest a few solo shots, but the overwhelming majority of these pictures were of lesbian lovers.

Cyndi's heart throbbed as she slowly scrolled through them, catching glimpses of women engaging in all kinds of loveplay together. She paused, breathing "Oh, wow," at a photo of a teenage girl, her mouth fastened to an older woman's pussy.

Cyndi had never given much thought to lesbian love before She had to admit, though, that these photos were really hot. Come to think of it, some of the stories had made her feel uncomfortably tingly too.

It didn't mean she was gay, though -- did it? She had been married, after all, they'd had together, and Cyndi was certain that her mom had loved her father. Dad had died of a sudden heart attack three years earlier, and her mother hadn't so much as gone on a date even since. She'd always assumed that her mom just missed her father too much to begin a new relationship with a man just yet Cyndi nibbled thoughtfully at her lower lip, intrigued yet puzzled by the mystery she had uncovered.

Finally, she shrugged. Oh well, let's get this stuff copied I can check it out later. Cyndi paraded across the family room and headed for the kitchen, dressed in brief bikini panties and a t-shirt that was old, too tight, and too short.


Evelyn watched her with interest, admiring her daughter's youthful skin and slim limbs. Lovely child, she mused. The girl was becoming more attractive every day -- sexy, even. Her legs were lithe and lovely, and her breasts were just beginning to ripen deliciously.

What a desirable creature she was Tightening her jaw, Evelyn forced herself back to her magazine, acutely conscious of a tingling between her thighs. A flash of desperation shot through her. Why had that word popped into her head?

Why couldn't she stop having these thoughts about her own daughter? For the third time that evening, Cyndi started a slide show of pictures on her laptop.

They seemed to get more exciting every time she looked. There was something so soft and sweet about women making love A click of the mouse, and she started to read a story from her mother's collection. This one was about a girl named Allie, her best friend Vicki, and a hot night of sex they shared. As she read through another story, Cyndi found herself wondering, once again, about her mother's sex life.

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Mommy was married to daddy, but she also likes these stories. I guess that means she's bisexual.

She nodded thoughtfully. Yeah, that must be it. She must really be into younger women, too. Cyndi tried to picture her mother naked, making love to a cute teenage girl. It was a strange thing to imagine, but something about it made her tummy feel all warm inside. Evelyn appeared at the door. Time to turn in, okay? Hey, wait up a second. Evelyn had paused just outside Cyndi's room, and the young girl approached her with a sweet smile on her lips. She reached up to place a kiss on Evelyn's cheek, then, on some odd impulse she didn't understand herself, kissed her once more -- this time on the mouth.

Cyndi's lips brushed, then lingered against Evelyn's