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My girlfriend doesnt wear underwear

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So, last night I am out of town until quite late and knew that my girlfriend would be going to a bar with some of her friends. We got home at similar times and, as I normally do, I greeted her by sliding my hand over her butt. I noticed pretty quickly that she was not wearing underwear beneath her skirt. When I quizzed her on why she said that it was "to prevent bad lines from appearing on the skirt". Surely I would have to be a total idiot to believe her right? The classic reason for girls to not wear underwear to bars is to either "get in the mood" and arouse themselves for flirting or to straight-up make it easier for cheap, casual sex.

Years: 22
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My Zodiac sign: Aries
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Well it is quite common if she wears trousers. It's called 'going commando' and it can be more comfortable for some girls. I had a girlfriend once that used to do the same thing. I had the same question as you So I asked her. She told me that she used to not wear them because she doesn't like wearing them.

She would alass tell me that she wasn't waering panties, which drove me crazy. After asking her, she told me that she wore them around me, because she liked when I took them off of her. She liked me undressing her. Maybe she likes when you take them off of her and that's why she wears them around you?

Its about that intimate play between romantic partners. Have a talk Have you asked her?

What has she said? How would you like to see this work for you?

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Which means she knows how much it turns you on to know she's not wearing them. Let her know that one time to let you know when she's now wearing them, and meet up so you can Undress her without them on because know that she doesn't have them on Makes you want to rip her clothes off.

Is to stop analyzing and tell her what you want And work so. I think that that is so awesome your girlfriend doesn't wear underwear. Don't look at that negatively. With me I always wear underwear that's high waist boxer briefs. If that's my girlfriend not wearing underwear, I'd super glue underwear on her, esp if she's not wearing underwear when bleeding that time of the month! My girlfriend also doesn't like wearing underwear.

Most of the time she dresses in skirts and dresses with nothing underneath. She says that bra's and knickers are too uncomfortable, and prefers the freedom that going without brings. I love it knowing that I am going out with a girl who is totally naked under her dress. We both enjoy the experience, and knowing that it is a bit naughty. Who are we helping with that bit of information?

Go tell your girl that you like it when she does it, that would make more sense to me. Doesnt you may be interested to know that it is a standard technique that sex therapists occasionally suggest to underwear a couple spice up their lives. Ever since we first met my partner hasn't worn knickers, and often goes without a bra. She always tells me it is much more comfortable and more hygienic because the air helps keep away any dampness and therefore avoids any fungal problems. I love it when we go out, with her wearing a short skirt or dress, and I know that there is nothing underneath.

It certainly adds to our sex life. Their venture into sportswear hasn't done well, so they are going back to their tried and true underoos. Oh, but I shall be discreet about it. R elationship T alk. My gf does not wear underwear By darling, 7 years ago on Being Married.

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How do you know she doesn't wear when she is not with you? Is this some sort of fantasy? Johnny Nicks. If she wears skirts or dresses, then that is a different matter But when we were together, she would always have panties on. Which confused me. From what you wrote, I see that this is the case.

I think what I'm saying in this circumstance I think she would like to hear that. Those may interest you: My girlfriend doesn't wear any underwear which is common but she also doe Divorce women who still wear wedding ring. Not all Warriors Wear Armour. Worrier to Warrior Visualisation.

My husband wears woman's underwear. Not awesome when bleeding that time of the month! When bleeding that time of the month, she'll always wear her underwear with a smile! Baron A. Roger Collings. I shall try this. At what makes you think if you change your name we will not know it is still you?

Victoria's Secret would be in trouble if this caught on.

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Lol, here comes "Dad" ruining the fun for the kids again. Haha, I'm teasing. Spitfire wrote: I shall try this. It is quiet hot where I live : How did it go? What happens in sandstorms?! Those may interest you: Divorced women who still wear wedding ring. Why does my ex wear the locket I got her. I want my boyfriend not to wear a condom but I will go on the pill and he s Do women enjoy men looking at their cleavage, etc.

Is it a thing for women to wear socks during sex but insist that her boyfriend remove them during se. Does the fact that my husband wears womens underwear and likes anal, mean h Should I continue to wear my heart on my sleeve, or give him the complete cold shoulder. How can i do my hair differently for school because i always wear a ponytai I wear my heart on my sleeve.

If a guy likes to wear womens underwear and likes receiving anal sex is he My girlfriend always wears make-up to work but never around me? Ok so hear What to wear on fist date. So this is a tricky one. I'm muslim so i wear a hijab and my hair smells, i took off Why do wemon wear rings that appear to be wedding rings?

Why does my boyfriend constantly wears sunglasses? Is my co worker subtly flirting with me Today I decided to wear make up and A post states that ta female person was required to wear a diaper and plast By entering this site you declare you are 18 or older, you read and agreed to the Site Termsacknowledged our Privacy Policy and you understand that your use of the site's content is made at your own risk and responsibility.