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My lusty lopunny

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Pastebin API tools faq. up. Aug 12th, Not a member of Pastebin yet? Upit unlocks many cool features! Her soft, curvy, brown-furred body was laying flat on my bed, her legs wrapped around my waist and squeezing while her hands gripped and pulled on my shirt for dear life. Although female Lopunny were usually well-endowed in the chest area, Lusty's breasts were very impressive for her species.

Yeah, I named a sex-craving Lopunny 'Lusty. I see no problem with this. The mattress under us creaked loudly from our moving.

I pounded into her soaked cunt with intense speed, grabbing her big breasts and giving them a firm squeeze; the fluffy fur around them was soft and smooth. My thumbs rubbed over the tips of her hard nipples, causing her body to shiver from my touch. I loved turning her on, since she had absolutely no trouble doing the same to me.

My slams got more powerful, and even faster; I was gonna blow. With that last yell, Lusty's cunt squeezed my erection, milking me for all I had. I groaned, thrusting in deep one final time, ropes of my seed shooting inside of my rabbit Pokemon's begging pussy.

Our breathing was heavy as I continued making short, hard thrusts with every blast of cum. She pulled me into a kiss moments later before I rolled off her, where we stayed for quite a while, dripping with sweat. After sleeping for probably an hour, I woke up to see that Lusty was still fast asleep with a smile on her face and some of my cum dripping from her lips. I looked down at myself, seeing that I was hard once again; as per usual, she got horny again and gave me a blowjob in my sleep, and from the look of things, swallowed my entire load.

I slowly moved from the bed, being careful to not wake her, and left the room. I lived in a small house, having decided to take a break from traveling Unova.

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With my sex goddess asleep, I had time to do anything else I needed to before she woke up with that "ache. I spun around, looking at the empty room.

I looked down, seeing my Audino appearing out of nowhere. I smiled, reaching to pat the creature's head. She smiled, blushing.

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She looked up at me, tilting her head. This conversation always happened around this time in the evening; Audino wanted a bottle of Moomoo Milk. Every other weekend, I would take a long walk to Driftveil City and pick up a few dozen bottles of Moomoo Milk for my Pokemon.

They all loved the stuff and drank it regularly. Audino, however, was a different case entirely.

She drank most of the milk, but always seemed to waste the last bit of it. Although I preferred the Pokemon use their own glasses for milk in an attempt to save more for everyone else, Audino always wanted a bottle to herself. I didn't mind it, seeing as we usually had at least 40 of them at a time, if not more.

As she usually did, Audino nodded her thanks and walked out of the room, returning moments later with a frosted bottle in her hands. You're not getting any more until dinner. She nodded, placing the bottle to her lips and starting to drink. She let out a happy sigh, wiping her mouth when she stopped after a moment.

It was really, really cute to see. Audino so happy; that's probably why I let her have a bottle to herself. Lusty usually wanted her own as well, but I usually saved that treatment for Audino Until Lusty yanked my pants down and gave me a blowjob.

My Lopunny knew that she could get anything she fucking pleased if she seduced me.

Or shoved her breasts in my face. Or anything else she could think of. I spun my chair around from the monitor, seeing Audino looking at me with the bottle in her hands. Her tongue moved around the top, licking at it like it was candy. She placed her lips around the opening, sucking on it while giving me a wink. After making sure I hadn't stopped watching, she pulled the bottle back and let some of the remaining milk fall on her face, dripping down her fur. She gave me a smirk, taking the bottle out of the room and tossing it into the recycling bin in the kitchen.

Now, I know what you're thinking: Why the hell am I so stupid?

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It's obvious what Audino wants to do to me. I didn't realize it at the time, honestly.

It's really weird, seeing as I have a Lopunny who gives me head every night. You'd think I would've instantly picked up on Audino's advances. But for some stupid-as-hell reason, I didn't then. Public Pastes. HTML 25 min ago 3. PHP 32 min ago 5.

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