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Lost my virginity to my dad

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tight miss Stormi

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It all started when I was 21 and my mom died in a car accident after she passed away my dad took care of me. It all started when I was sleeping in my room I didn't wear panties at that time all of the sudden my dad entered my room I was sleeping then I felt like someone is touching my vagina. I immediately got up and saw my dad seating near near me.

Age: 30
Sexual orientation: Gentleman
Hair color: Long curly redhead hair
What is my figure features: My figure features is quite slender
My favourite music: Heavy metal

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I lost my virginity. I was supposed to wait till marriage. Within 3 months of meeting him, I got pregnant.

I came home and caught him talking to another woman. I felt betrayed, heartbroken, and utterly lost. I convinced myself to do whatever I had to do to create a life with this man. Boy, was I wrong. My church taught me I needed men to tell me how to behave sexually.


I lived my whole life with shame, guilt. This is not happening with my daughter.

At first, it started out with us just catching up. I enjoyed the friendship and connection.

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It breaks my heart to write these words. Something had to give.

Something had to change. I never got over what happened to me, I stuffed it so far down. This has been the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life.

Help: i lost my virginity to my father

I finally surrendered. I had enough.

I needed to give myself a chance to live. I curled my hair and gave myself the best smokey eye I could without YouTube tutorials at that time.

Virgin suggests her pussy as payment

We made out in a hallway and an hour later, he turned his attention to my friend. There was no passion, no Hollywood glamour. I was scared. I just needed to make things better.

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This man listened. I mean, really listened. I stayed out with him later than usual. First Name. Last Name.

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