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Naughty christian girls

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Men sin with their eyes; women sin with their emotions. Men masturbate; women daydream. Men have affairs; women shop. Men find it hard to resist smut sabotaging their electronic inboxes. Women devour romance novels. Such is the comfortable stereotype that helps us avoid an uncomfortable fact: that some Christian women struggle with sexual addiction.

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Some say they have been married for years—and yet feel guilty thinking about their husbands in a sexual way. Others say they have never enjoyed intimacy with their husbands. Since that first post I have been listening to what others have been asking and saying about their own experiences, and trying to understand better where such misconceptions could have come from. Having come from a family that taught me wellit was hard for me to fully understand.

How is it that so many have difficulty reconciling their daily walk of purity with their sexuality?

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I believe that the problem starts when girls are not taught a proper view of sex at home, have curiosities, and so have to find out and piece together the fragmented information for themselves. If they are extremely lucky, they will pick up a good book, discover good things and develop their own healthy ideas in regards to the sexual union. Unfortunately this is what happens more often than not… and what effect does this have on our girls?

How can we reconcile these ideas? How do we reconcile being dirty and naughty with our need to be sanctified? God did.

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The publications that the world put out will have you think that they invented things and are the masters and lords of the sexual realm. They think they have it all figured out, and can tell you whether you are doing things right in the bedroom, pleasing your partner, having enough sex, or are sexually daring enough. They are not the masters and lords of the sexual realm.

Despite what the world may think, God is the Master and Lord of sexuality.

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He created it. He created it in the very beginning, and He created it to be enjoyed, freely and guiltlessly in its right context. So they are no longer two but one flesh. No one else. So since God created a husband and wife to enjoy the sexual act together, no amount of sensuality that is expressed between them physically or verbally can be anything but pure, lovely, and right.

Not only does God see sexuality as pure and perfect when expressed in the right situation marriagebut He also wants His creation to understand this as well. See what He is saying there? This is a command. Marriage, and what happens in the marriage bed, must be held in honour among those who wish to have the mind of Christ.

The warped perception and confusion our girls experience is only going to go away if we talk about it more openly and freely. I understand this is hard.

But we must consider the alternative: What happens if we say nothing? There really is far too great a need for something to be said. This cannot be simply brushed under the rug and ignored. The risks are too great.

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So how can we talk about sexuality with the girls under your influence? Nobody should ever have to be afraid. Show them what Biblical, sexual love looks like, and set them free. May God be with you—and with me—as we start these uncomfortable but important conversations. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Naughty christian girls

This needs to change. Advice on how to be naughtyand talk dirty. So what can we do? This tells me that something is out of balance. Something has to change. We need to talk about this. Be available. Let your children — and any girls in your sphere of influence — know that you are available if ever they want to ask anything, and stay true to your promise.

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Be open. It only serves to make everyone feel uncomfortable, and will likely deter them from asking questions they need to hear the answer to! Be honest. No matter how old someone is, there is never any reason to tell them that babies come by stork. Sure, reveal truths as they are ready to hear them, and go easy on the details for younger ones — but never, ever lie.

This just perpetuates the whole idea that sex is something to be ashamed of.

Sex is definitely not something to be ashamed of! Be encouraging.

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Be realistic and tell them that they may not enjoy it at first, but give them hope. Tell them they can enjoy it. Sort out your own issues first, and in the meantime find someone else who can talk to them. Be appropriate.

Naughty christian girls

This is where people get confused. What is appropriate to say or not say? My general rule of thumb is this: give information, not details. The Bible especially in the Song of Solomon talks of sex a great deal, but it always closes the curtain when it comes to giving intimate details of the actual sexual act. Be understanding.

Not everyone likes the same positions or playful ideas. Telling others all the things you do in detail can serve to create jealousy, self-doubt, or unrealistic expectations. Communicate this to those you are mentoring. The world does enough to make the young girl feel inadequate sexually, without hearing us say she needs to climax so many times, have sex so many times a week, try such-and-such a position, or perform such-and-such for her husband. Let her decide that between her and her spouse. Be informed. Find good books that you can recommend to those who need more information.

Be humble, realise this, and give them places to go to find more information. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. required Address never made public. Name required.

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