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Man boy relationships stories

Anderson - At 16 he ends up learning a little about himself from his boss. Andy A - At 16 he starts his first job, and ends up getting his first jobs of other types from his 19 y. Ashton - At 15, a dare about a finger up the butt making a guy cum le to an experiment, which le to far more.

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BM A businessman in Denver recounts I didn't have to hate myself for being gay.

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As always when in the market for a boy I sit in the hot-tub with a great view of the main pool and the change room door. My job hours allow me to be there after school, the best time of day to identify the regulars.

In a matter of days, I have picked out 3 or 4 possible candidates. Am I a stalker? No, call it good detective work. Anyway, Aden met all the criteria after befriending him, over the month we developed a very good friendship seeing each other away from the facility.

Meeting mom is a crucial element in gaining access to the 12 year-old boy. When I did finally meet Janet, a single mom holding down two jobs to raise her son and 15 year old daughter while picking him up to take in an NHL game, I found her very friendly, but perhaps a little leery of the time I was spending with him.

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Over coffee, I explained that I was seriously considering offering my time to a local chapter of Big Brothers, however after meeting Aden, I felt I had found a boy in need of a male mentor and how much I liked him, complimenting her on raising such a well adjusted young man. Many times I brought Aden home for a quiet night of TV and some dinner.

The grooming process takes weeks, if not months. Boys love to be treated as equals, man to man. I engage them in adult conversations, politics, current events and especially sex. I would make comments on pretty girls at the mall and then toss in a cute boy with equal enthusiasm. I keep them thinking and wondering about my sexuality, not one has ever bluntly asked if I was gay, they beat around the bush and ask why am not married or have a girlfriend.

Little white lies, I tell them that I do see a couple of women but never found that special one. It a prime time to confide that I am open minded and also enjoy men sometimes. About 8 weeks later I thought Aden was ready. We had planned a trip to the mountains for the weekend, already cleared with mom.

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The Tuesday before, he was at my place for dinner when I dropped the bombshell on him. Sometimes friends take their friendship to another level. They make each other feel nice sharing their bodies. I mean what could be more intimate and personal than two buddies having great sex together?

His eyes were like saucers and his chin dropped, red as a beat. He was truly uncomfortable and extremely nervous.

I want to have fantastic sex with you and pleasure you like you have no idea about, but I want so badly to show you. When he never called my hopes were shattered. I used that ploy and other boys and never failed to gain their approval. Men make such bad judgment errors trying to seduce a boy who is unprepared and scared. They may cooperate, but the sex is not good for them. Believe this or not, boys are more fearful of being seen naked than having sex!

Aden had seen me naked plenty of times in the change room and showers, but I had yet seen more than his butt. Boys today are much more shyer about their bodies than ever before, and I cannot figure out why or how that evolved. Maybe its the non-mandatory shower after gym class anymore. Today, most youth use the towel-wrapped change method. I didnt even know if Aden was cut or not, had pubic hair or what he sported under the baggy shorts he wore at the pool. I did know that he jerked off and could cum, shyly told to me when the subject came up at some time or other.

Nonetheless, that fact intrigued me.

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Friday seemed to take forever to roll around. I had a clear view of the road and the junior high school 6 blocks away. At I saw the kids begin to filter out of the school. I peered down the street in apprehension hoping to get a glimpse of Aden in the throng of.

I guess I never really had to look for him before, he always appeared on the dot at when I would give him money for a chicken burger, fries and a large pop. He would tell me about his day, sometimes he was bullied, however, the meek and mild natured boy could look out for himself when he had to. He had very few friends, one girl in particular, Kimberly-Ann, that I would tease him about getting into her pants and he would get all embarrassed and swear that they were just friends, he had no interest in her that way.

I was sad, never having been stood up before. Matter of fact, most every boy called me the next day agreeing to my terms. I will not lie, I shower them in gifts, clothing, latest video games, and outings.

Up to get the best of boston, every day.

There was a lot at stake for boys of poor families by cutting off our relationship. If sex is what I wanted, the only way to pay me back, they obliged. I am being most honest, the proverbial carrot over their he does indeed factor in to their thinking and logic.

I gave up hope and was finishing off my coffee when I spotted him down the street. His red backpack used as his bookbag was bulging with what could only be his change of clothes for the weekend away with me.

I wanted to cry. I loved him so much, realizing that for the first time … or admitting it to myself at last when I knew he was mine. I sensed his discomfort and loss for words to reply, I gave him money for his meal and asked him to get me the same without the pop. He returned with a tray of food and a large coffee and handed over my change that I told him to keep. Enough to buy you lunch, too.

She insists. She was a woman who prided herself in accepting no charity. I met his grandma at thanksgiving.

I was invited for turkey dinner. I dropped off a ham the day before claiming that my employer was generous and gave them to employees. The old lady was a hoot!

Know them. hate them. renounce them

Liked her wine that she claimed kept her alive for 81 years. Phyllis was one laugh after another. She hinted that Janet and I would make a lovely couple, which embarrassed both Janet and me. I used the same lie that I used on Janet first meeting her. She works out of town. Aden knew that to be a fib, otherwise he would have met the lady by then.

Boylove (bl) rescue fantasy clichés

Hardly ever held a job. Must have had a big cock, though, to keep Janet so long before tossing him Man in the street! His room was quite the mess. He had model war airplanes hanging off the ceiling appearing to be in a dogfight.

Aden had a racing-car bed. I had an incredible urge to fuck him in it and would later jerk off with that on my mind. I knew that he was afraid and nervous. Suppose to be good for ya, too! I bring a tent and camp out there sometimes.

Everyone is naked … what a blast! Cole and me used to go there. I never told you about Cole. He was a lot story you, —my special friend. I tried to get custody of him, but no, social services deemed me unfit because I lived in a one bedroom condo and worked shifts. I swore that I would remedy that, they decided to ship him across the county to very elderly grandparents.

They took him from my home kicking and screaming and relationship I could do about it. I still feel that I let him down. He committed suicide shortly thereafter. Aden had a loving mother, who had it together. Not a junkie boy a whore like Terry whose boyfriends beat on Cole just for the hell of it. I even had mom papers giving me custodial rights for things like school or medical needs, but not full custody which the courts could only decide. His grades improved dramatically in the year he lived with me.

He had his moments when I wanted to throttle him for doing something stupid under peer pressure. He was all boy at 13 years old, and I never lost sight of that. Obviously, we slept together every night, and yes, had sex most nights. Men and women and teenagers enjoying what nature had to offer. We finished up our meal and made our way west the seventy miles west on the highway.