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One piece sex stories

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This story from Sissifier has been read 2 4 6 4 times. One Piece - Luffy finds a new treasure Written by Sissifierongenre domination One Piece fans will understand better.

Years: I am 23
What is my ethnicity: Japanese
My orientation: Male
What is my gender: I'm girl
What I like to listen: Pop
In my spare time I love: Swimming
Tattoo: Yes

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Tallest in Monster Point. Varies in form. Other Notes:.

One piece sex story: one piece specimen: robin chapter 11

Ate the Model: Human fruit. Able to transform his body at will. Has a wide variety of Human and Reindeer forms. Cannot control ones self after eating more than one Rumble Ball in quick succession. That could be rather fun. Fixed now. Nothing a blow job cannot handle. He now not only had Robin to experiment with he also had Nami.

Now there was just Nami to do. Lips: An erotic mouth capable of strong suction.

So I did! Maybe I should make her lactate? If she was going to be taking a bath with him it would damn well be romantic. There was everything from liquid soap to six different skin moisturisers.

One piece sex story: one piece specimen: robin chapter 11

She quickly found the one she was looking for and begins to sample the bubble-baths. The third one smells similar to honey-dew and so she chosen that one. He grinned down at her in his huge form as he held in his arms a variety of toys such as a small ship, a rubber duck and a wooden train. You know. Fucking Reindeer and all that. Robin bent over, putting her elbows on the table, rewarding Chopper with her tight bubble butt presented for his hand to work on. Five on each cheek.

Chopper stared, was she talking about cotton candy? Did she want him to rub some cotton candy against that bum of hers? It all finally clicked into place. He took the utmost care not to injure her precious feet.

He removed both of the long boots and put them aside, standing them next to the comfy chair she lounged in. It was a kink, nothing more and he probably realised that.

His balls trapped in a baby pink pair of panties, his huge cock erect and hanging out, cock-rings forcing the doctor to stay erect for her pleasure. Hell, if he asked her to do it she would. Robin blushed at the idea of Chopper coming up with some wild and humiliating things for her to do, and Robin having to obey them without question. As he watched her, he said nothing, simply stared down into the bed where her short skirt rode high if such a thing was possible. Robin stared back at him, trying assess when the Doctor had last bathed. She guessed.

That would have to change. Her cute thin nose bunched up slightly at the smell coming from the Doctor. Chopper watched before continuing to make notes on his notepad. He put down his pen and stood up, changing into his huge form.

His pants came into view, stretched tightly by the enormous club of his swollen penis. He stayed like that, allowing the beautiful woman to see his need as it throbbed evilly in his pants. Sometimes he hated the amount of time he had to spend just writing down new formulas. Of course that was the way of the world. He yawned, rubbing his eyes as he struggled to keep awake. He could already feel his powerful body beginning to sag.

Damn her stupid sexy body. He really should update those documents too. Chopper sighed happily as he enjoyed the scene. I wished he wouldnt stare at me with those glass-like eyes, fearing that he could see into my very soul with them. I didnt truly understand his innocence then. His face turned as my hands moved, and he finally asked What are you doing? I turned to look at him, sighing. There was a long razorblade in my right hand, and a soapy sponge in the other. One leg was propped up on the edge of a crate. Im shaving.

How do you think women have such smooth legs? I didnt expect him to come onto the deck so late at night after everyone else had gone to sleep, but once he had arrived, there was no getting rid of him. My little secret routine had piqued his interest, and I knew hed be watching until I was finished.

Not that there was any shame in what I was doing, it was purely a necessity for a girl who often depends on her looks to get her out of trouble. I simply didnt feel very comfortable with Luffy staring at my legs so intently, my skirt pulled up to nearly my waist. One Nico Robin. Chopper studied them again, saying nothing.

DO NOT try and ask her again. BWH89 I-Cup.

Known Medical Problems: Allergic to certain cheeses Makes her body have into a blue hue. Stitches between her breasts, she attempted to fix the wound herself, re-stitched personally. Minor wounds from Skypiea, no further problems. Once frozen, thawed out, sometimes is sensitive to the cold.

Probably because of ill-fitting clothes. Various gum problems due to incident in Enies Lobby, sometimes complains about her teeth hurting due to it. Lost Shadow at one point, body burned. Is fine now. No further problems. Multiple psychological problems due to her past. Not so bad at the moment. Anxiety tablets prescribed for her to take as and when needed.

Asked me to give her an enema once, complains sometimes of constipation None since prescribing regular anal sex. One Piece Hentai. Home Sample .