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Muriel rooster teeth

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In the wake of the recent protests and renewed discussions of race surrounding the death of George Floyd, actress and former Rooster Teeth employee Mica Burton has revealed that systemic issues dealing with the topic of racism within the company led to her departure from the production studio. Racists have no room in my audience or my community.

Made me fucking ashamed to be a part of this community. But watching everyone come together now eases some of that. We should have spoken out then.

But that does not changed being abandoned, blacklisted, ignored, and most of all not believed. Channel those emotions into positive actions. Here are some amazing resources.

Following the publication of her statement, Burton received an outpouring of support and apologies from members of the Rooster Teeth team, including The Slo Mo Guys creator Gavin Free, Director and Producer Matt Hullum, Director of Social and Community Marketing Barbara Dunkelman, and company co-founder Geoff Ramsey, who admitted they did little to support Burton in the past and pledged to do better going forward. She, and so many others, are helping me learn what it truly means to be an ally. Mica, this is heartbreaking.

I apologize for not supporting you more vocally, both personally and company-wide. You suffered real hate, and I wish I had done far more. I am proud of the work you did.

Former rooster teeth employee mica burton explains decision for departure: “i didn’t leave because of the community, i left because of the company”

Thank you for pushing me to do better. I need to admit I have said horrible things in failed attempts to be funny over the years and you helped me see how my own privilege blinded me to the seriousness of my actions. So proud of you for speaking your truth, Kiddo!

As a company roosterteeth failed you and your right to work in an environment absent blatant racism. Hopefully now they will address their toxic company culture! Home Celebrity.