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Nude boating stories

Quite a few years ago when the wife and I were first dating we were mutual friends with a couple Bob and Karen who lived not far from us we used to occasionally go out and party dinner etc.

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Note: You can change font size, font face, and turn on dark mode by clicking the "A" icon tab in the Story Info Box. Please consider leaving feedback on issues you experience or suggest improvements. Judy and I enjoy going out on our boat into the gulf. We had earlier in the month had a great experience with Tim at the beach. We were going out fishing, then on to one of the small islands to beach the boat and have a cook-out so, we invited Tim to us.

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I love the fact that you called him Buff. Was there a national flag anywhere? It reminded me of sailing in the Canary islands when we headed into one of the marina's shower block for an end to the day refresh to hear voices from two German men sharing a shower stall. We left them to it! We have a few similar stories, but the nekkid buddy boat takes the cake : My eyes have been scarred for life, too You really might have asked him I got used to nudity in California, and believe me it does see some getting used to, and from then on it becomes the most natural thing in the world.

The freedom of swimming in the ocean at nude beaches, even among strangers, can become strangely addictive and blissfully enjoyable, something you are obviously also aware.

Sailing last weekend with my new friends

I bet if you had simply spoken to all over tan and his sailing cohorts, you might have struck up an interesting friendship there in that beautiful isolated anchorage, and not be writing after recovery from visual trauma :so long after the fact. Of course, I was not there, and may be completely out of line in this assertion. I don't know.

I just don't think of naked people as threatening. Whatever they have on them, is indeed all out there to see. I totally hear you though and perhaps we should have said something but not sure if I could just walk up to a naked stranger and introduce myself, to be honest, so perhaps I'm more of a story than I think! I totally get the freeing and, possibly addicting, aspect of being naked in nature though.

I might add - I don't think nudity is threatening, but if you are staring me down with your hands on your hips a pretty aggressive stance according to Nude language experts -see above: "bitch wings" - THAT was the "threatening" or, as I said, intimidating part, not the nudity itself. Just want to make sure I'm clear ".

However, I'll refrain from sharing those in the very public comments boating. Buuutt since we live in New Orleans I think I'm with Scott though Sometime's is so hard to just bring yourself to to sit and write when all you want to do is nap.

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We anchored once at the island of Ios in Greece. We wanted to swim ashore, but first we looked through the binoculars. Everyone on the beach was naked.

So we took off our clothes and swam in naked, and hung out on the beach for a couple hours. Kind of miss those days Very fun article Brittany!

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You are right that as cruisers we will need to "confront" the nudity issue except while we cruised in Scotland and Norway one summer :- We actually filmed a "Nudity" episode of Distant Shores back in our first season. Sailing in the hedonistic Balearic Islands of Spain. Very fun, and ended in a mudbath The show was quite popular but was banned in some of our Middle Eastern countries from broadcast in the Travel Channel. Jean - so fun!

I probably would have needed some coercing aka alchohol to actually take of my bottoms in broad daylight and feel comfortable, but - like I said - nudity in the right place and in the right spirit is no problem for either of us. Paul - I love it!! Banned - you guys rock. I wanna catch that episode as I am a big fan of hedonism ;! Hope all is well with you two! Definitely not swingers. Swingers LIKE clothing We can't wait to experience life's little quirks from the deck of our boat.

Hedonists that we are Funny story, though.

‘nude boating’ stories

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Lori’s boat ride

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