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Male to male massage stories

Below are two stories shared by one of our clients and the founder of Touch of London, respectively. What connects them?

eye-candy female Destiny

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This happened about fifteen years ago, I talked my wife into having a threesome with a friend of mine. My wife had never had sex in a threesome before it took me a long time to get her to agree into having sex with a friend with a friend of mine. After many months of asking or should, I say begging her telling how much we would enjoy it. She finally agreed to it. The day arrived and we were hot and heavy when, she told me that she wanted me to eat her while he was fucking her. I didn't want to do that, I felt that my tongue would be to close to his cock and I didn't like that idea.

My age: I am 67
Where am I from: I was born in Mexico
What is my sex: Woman
Other hobbies: Surfing the net

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Guys never admit they need assistance. Just take male drivers that get lost - how often do they admit they need directions? It never happens.

And this is what is so great with guys - you can fuck them in semi-public, and they will rarely, if ever, shout for help! Which I have done repeat I found him in the classifieds, this was in the late 90's, long before internet and the kind information I was looking for was hard to come by for a naive but sexually charged 22 year.

I was so nervous, I almost didn't get to the door.

First experiences in gay male massage

Once inside his townhouse he told me about his massage therapy rates, there were 3 styles of massages he offered and the thi I am a year old male who is on the road 5 days a week with my job. I work for a company that makes weight training equipment, and it's my job to travel all over the country trying to sell our products to fitness centers. So since I am dealing for the most part with gym owners that are in good shape because of their business, I too have to maintain a consi If the kitchen of Kasem's family in the upcountry jungle of Thailand hadn't burnt to the ground, I possibly never would have found out what the special Bangkok sports massage was all about.

Kasem was my masseur at a fancy Bangkok gym, which was open for "men only" a couple of nights a week and which was a major pickup place for prime cuts of male meat.

No ‘release,’ please! frisky masseur hans is all hands

Of co I am a bisexual male in my late 50's. Lately, I have been leaning more towards a sexual life as a gay male. I have had my nipples pierced along with having a Prince Albert piercing in my cock. I shave my entire body except for the hair on my head and my eyebrows.

I just like the feeling of being smooth. I have visited gay male bathhouses, nude gay male beac Steve looked at his watch as he sat at the table in the coffee house sipping a cup of coffee. It was Friday afternoon, the weather was cold, windy and a slow cold drizzle was coming down. It seemed to symbolize the way his week had gone.

First gay massage experience

First his girlfriend of two years had decided to break off their relationship because she wanted to see other guys. He fou After bending over the garden pulling out weeds and tidying up for a few hours on Sunday afternoon, I was reaching for a rake and my back objected strongly. I stood up to my full height and bent either side and felt OK until I leant backwards, or at least attempted to.

I went inside and sat down for a few minutes. I usually enjoy food health and was trying Perhaps I gave in so easily because Lenny embodied the best of two worlds. First, he was a wonderful, gentle caregiver. He had been coming to my house twice a day for several weeks to take care of my bed-bound grandmother, who was recovering from a broken hip.

Second, he was drop-dead gorgeous. All blond Swedish muscle with a shy smile to accompany his sensu A man's voice enquired about the possibility of getting a massage. He had been working an early shift I had been looking forward to Friday all week long, and it was finally here.

Yes, it was partly the anticipation of the weekend, but it was mostly because I had scheduled my monthly massage session with Kelly on Friday afternoon. Kelly had been my massage therapist for over a year now, and she was fantastic. She was beautiful and fun, and she gave a very th SmutMD Log in.

Gay massage stories

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