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Marshland ambusher armor set

The set doesn't include a belt or bracers as part of the set. As I've decided to have a companion wear the outfit, I thought I'd reach out here to get suggestions on which belt and bracers that are available from the GTN might be a good fit with the Death Claw set.

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The downside is that unless you wear the pretty boots that go with them, the boots tend to cut through In the best case, it looks like you have armor or pockets or an extra weapon on you. In fact, it very selfish and shallowy. I wish we had a Jedi Character like her in this game.

That light and dark with in without being too preachy about things one way or another? And I wish so fervantly that we could use blasters on our Jedi so we can get that particular aesthetic. Sometimes, a lightsaber is just too noticable.

Chapter chapter – human-faced marshland

Sure, we can KIND of recreate it in game, but not exactly. Me: I should sell this cartel item in my pack on the GTN. I JUST went through the collections tab and they really do suck. You draw two platinum items in a row, your favorite most wanted mounts, and several very nice very expensive armors. I'm gonna be rich.

And with Cartel Unlocks being half off right now I had enough coins to unlock this bad boy for my Legacy. I really want Tau's lightsaber, but I cannot in any way justify spending that amount of money for a single fake item.

Marsh goblin ambusher

Or are they the only pair of bell bottoms in the game? Swtor space barbies Cartel market. This is a really cute mount that has a classic car feel to it. I like to use it on smugglers and agents particularly. No real bells and whistles to it, just a nice, modestly sized black and silver vehicle mount that can work for a variety of characters.


Here's the list of all the items I got and am willing to trade or sell. The stuff is all on a bind timer, but it comes off in about 13 hours from same time as GTN price check so I can mail or trade when I wake up. Otherwise, credits will do just fine. But will she stop at just one?

Gotta look good.