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Forgot your password? My husband has mentioned it once or twice before and is now really on to the idea that he would like to try wearing a thong mens as his underwear. He's asked me if I would mind at all and what I thought.

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V » 6 September Register GayForum. Register. Unanswered posts Unread posts Active topics Mens thongs Share stories, ask questions, get answers. Post a reply. Mens thongs by uncut7in » 5 SeptemberI suspect most men would never wear thong underwear because they think it 1 uncomfortable, 2 feminine, 3 gay.

Having been buying and wearing mens thongs for over 40 years, I should know what I'm taking about.

If a thong is uncomfortable, you are trying a thong that is too small a size, or cheap and badly deed. A good thong has a supportive pouch up front for your cock and balls, and a narrow fabric-covered strap underneath which widens to a triangle at the waist at the back. If you get any sensation from the strap it is a gentle and very pleasurable teasing of your hole.

A thong should make you feel sexy - I love having my cock sucked through the pouch of a thong, or pulling a guy's thong strap aside to fuck him.

However I'm not a fan of G-strings, I find the pouch doesn't give sufficient support, and the narrow elastic strap underneath is less comfortable than that of a thong. Here's a front and rear pic in one of my thongs. Re: Mens thongs by Petri. V » 6 SeptemberNice. Re: Mens thongs by Eryx » 8 SeptemberInteresting! I'm not particularly attracted to thongs nor do I want to wear them, but it's cool to know that there are so many differences and that some are specifically made for men. I'm glad you have a hobby you enjoy. You are not entitled to your opinion.

You are entitled to your informed opinion. No one is entitled to be ignorant. I think you can wear whatever you want under your jeans be it panties or even nothing.

Welcome, guest!

Having said so, I find that the way the thong makes people look, oddly unappealing. I think the shape is weird and vulgar. Last edited by Jryski on 8 September, edited 1 time in total. Having said so, I find that the way the thong makes people look oddly unappealing.

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Re: Mens thongs by uncut7in » 9 SeptemberI was a little surprised that this topic raised such strong feelings. I happen not to like loose boxer shorts and would never wear them, but I wouldn't use the term 'disgust'. Incidentally do those disliking thongs also dislike jocks, similarly revealing at the back? Re: Mens thongs by Ninfreak14 » 9 SeptemberI love thongs!

My favorite are briefs, thongs, thongs. I do have some trunks too, but usually wear briefs or forums. I could even do briefs on the right body but not thongs. I like subtlety. I had this pair of boxer briefs that has the crotch covered but the part where the legs are, bottom half of the butt, and the side of your legs, are sheer see through nylon.

As you move and stuff, it can show off a thong peek of skin and I find that super hot. Re: Mens thongs by lufia » 29 OctoberIf I wear underwear, it always a thong. It felt strange the first couple of times I wore one, but now I won't wear anything else. Sometimes I wear men's thongs, but I forum panties most of the time.

It's just more practical. Most men's thongs Men made for strippers or fetishists, and are not intended for everyday wear. They are usually uncomfortable, expensive, and usually not very durable. I started wearing panties because they are cheaper, last longer, and you have a much larger selection of styles and fabrics. I like to match my underwear to my clothing, so it works for me. I Men saw the point of boxers. They don't provide any support, so you're still freeballing anyway, but with an extra pair of shorts on under your pants.

I wore a pair of boxer briefs once. They were so uncomfortable that I took them off and threw them in the garbage. Tighty Whities always gave me heat rash, and I can't stand heavy cotton underwear anyway. I guess I'm just a thong gurl. What can I say? Re: Mens thongs by edj » 30 OctoberTo me jock straps are merely functional. The thong is more decorative, even though it does provide some support.

Should more men wear thongs?

But neither of them cover enough to be really tantalizing. One might as well be nude. Jock straps and thongs do neither well, so visually, I find them superfluous.

But jock straps and thongs are a definite turn off for me. Re: Mens thongs by DY4real » 28 DecemberI was seeing a guy who loved me wearing a man thong. Yes I have a big butt and looks good in a thong. So he bought me at least 15thongs.

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I started wearing a man thong consistently even bought some new ones myself. And yes even after him I still wear thongs!

I love the feeling my cock and balls cupped nicely and I dont mind it between my cheeks feels nice. I have about 25 man thongs way more than any other type of underwear I own. Re: Mens thongs by NobodySpecial » 28 DecemberOk, I forum have to bring up a tangent that has been bothering me for ages I thought it must have been a family oddity, but I googled it and found that some others using the English language also have this difference of definition. Re: Mens thongs by NobodySpecial » 28 DecemberPS: Uncut7in, If those attachments of your thongs are of you wearing it first post in this threadthen you have to be one of the hottest seniors I've seen.

I'm 61 and it has been ages Men I looked that good. Re: Mens thongs by lufia » 19 JanuaryDY4real wrote: I was seeing a guy who loved me wearing a man thong.

Re: Mens thongs by Lord Dweebington » 19 JanuaryNobodySpecial wrote: Ok, I just have to bring up a tangent that has been bothering me for ages Lord Dweebington. Re: Mens thongs by StevenC87 » 23 Januaryvery nice where do they sell them.

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