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My boyfriend is a prude

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Years old: I'm over twenty
I like: Gentleman
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To elaborate on what i said; he could simply see sex as something meaningfull he think should be saved for true love. Just one posibility. Yep dartmaul I'm prude leaving it at that for now. I am wondering if my bf is a prude or a gentleman. He's really nice and kind. We've been together about 3 months and we only started having sex two weeks ago because he said he didn't want to rush into anything. We haven't really talked about our past sexual encounters before. But the other night we played truth or dare with our friends and I found out that he's pretty inexperienced in the bedroom.

We're both He's only had one girlfriend before me, they were together for two years. He's only ever had sex with her. Only ever kissed her. He's not the hottest guy in the world but he is certainly attractive. This is uni it's easy to find someone to screw, so why wouldn't he have? I get that some people prefer to have sex with someone that they care about but two people in 22 years honestly makes me question him a little bit.

Vote A. Vote B. Select age and gender to cast your vote:. Your age Girl Guy Please select your age. Share Facebook. Is my boyfriend a prude or a gentlemen? Add Opinion. Easy, because he got standards. It's funny how you start questioning a guy boyfriend because he doesn't fuck anyone with two legs and a vagina. The answer here is simple; because he isn't one of those needing to fuck anything, and it sounds like he believes sex only belongs in love. The easy way to test if he's a prude is how he responds to sexual jokes among a group of friends, or how he reacts if things start getting a little heated between others.

A prude will respond to this accordingly, whereas if he acts like I suggested he'll respond like more or less any other person not including the horndogs. Isn't that what you girls want? At least it seems so based on all the girls coming here complaining about how their bad boy fucked them and dumped them. Be happy you've found a propper guy instead of questioning him.

Is this still revelant? AlwaysBelieving 1. Here we go again with labels. As aamy said, he's just doesn't have a lot of experience. Good, bad, or whatever, it is what it is. Would you rather he have more experience and think that sex is just sex as dartmaul15 and xHoneyxBeex said? He could have a whole host of reasons why he hasn't slept around just as werewolfy said. Have you actually asked the guy you're seeing?

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Doesn't sound like it. We all have a past I'm not only speaking sexually here.

You have one of to options. Accept him for it and talk to him about it I hope you do or go find a guy that has more experience as you seem to question.

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Because he does treat you well as editor said, and shouldn't that be one of the main things in a relationship and not this? There is nothing wrong with that at all. When you have sex while in a serious relationship it is more special, especially if it is with the person you lost your virginity to. He was with her for two years which is reaso enough for him to not sudenly want to slick his dick at every single girl that comes around. He actually prefers emotion connections sinse he learned how to have one. Where as other guys can skip over the relationship part so it is harder for them to understand how to have an emotional connection with a girl.

Well he not a prude, because prude is a stupid word used to shame those of less experience it's equal to calling someone a slut, so please stop p-shaming. Anyways like you said maybe he was just waiting for the right partener. Maybe he's shyer and not amazing with ladies. Maybe he didn't start being cute until he got older.

Maybe he jut didn't want to have sex. And all of those are acceptable answers. If you don't want him, can I have him? Haha yeah it seems like it doesn't it? Up Now! Sort Girls First Guys First. Werewolfy Xper 5.

One doesn't have to be either a prude or a gentleman to avoid sleeping around. There are plenty of men who are not interested in sleeping with every woman in their immediate vicinity. Belive it or not some of us actually prefer a more serious relations than just a quick boink.

There is no difference. If he is doing it to be a gentleman, then it is because he feels their is something wrong with having sex with random people.

That would mean he is also a prude in your eyes. More likely he just isn't confident enough to try to get laid all the time.

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He's neither a prude or a gentleman. Not everyone in college is into casual sex. A lot of people only want sex in committed relationships and there's nothing wrong with that.

And there's nothing wrong with having two partners in 22 years. I don't see what the big deal is Which, as you stated, has only been you and one other girl so it makes sense that his "sex " is only two. If you had had a ton of partners by now, would you be annoyed if everyone judge you as a slut? It's the same thing with guys and lack of sex. No guy wants to be branded a prude or a loser. Maybe he is a gentleman. We don't know. It really shouldn't matter, though. If you two are happy with each other that's all that should matter.

Editor Yoda. He's actually a very nice guy and it sounds like you're disappointed that although he's been very good to you, you'd prefer that he used other women for sex and didn't show them the same consideration he shows you now. You're looking at his history of faithfulness and devotion to one woman as a negative. If you want a bad boy you don't trust, date someone else.

This guy's better than that.