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Mythological sex stories

Published on 6th January,in Mumbai Mirror.

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The ancient Greeks knew how to tell a good story. And I think this dog needs three he! We like to think of our own age as the originator of sexual adventure and kink, but Greek mythology offers ample proof that crazy sex stuff is far from a modern invention. Zeus especially does not seem to be someone who is particularly concerned with consent. The general lesson of many Greek myths — sexual or not — is simply that the gods are huge, immature jerks.

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Around about the time Zeus turned into a swan and raped a girl, we figured out that mythology had some pretty weird sexual hang-ups. But there's "ornithological sexual assault" weird, and then there's Indra was considered the king of the Hindu gods.

Much like Zeus, he threw lightning bolts at people and disguised himself as women's husbands so that he could have sex with them on the sly. Apparently it is very hard for the lords of all creation to get some legitimate action. Indra lusted after Ahalya, the wife of the sage Gautama, so he floated down to Earth and disguised himself as Gautama while the sage was away, then proceeded to initiate the no-pants dance with Ahalya.

5 bizarre and depraved sex stories from mythology

When Gautama found out, he was hopping mad and decided to inflict an ironic punishment on Indra -- he cursed the god to sprout a thousand vaginas all over his body, presumably while yelling, "Yo dawg, I heard you like pussy! Balasaheb Pandit Pant Pratinidhi.

Indra was mortified and went into hiding, and the other gods went looking for him. When they finally found him, he was covered in blood. And it wasn't because he was hurt. The gods, repulsed by Indra's full-body menstruation, undid the curse by turning all of the vaginas into eyes, which gave Indra his official title as the Thousand-Eyed God.

Although, in another version of the story, they merely try to hide the vaginas by painting them to look like eyes, because apparently in those days they either had really weird eyes or really weird vaginas.

8 romantic sex stories about greek gods

Catholicism has patron saints for just about everything, and if you travel to South America you can find some rather obscure ones. Like in Guatemala, where they pray to Maximon, the drunken, chain-smoking saint of wanton debauchery. The Vatican strongly discourages Catholics from praying to Maximon, but that doesn't stop them. So what is it about Maximon that makes him distasteful to the Church but endearing to the people? It's probably his origin story.

One daywhen all of the other men were out working the fields, Maximon did the only logical thing he could: He had sex with literally all of their wives. All of them. In one day. The enraged husbands returned to find the entire town sticky and satisfied, so they did the only logical thing they could: They chopped off all of Maximon's limbs, then lynched him. That's right: They tetherballed the poor bastard.

8 weirdest sex stuff from greek mythology

Today, venerators of Maximon consider him a saint of fertility, male sexual power, and wealth. They set up shrines to him in their homes, which usually take the form of a short, limbless, mustachioed man in a sombrero, smoking a cigar, and surrounded by offerings of booze, cash, and fruit. Every day, save for his own feast day, they cover his face "for fear that his sexuality may run rampant.

The priests that speak to Maximon directly are permanently drunk on grain alcohol, which seems to be a religious requirement. Locals say that they pray to him by drinking rum and smoking cigarettes. Some religions are just objectively better than others. Ancient Greek art tended to portray heroes with cute little penises tucked neatly away.

The 7 weirdest sex stories of the ancient world

But that rule went straight out the window if you were talking about the Greek god Priapus, who was more commonly portrayed like this:. Aaron Wolpert. Priapus was the son of Aphrodite. The legend goes that the queen of the gods, Hera, was jealous of Aphrodite's superior beauty, so she cursed Aphrodite's son to be born hideous, and with a comically oversized schlong.

Basically, he would be Ron Jeremy. The sight of Priapus offended the small-dick-loving Greek gods, so he was cast out of Mount Olympus and lived on Earth with a bunch sex satyrs, people with horse-like features who taught him how to live in harmony with nature and fuck just Wiki Commons. In one storyPriapus mythological to get it on with the goddess Hestia while she was asleep, but a nearby donkey brayed so loudly that it woke her up, and Priapus fled the scene.

Greeks have celebrated their Feast of Hestia ever since by decorating donkeys. Incidentally, that's also where the popular party game pin the tail on the donkey came from -- though it wasn't always a tail Humankind learned pretty quickly that there is a connection between sex and creation, but nobody expressed this more literally and succinctly than the Sumerians, whose god Enki managed to create the whole world in one mammoth masturbation session the likes of which can only sex compared to a teenager who has just discovered RedTube.

After literally cumming the universe into existence, Enki turned his sights to the arid lands of the Middle East, which just turned him on even more. He dug two massive trenches using his raging boner as a shovel, and then jerked off into themcreating the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, which formed the cradle of civilization.

The overflow of his torrent of semen created the first plants. Enki completed his jerk session by ejaculating human beings into the world and then demanding that they worship his penis. The people of the Trobriand Islands in Papua New Guinea have a mythological dance with a legend behind it, the legend of Inuvayla'u. He was a local clan leader who was blessed with an enormous story that could move like a snake, and as such he had the power to bone people from a distance, like some kind of sex story.

The 7 weirdest sex stories of the ancient world

It was a power he used liberally. One technique was to cut a hole in the wall of their house and then thrust his serpentine dick in, where it would snake its way through the house until it located a vagina and then did its thing. Eventually, the townspeople got pissed off enough at Inuvayla'u and his stealth crotch snake that they ganged up on him and dunked him in a river. Apparently this was an incredibly potent shaming technique, because Inuvayla'u was so mortified that he took an ax and chopped off his own dick, cut it to pieces and spread it all around the forest before fleeing into exile.

He eventually became homesick, though, so he prostituted his own mother in exchange for body paint, returned to the village, and taught everyone a song and dance about his life. It's probably not hitting Broadway any time in the near future.

The Mehinaku people of the Amazon have an interesting way with language. Instead of saying "I am thirsty," they'll say "My tongue is hurting.

8 weirdest sex stuff from greek mythology

According to the legend, all women's vaginas used to detach from their bodies at night and wander around the village looking for food. Because apparently in the Amazon, if you wake up to find that your pantry has been raided, you immediately assume that a free-wandering vagina did it. The story goes that a man once woke up in the middle of the night to find a story vagina eating his leftovers, so he took a fire brand to it.

The vagina scurried back to its owner, who woke up in agony over her seared sex and later advised all the other local women not to let their vaginas wander around at night. And that's why women's vaginas no longer roam mythological, because apparently that needed a legend to explain. Paul Ehrenreich. The natives of Hawaii have a similar story about the goddess Kapo-kohe-lele, literally translated to "Kapo with the flying vagina. Kama-pua'a threatened to rape Pele if she continued to ignore him, so Kapo came to the rescue by ripping out her vagina and throwing it away like a Frisbee.

Kama-pua'a chased it and never came back. Apparently, Kapo never went in search of her discarded organ, so if you're ever in Hawaii, be careful where you step. Kelly Stanaway studies current and ancient mythology as a hobby and can be found on Twitter. She also has an ebook, Rending The Seal, available through Smashwords.

India’s erotic tradition

You can say hi to Abraham on Twitteror visit his DeviantArt. Laura H enjoys obscene musicals and pretending that she has a future. Follow her on Twitter.

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8 weirdest sex stuff from greek mythology

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