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My sister has huge boobs

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Ever since I was old enough to know about sex I had a bit of a thing for big boobs, a nice handful and plenty to play with. I was about 18 when Has first started noticing my older sisters breasts, she was 30 at the time and lived with her husband and we saw her very occasionally. When I was on holiday with parents my sister and her husband ed us for a few days and it was here that I first noticed just how big my sisters breasts were. One morning we all went down to the beach and my sister wore a bikini top with shorts, her breasts looked amazing, nice natural breasts I found out later they were 34gg I took a pair of sunglasses with me and spent most of the day trying to catch a glimpse at her breasts as well as hiding the bulge in my shorts, I don't think anyone noticed but the image of my sisters breasts bursting out of her bikini top will stay with me forever. Fast forward a few years I'm now 25 and my sister is 40 and though her breasts have sagged a little as she has got older they are still very large and I had the delight to see them finally up close One evening after work my partner was working sister for a few days so I called my sister and her husband to see if they fancied coming over for a takeaway, my sister told me her husband was out with huge friends but she would come over as we hadn't seen each other for some time.

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I was envious of the beautiful big breasts of my older sister since I was She was only 15 at the time, but already had a full B cup whereas I barely had anything at all.

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Although they eventually grew, I still only had an A cup at My sister had an E cup, and to add insult to injury, her breasts were perky too! It was just hard to accept the fact that while my sister had this ridunkulous bosom, that weapon of mass destruction, I was left with these potato gun of breasts. My sister hit the genetic lottery, and I did not. Understatement of the year.

How come we have the same parents and my mother has a C cup?

Cari video bokep big boobs sister

How could this happen? I have no idea, but I do know one thing, I can ask these questions here because I will certainly not run into my sister on this site, or any other woman who was lucky enough to have amazing breasts. I have tried various potential treatments so far, including just simply gaining weight, but of course, that did not turn out that great.

When you gain weight, you will do so all over your body, not just in your breasts and behind.

A few years ago, I even tried certain massaging methods, doing it diligently for seven months but to no avail. Since nothing has changed in the breast department, I stopped and decided to continue my search for that elusive treatment or natural solution.

Big boobs sister

I want something that I can just take before going to bed. It is very likely that this wonder product does not exist, but I will continue to look for it to keep the dream alive, and if I can find a realistic tool that can give me some sort of improvement — could it be this product? It is dangerous, and an unnatural D cup with implants will never look as good as the real thing, simple as that.

My sister has huge perky breasts, but they are not always convenient. A size smaller and I would be extremely grateful.

For example, she has never been able to jump a rope. In fact, she could not pursue any kind of competitive sports at school, which was something she regretted. I want bigger and fuller breasts, but I still want to be able to do everything I do now.

Ultimately, it comes down to attention. I realize this may sound shallow, but I want the extra attention. She always had that, so much more than I did, and I guess I brought this bitterness with me into adulthood. I love my sister, but the jealousy has never really disappeared. I want to feel a little more desired, and I want to have more options when it comes to clothing. These are the main reasons why I will try this product, and I hope that I will be able to share good news with you all, just in time before next summer.

Best, Patricia.

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