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My husband likes me to wear tights

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Whether we like wearing yoga pants and a t-shirt or dresses every day, sometimes our style doesn't always line up with what our ificant other likes to see us in. I set out on a mission to see what my boyfriend of two years really likes me wearing and this is what I found out about his preferences, style and our relationship. The only two rules were I couldn't change the outfit he picked and I couldn't let him know what I thought about it. As a girl who rarely dresses up, except for work or a special occasion, my boyfriend has come to learn that it's a miracle if I'm caught wearing a dress with booties and my hair down. But he learned from very early on that loving me meant loving my minimal makeup, hair in a bun, yoga pants and t-shirt look.

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I hate to say this, but the way he dresses embarrasses me to tears, and it's hurting our relationship. Is it acceptable for a man to wear tights and nothing else? I'm not talking yoga pants; I mean ballerina dancer sheer tights that leave nothing to the imagination.

He mainly wears them in our garage where people who drive by can seebut lately I've caught him standing talking to neighbors like that. Am I overreacting by telling him he can't wear things like that outside the house?

If it isn't the tights, it's skin-tight biker-type shorts or shorts made from a mesh material that shows it ALL if there's a light source behind him. We have gone rounds over this almost daily.

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He promises he will stop, but it's only a matter of hours before he's back in costume. Is it OK to wear things like that now?

I don't see women wearing tights that show off as much as his do. I'm at the point I want to gather up all offending clothing and head to the dumpster.

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If you say let him wear what he wants, I will, and I will keep my eyes and mouth shut. Frankly, I am surprised the neighbors haven't complained after seeing him in that attire.

Ordinarily, I would advise you to let your husband wear what he wants, but in a case like this, it might be prudent to check what the ordinances regarding indecent exposure are in your community. I have never wanted children.

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In fact, I had my tubes tied when I turned For me, the no-children rule is nonnegotiable. My husband knew this going into our marriage and was fine with it, but in the past few years he has been expressing an increasingly strong desire for. He has now taken to shaming me, saying things like he's depressed, that he'll never be happy "unless I give him what he wants" or that I'd do it "if I truly loved him.

But, Abby, it's becoming increasingly difficult to shake what he has said in the heat of the moment.

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I cannot compromise on this. I know bringing into the mix would only make things worse and foster resentment all around -- toward my husband, toward the unwanted child and toward myself -- which wouldn't be fair to anyone. It seems we have reached an impasse. I want this marriage because there are wonderful times, too, but I can't continue being hurt like this.

I don't know what to do. Although he agreed at the outset that your marriage would be one without children, he is now facing his biological imperative and can no longer live with the deal he made. Because you don't want children and because of your age, if he needs them, he may have to do it with someone else.

I am sorry if this seems brutal, but there is no compromise in a situation like yours. Please accept my sympathy.