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Manticore tail outward

You don't need in-game recipes to craft anything, just the ingredients, so use the recipes below to craft to your heart's delight with the manual recipe function. Doing so will save you money and time as you won't have to purchase or find recipes.

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This quest can be acquired from Chef Iasu in Berg, the main city in the Enmerkar region. He can be found in the marketplace in the central eastern part of the city. Once acquired, you will be tasked with bringing Iasu one Manticore Tail. The tail of the Manticore is guaranteed to drop, so you will only need to kill one creature to obtain it. You can maximise your gains by pursuing the Royal Manticore in the Enmerkar Forest region, as detailed below.

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Outwardthe recently released survival RPG, is full of unique weapons that require certain recipes or the use of particular items. There are two weapons in Outward that have the Manticore name, and it refers to the need for Manticore Tail when crafting them. Below are the two weapons and what you need to craft each of them:.

The Greatmace is the harder to get of the Manticore Weapons in Outward, due to the heftier requirements, and it inflicts extreme poison on enemies. Much like the Greatmace, the Dagger caused extreme poison on enemies, but you need to use Dagger skills, since it is an off-hand weapon. The Palladium scraps needed in Manticore weapons in Outward are the easiest ingredient to get your hands on.

To get Manticore Tail, you might be able to buy them for in some merchants in the game, or you can get one for defeating the unique enemy, The Royal Manticore, which can be found in the Enmerkar Forest. For more tips and tricks on the game, be sure to search for Twinfinite.

Outward – equipment crafting recipes

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