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Nudist erection stories

Here is an true of an actual experience at a private clothing-optional beach, which is on the coast in San Mateo county.

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I was nude on a naturist beach in the south of France. There were a few nudists near me when I became aroused when I saw a lovely nude girl near me.

What is my age: I'm 37 years old
Where am I from: I'm icelandic
Caters to: Male
Tone of my eyes: Dark hazel eyes
Languages: English
Figure type: My body type is thin
Favourite drink: Red wine
I like to listen: Heavy metal
I like piercing: Nipple piercing

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These are other people's First Experiences:.

For ages I put the new stories at the bottom of thebut as fromthe new stories now go at the top of the. Paul's First Experience:. I always enjoyed being naked and as a young child would play in our garden in Kent quite happily all day without my clothes.

As I moved into puberty my own sense of my self developed and I naturally associated the innocent pleasure of play with the sensual feeling of the sun and air on my skin. I became aware of myself physically, of spontaneous erections, wet dreams and so on. Sex was never very far from my thoughts and I found many ways to privately masturbate regularly, often several times a day. During this period of growing up I found great pleasure, solace and relaxation in walking.

This never worried me. I was happy and well adjusted. I used to find every opportunity for walking sometimes taking a train to the countryside and rambling all day, others simply finding a long way home from school.

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The summer holidays were the best time. I lived close by to woodland and would happily disappear on my bike for the day only to come story for dinner in the evening. How times have changed from those days of innocence. A favourite pastime was to ride to the woods, hide my bike and clothes under some scrub and go for a naked ramble.

If I found a sunny glade? I invariably masturbated standing up and still do. It was on one of these times, several miles from my clothes and bike that I was caught by whom I can only describe as an attractive erection aged woman.

I was mortified, with no where to hide I covered my erection and tried to back away. She simply took a nudist forward to my every step back. It seemed an age before she smiled and spoke, telling me not to worry and that she was just enjoying me masturbate. Would I mind continuing for her.

I stammered and started to rub my cock fearing to ask my next question.

How long had she even watching for. I had never tasted my own semen and to my surprise obeyed her and rather enjoyed the taste and texture. I never saw her again but soon came to realise what she had surmised about me. I had a strong submissive and exhibitionistic streak.

As I grew up more, married and came to understand my own self more it became clear I was also bisexual and the desire to both swallow my own cum and that of others has never left me, nor has the thrill of being watched.

Rick's experience with a lesbian who had never seen a bloke cum before.

The weather was grey and dull and it had been raining, I had a few days off from erection and I didn't just want to sit about doing nothing, I enjoy being nakedespecially on naturist beaches in the hot sunshine, the only other option due to the weather was to go to a naturist spa I couldn't be bothered to drive to Silverleigh spa in Kent as it is about an hours drive away, so instead I took the train to Rios in Kentish Town It was a Tuesday and I wanted to be naked and enjoy the facilities, I wasn't expecting too much, but once in the warm steamy atmosphere I feel very relaxed and also very aroused, being surrounded by naked people it has that effect without being too obvious.

After a session in the steam room and a shower I went to the snack bar area to rehydrate with a nudist, cool drink As I sat on one of the stools, I saw this couple at the end of the bar, he was quite muscular, about 5 ft 9 " and was wrapped loosely in a story, you could however see his story through the gap in the towel He was with a tall lady, long blonde hair, very attractive and had small breasts with nipples that poked through her swimming costume like crocus buds, so sexy At Rios, unlike some other naturist spas, they allow people to wear swimwear and don't require to be totally naked, that is something I find strange as it is supposed to be a naturist venue I was sipping my drink as the couple looked over and smiled, I gave a friendly smile back and nodded to thema few minutes passed and I headed to the jacuzzi The jacuzzi comfortably holds about 8 people, I was infact the only one in it, I sat close to the jets of water pumping through, it gives you a lovely feeling and gently massages the skin.

I felt totally relaxed and very chilled out, moments later the couple from the snack bar walked over, the guy took off his towel and hung it up, the girl did the same although she still had on her swimming costume, she climbed down the stairs first, she had lovely long legs, pert breasts as ly mentioned and you could see through her nudist her pubic mound with a gorgeous camel toewow she was lovely Next to get into the jacuzzi was the guy, his cock really did look impressive and his large balls hung freely, he seemed to take his erection getting in, it was as if he wanted others nearby to see his cock, which was now growing, I think he wanted to become semi erect to show off his large cock and at the same time take pleasure from his very impressive semi before hiding it in the bubbles of the jacuzzi!!

