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Non sexual spanking

Yes, exactly. That is the purpose of spanking therapy.

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Oh, you didn't? Then stop wasting your time here and go do something naughty! And probably the audience I will get for this story is from people who don't think of spanking as something sexual. And who get a twist from non-sexual spankings. You don't get the meaning of that?

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On select Mondays, we will sit down with an author or figure of the ttwd community to chat about topics such as books, love, electronic readers, and even biting! Please welcome Korey.

It is a sacred tradition in many families, friends, and even workplaces, and it offers a chance to chat informally on a of topics. In this hectic world, it is nice to take a moment to stop, pause, and savor time getting to know a little more about each other. There is Non a thing as disciplinary non-sexual spanking. In fact, he scoffed at using spanking as a punishment at all! They work. I rarely have to spank her anymore for discipline because it spanking improves her behavior.

Spanking is what they want, you know? It was the expression he normally reserves for lesser mammals, college hippies, and my parents: exasperation with just a sprinkle of pity. It was interesting that both people in this conversation obviously thought the other one had no clue what they were talking about, but both wanted to be nice about it. I was blushing profusely, of course. I imagined James ignoring me—ever.

It sent shivers sexual my spine.

A beginner’s guide to spanking therapy

We waited another three hours until I found out what he was talking about. James had to yay or nay what implements were used on me, because there were a lot of sadists there, and I am by no means a masochist.

Being dominated is huge to me during sex. James agreed. James is a situational fantasy man. So I pondered. I feel that spanking is what a lot of spanking fiction readers yearn for, the same way they yearn for the embrace in the arms of their hero or direction from their leader. After all, if domestic discipline works like it should, then the marriage will be happy. The man tries to do right by his wife and holds himself up to higher standards, and he corrects the wife for wrong-doings. I remember before I met my husband face-to-face, we were discussing what we wanted in a domestic discipline relationship and decided that thick-or-thin, this is what we were going to do.

My own interest dates back to my earliest memories at two-and-a-half. A kid that age does not have sexual thoughts. I guess I liked spanking for the same reason people like horror movies—it excited me, it made me nervous, it frightened me. My brain craved that sort of stimulation. I had been writing and drawing sexual erotica, too, since I was nine again hiding it from my parents. This new discovery came far, far later on. The sex the characters would have would turn me on, but the spanking I just enjoyed like one might enjoy their favorite snack.

Including fiction. What nerves they had in their asses have been spanked away long ago. She carried these scenes.

Non-sexual spanking

It was scrumptious. I realized it was the scolding and the situation that was really setting Dana apart from the others. This is what I enjoyed. This was my brain-candy. This is what made my stomach turn into knots and put a blush on my cheeks. I felt like I was a kid again, watching a friend getting spanked. I was excited; my heart was racing. We went out and ate lunch right after, trying to get a grip on ourselves. We were shaking with excitement and giggling to each other like naughty school children.

It felt like we were charged with electricity or something! The buzz, the rush! For example, I love a good build up. I love the main character to deserve it.

I like to read non-consensual spankings. I like the hero feeling that a spanking is for her own good. I sexual him to make it embarrassing, I like scolding, I like that relationship to continue to form as the spanking is going on, or any subsequent punishment like mouth-soaping or even anal-punishment.

Other girls might just need a swat to the jeans. No, with spanking novellas and novels it takes someone who has at least touched on this nameless excitement, and likes dwelling in it for some amount of time. Is it always sexual? Non some of these books even count as erotica? We could argue not. But do all of these have the nature of this yearning we have inside of them? Oh yes. About Korey Mae Johnson. As far as I am concerned, I can not claim that spanking is nonsexual.

But I still prefer to keep spanking separate from ordinary sex. I think one of the reasons is that for me spanking involves much more of my personality than just the sexual part — it has to do with conscience and self-image, with feelings of guilt, atonement, forgiveness and being unmasked.

Deepest down it is perhaps a need to be loved for who you really are and not for the one you pretend to be. Like Like. I firmly believe that it is possible to enjoy spanking for its own sake and not just as a part of sexuality.

There is a purity and innocence to using spanking purely as an adult discipline affair that I find appealing, though I realize this is a minority opinion. Totally, totally agree. Well put! Hi Korey and Ana! Korey I agree perfectly about that electric excitement in reading about spankings irrespective of any cross over sexual mixing. For years I read romance erotica and mild spanking fiction keeping both separate. Only recently have I read the mix! Sometimes I think that it is just too hard to label it and explain it all.

However it is in our nature to seek and understand! I love your stories, keep writing! Ana thanks for Fika dear! That thrill not knowing exactly what will happen or whether it will happen…that can be more fun if you play for fun than the actual spanking.

The thrill is like x potency that.

What is so appealing about being spanked, flogged, dominated, or restrained? answers from practitioners of sexual masochism/submission

Like an owl. Or a kiss. A kiss can be sexual or not, but still enjoyable. The human mind is a complex thing…. As someone who is too wimpy for rollercoaser rides, I agree wholeheartedly. Some people like it, and some people hate it. Like a haunted house or horror movies, too. Got a plane to catch and your post in my crossed my eyes for a second there….

It is confusing. I agree with the effects of a good scolding. Some people can make you feel tiny without even raising their voices! Couple that with a spanking. However, not many are capable of DD without some sexual of erotic aspect.

One of the biggest punishments I got back in highschool was I got called up in front of the class and was literally scolded for spanking ten Non. I mean, without roleplay and more complicated things involved. Scoldings make the spanking itself just so unique… Something to explore further, I think!

What do you think about non-sexual spanking in a relationship?

Whoa, ten minutes! That must have felt like ages. I think to scold well is a valuable skill and an art even though it is really scary to be on the receiving end. I wonder if there needs to be a distinction between reading about spanking and experiencing it in real life. The whole experience of reading a romance spanking or otherwise is to stir those feelings in the reader. Hm…I agree with you that it can be cruel, but at the same time I think that PBDs can manipulate as well.