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Male edging stories

Like many guys, I have masturbated since my early teenage years.

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How old am I: I'm 23 years old
My gender: I'm girl
My Zodiac sign: Sagittarius
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I have recently been experimenting with orgasm control.

My boyfriend loves me practicing with him and although I did use to give in quite quickly at first and let him cum when he began to beg, now I understand the power and what it takes to actually own his orgasm. I love edging my boyfriend for hours, I get him to the point where his precum is just running down his throbbing cock and I am using it as lube on the shaft.

Everyone needs to try it, you can even try it on yourself, you just need self-control.

Below I am going to let you in on my step by step guide on how I do it and why I can now call myself the orgasm control queen. Before we jump right into it, I just wanted to let you know about my VIP membership.

I hope you can us! The more slippery the better, especially where edging is concerned.

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Once I am content and I know that he is about to burst this is obvious due to the pre-cum, the throbbing, the moans, etcI will move onto the next step…. I lick and suck his cock clean. You can just hover over the tip of his cock, feel his cock jumping, and pulsating beneath your lips, and smile at the fact you caused all of this tension in his manhood. Kiss the tip if sucking and licking is too much for him, feel his body tremble as you make contact with such a sensitive part of his dick.

Can you practice controlling your own orgasm alone?

If he can manage you taking his cock into your mouth a few times, do it, he will be absolutely shaking by this point, anything will set his orgasm off. If I know he can take it I will sometimes use a pocket pussy on his cock, just for those final few strokes, the tight hole is always a challenge for a throbbing desperate cock.

Now, once you are finally satisfied and you think he has waited long enough, this is when you finally allow him to cum, however, once you both become a little more experienced with self-control there is another step you can consider before letting him have his orgasm…. It may take you a few tries to even get to this point but once you do, I urge you to try it out before you let him cum.

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I do this right at the end of our edging session, you have to be very careful as this will make him cum very quickly. I usually straddle him and just focus on the first few inches of my pussy, letting just the tip of his cock inside of me, squeezing it with my kegel muscles, slowly moving my pussy up and down the tip of his cock, not allowing an inch more inside of me.

The moment when you finally let him cum is always incredible. The reason his orgasm is so intense is because of all of the power of edging, the control, the teasing, the build-up, etc.

It makes it so powerful and unlike any other orgasm that he has had before. The orgasm will be so tremendous, whether you ruin it and make him edge all over again, whether you make him wait for hours or whether you let him cum once the timer is up.

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Once you have edged a few times and you really get the hang of how it works, you can try climaxing together. There are two ways you can do this, edge together, bringing yourselves to the point of orgasm and back down again for hours on end before both mutually agreeing to finally cum.

It sometimes helps if one of you is in charge here as it will stop you from cumming too early on due to no self-control. Another way to do this is to edge your partner and when you want them to finally cum, bring yourself to orgasm and allow them to cum at the exact same time. Edging alone is entirely possible and whilst it requires a lot more self-control doing it by yourself, it can be done with just a little practice.

You just need to follow the exact same steps as I do in the first step of my guide, edge yourself with a handjob, jerk your cock and bring yourself to the edge of pleasure time and time again, it can help if you set a timer so that you know you cannot cum until the clock hits a certain time, gradually you can increase the time so that you can practice control for longer times and enjoy the benefits of drawn-out orgasms.

Women can also practice edging alone too, the same principle applies, bring yourself to the edge again and again before letting yourself cum and revel in the knee-trembling, mind-blowing orgasm and post-orgasm bliss that awaits. If you have any questions about orgasm control, just leave them in the comment section down below and I will get back to you.

I start edging his orgasm with a slow handjob.