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My dad wears thongs

So if she wants to Be lusted after, why should she change the outfit?

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Now on to the questions.

Age: 23
What is my ethnicity: Paraguayan
Tint of my eyes: I’ve got warm green eyes
What is my hair: Scraggly silvery hair
I know: Italian
Favourite drink: Gin
What is my favourite music: Opera
My tattoo: I don't have tattoos

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My father wore briefs.

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I was raised in briefs. I wear briefs. The thought of wearing boxers, boxer-briefs, or — God forbid — thongs, fills me with nameless dread. It got me wondering whether I have been conditioned by hood of brief exclusivity into an unthinking brief chauvinism, and whether others have a similar experience.

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Do you wear briefs, boxers, boxer-briefs, thongs, or possibly go commando? And, to the best of your knowledge, does or did your father also do the same? My father was brief wearer as am I. But it has nothing to do with politics, even if my father was a Republican. My father wore briefs, which is what I wore until I was around 13 or I also wear boxer briefs under my gi when doing martial arts.

No doubt this is due to his military upbringing and early career.

I wore white briefs until late high school I think when I discovered boxers. As Louis C. That just seems like an exercise in futility and defeatism. My first choice is boxer-briefs, my second choice is briefs.

I dislike loose boxers. I have three sons and I only know this because I am the one who buys the underpants one wears boxer briefs, one wears briefs like his fatherand one wears boxers. SuperMouse Which son is closest to his father emotionally?

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And is the middle son the son who wears boxer-briefs? My dad wore those loose boxer shorts that almost reached his knees. I wore brief until I discovered boxer briefs, They are very comfortable and not baggy. Best of both worlds.

I saw my father wearing my thong

SmashTheStatethe oldest wears boxer briefs and he is the closest to his father emotionally. The middle wears briefs like his old man and the youngest has insisted on boxers from the day he made the switch from diapers. Toyou must be at least 13 years old and agree to the terms and conditions.

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I have swung both or all ways, exept the thong, at some time or another. Dad was a brief man as far as know and always white jockeys.

Great question and interesting theory. I go elephant. You do not want to know what that means! The only used underwear i use are from japanese school girls.

My hubby is a boxer brief guy but both my sons are boxer guys. Oh good grief, no. Definitely not.

Well, not literally. But I do wear briefs exclusively, just as he does. I wish they made boxer briefs for women, they look comfy with no elastic digging in! or to answer.

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A pair of thongs vs. a thong

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