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My wife cheated on me with a black man

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Did she realize the kid was with the black man, and not you? Was she hoping that the kid would be yours and her secret would remain a secret? Or did she just not care? How did the divorce go, did you wind up paying child support on the child that was not yours? She had to have know honestly.

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My wife cheated with a black man

Home Forums Focused Topics Coping with Infidelity white wife who only dated blacks cheated with a black man. Jump to Latest Follow. Status Not open for further replies. ed Jul 29, OK, let me start off by saying I just ed up here. And, I'm not racist! Sorry this may be a long post. I just need to type it out. I have been married to my wife for 13 years.

We first met at work. She was beautiful!

Caught my girl cheating with a black man

Is beautiful! Anyway, when I first started talking to her. She had a picture of a black pinned on her wall. She said he was her boyfriend. We began to talk more and more at work and I asked her out. She said "I dont date white boys". She would make ornery comments around the office in talking with me and co-workers. Things like "size does matter" and stuff like that.

Why being cheated on is not as bad as you think

This is before her and I began dating. Anyway, I fell in love with her. I tried and I won her over. We started having sex and it was great. We got married. At times it would bother me about things that she would say about not dating white guys and size matters. So, she told me she had never had an orgasm with anybody before me and that I was the biggest that she had ever had. Well, we were married and I would tell her that I loved her.

My wife cheated with a black man

A lot of times she would reply "Thank you" Many many times I would try to have sex with her and she would turn me down and roll over away from me. She wouldnt show me affection. She would not really hold my hand she would just kind of gently pull away. This was going on the first few years of our marriage.

My wife cheated on me with a black man and tried to pass off his baby as mine thank god i have super-rich racist in-laws to burry her in the divorce

I really desire her attention. But, I couldnt seem to get it. So, I would feel terrible. I would tell myself that if I was a black guy she would desire me or love me. I would go and drink in my truck by myself and feel sorry for myself and get angry about everything. Well, I would get so drunk that I would be sick and go home. She would take care of me and I liked her attention. Anyway, her turning me down and not showing me love continued and a few times i would go to a bar instead of just drink in my truck. I think one time some girl gave me her. A different time a girl that was cutting my hair gave me her .

My husband learned the hard way why women cheat

I didnt talk to these girls or have sex with them. I just had their in my wallet. My wife found the s and was upset about me drinking and we were having problems. Well, she wanted to go to Louisville by herself. Louisville is where we met and got married. Then we moved to Tulsa and were living in Tulsa at the time. We had a one year old son at the time. Her and my son flew to louisville and I stayed here. We were pretty much separated. After a week or so. I got in my car and drove to Louisville to see her.

I showed up un-announce and got a hotel. I asked her to come see me. I met her at the mall and we went and stayed at my hotel together. We sat at the hotel and talked about everything.

She told me that she had come out to louisville and that she was walking around the mall and that she had ran into a couple guys that she used to know. She said that they talked for a bit and that one guy gave her his and asked her to go see a movie. She told me that she thought it was innocent and she agreed. She told me that she had a friend of hers babysit and that she met him at the theater.

She said they watched a movie and then were leaving. She said that in the parking lot he tried to kiss her and he put his lips and tongue on her lips. But she said she stopped him and said no. And, she told me she never talked to him again. This is what she told me in the hotel the night that I came to louisville. Even at that I was very mad. I accused her of doing what had haunted me.

I accused her of liking black men more than me. She denied this and said that she was innocent and that she had randomly bumped into this guy and she thought that they were just friends. And that when he kissed her she stopped him and never had anything to do with him again. So, we made up and I brought her and my baby boy home. We tried to start over. Well, for many years I would wonder if she lied to me and I would wonder if anything else happened. Well, she continued to be cold and we continued having problems. Last year we went to counseling.

We tried to discuss everything. I opened up to her about things and we were doing better. We stopped going to counseling and things started going down hill again.

I found out my wife cheated on me when my "son" came out black. i'm white, and she is too. ama

We recently started going to counseling again. I have told her so many times over the past year that I have felt like she was hiding something from me.

She always denied it. Over the past 10 years I have asked her occasionally if anything more happened in louisville. SHe always denied it. Over this past year I have stepped up my questioning. I have told her that maybe I am crazy but it seems like youve always hid something from me. Well, after much discussion she just told me that she needs to talk to me.

I was nervous to hear it. She told me that what really happened was : She said that she had been at home and I was at work. She said that an friend of hers from the past called her. Her friend was a black guy that she has always said was just a friend and nothing more. But, at one point she did tell me that they had kissed once before.

Anyway, this guy calls and she asks how he got her because she said that they hadnt talked in over three years since we got married.