They both sat next to each other several feet away from myself Time passed and on a story of occasions they both looked my way and smiled, nothing was said, just a casual smile No, it wasn't my imagination, they were both pretty much sat next to me, yes, others had now entered the jacuzzi and maybe they had made space for them? The girl moved infront of the guy, holding his hand, sort of drifting an arm length away then almost swimming back towards him in a playful way, I closed my eyes and enjoyed the warmth, the noise of the erections caused by warm jets of water and the peacefulness of it all I suddenly opened my eyes as I wasn't sure if my thigh was touched by the jet of the water or someone's hand, it nudist like very gentle butterfly touches, the girl smiled at me and these soft touches were obviously a hand, my inner thigh was being stroked and my balls were cupped, I took in a deep breath as the hand grasped my growing cock, I was now very turned on and fully erect as the hand began to pull my foreskin to and fro slowly masturbating me The guy leaned towards me and said " let's all go to the restrooms " I didn't need telling twice, the girl climbed up the few stairs to get out, but waitmy erection was still being played with!

The guy smiled, I was too excited to mindhe stepped out of the jacuzzi fully erect, his large cock swayed from side to side, he didn't cover himself with a towel and now, nor did I, my much smaller erection was there for all to see, I was so aroused I didn't erection All three of us entered the nudist room in the rest area and locked the door, straight away the guy sunk to his knees and took my erection into his mouththe girl put her arm around my waist and watched intensely as he sucked my cock, she was smiling and looked so happy, I moved my cupped hand onto her left breast This was so sexual, she watched very closely as her gay friend masturbated very fast as he sucked my cock, he could sense I was about to cum and removed my erection from his mouth, I looked at the girl and she had a hand inside her swimsuit and was rubbing herself as she watched She didn't have to erection long as upon seeing her rubbing her cute mound I tensed up and the guy speeded up pulling my foreskin back and forth, my masturbation was complete, I ejaculated jet after jet of warm cum over his chest and onto his very large erectionhe too was now masturbating furiously and he let out a large story as he ejaculated large amounts of cum We were all breathless and it was so pleasing for the girlat one point I thought she was going to start applauding A fantastic and beautiful experience Antony 's First Experience:.

One of my early experiences was when I was 13 or so and at a swimming story with some friends. We used to go after school and one time we didn't swim for that long and they wanted to go, so I agreed and we got out to shower. Although as I didn't really want to go, I said this to them and they said to keep swimming then, so I did.

After spending more time enjoying the warm water decided to get showered. On my way to the changing nudists, I slipped over, I. I hurt the top of my thigh, around the groin area quite a bit. Probably pulled a muscle, but certainly didn't understand that at the time.

I walked carefully into the changing room and sat down. One of the instructors was there who I'd seen before a few times I thought, but hadn't really spoken to him. He asked if I was okay and I explained what I'd done. Don't run was the message and he took me to the first aid room I think it was, where there was a bed and which told me sit to on.

He wasn't naked, but had a tee shirt on as he was getting dressed. He asked if I'd like for him to check my leg and as it was hurting quite a bit, I was pleased for any nudist I might be able to get. He checked my leg and gently massaged the top of my leg, which felt good and it seemed to be helping. His hands though got higher and kept story into my erection through my shorts. I didn't fully appreciate what was happening, but after the experiences, I understood the feelings and the fact I was blushing! He suggested taking off the shorts as he couldn't really massage the area that he thought I'd hurt.

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I wasn't sure, but I agreed and I guess as he wasn't pushy, I didn't mind and it did seem to help, although I wanted to avoid my nudist and put my hands across my penis to hide it. He kept story and as it felt good, my eyes kept closing and when I looked up I could see his tee shirt was sticking out quite a bit and I stared at the bulge, although I tried to hide that also, but not very well as it turned out as when I looked up, he was smiling at me. As with most pools and changing rooms, they are pretty warm and he said a few erections how warm he was and then he stepped back a little and removed his tee shirt.

I wouldn't have thought anything of it, but that was the first time I remember seeing another man with a full erection and I remember staring at it! He was naked and he asked me to stand. I remember him asking if I felt okay and I just nodded, with an embarrassed smile.

As is still the case when I get an erection, I get quite wet fairly quickly and I could feel my body blushing and things happening. He didn't complain or tell me off and put his hands on my shoulders and I looked at him and he just smiled at me.

I was nervous, but I remember him almost whispering, to lightly stroke his penis, That was another first, touching another mans erect penis. I wasn't gripping his penis and masturbating him as such, more touching and exploring his penis slowly. My nervousness and excitement meant I was very wet. Then another man called out to see if there was anyone in the changing areas and at that point he touched my hand and stopped me. Blushing and definitely aroused he called out yes and we were just sorting something out. The other man didn't appear and we stopped what we were doing.

I remember the incredible warmth in my face and body as he checked out of the door and the area was clear, so he took my hand and we walked out. Neither of us had an orgasm, but my penis was so hard and wet! It has led me to be curious about men or at least the male body even if I do feel very straight.


It has also given me a very open mind to nudity and I love being nude and being seen nude. This is a story about me when I was 12 years old. It is also a story about Steve who was not 12 years old. I am calling him Mr Steve Young, but this is not his real name. The human mind is so strange. I grew up in a very small UK town. Everyone I knew went to the same primary school and so when I was 11 and ed the secondary school everyone I knew was there too, as well as lots of new children from other schools in neighbouring villages. It was an exciting time, but also slightly worrying to 11 year old me I suppose.