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Only i am not attacked in a world over runned by zombies

The Limb Harvester -- Case I You start off weak, out of shape, clumsy, in shock, and with only a high school level intelligence. Male or Female Struggling to find safety with a dozen other individuals, you stumble upon a old Lab.

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Hey there! I need your advice I am searching for some novel with a unconventional hero if possible in a alternative worldwho is not a pathetic loser and has all sort of phobias and has some ambition. With unconventional i mean: Mc takes what he wants and dont give a f He doesnt hide his power or "plays along" with everyone without any reason.

Only i am not attacked in a world overflowing with zombies chapter 37

Also he should not be afraid to hurt or kill enemies or people that obstruct his goals. Also he should be a bit ambitious.

No ambition. The Rise of the Shield Hero: That guy is too nice and has no ambition ,also again wants home. Dont misunderstand! Some of them are masterworks. But just not the thing i search.

Only i am not attacked in a world overflowing with zombies chapter 37

It should fit your criteria pretty well. In a nutshell. Kills whoever he wants and eats them all, because every one from the tiniest rabbit to the juiciest human, are delicious.

Likes to feed corpses to his minions. I read kansutoppu, and although I absolutely without a doubt love that story, does what she wants isn't wrong but it fails to mention she doesn't want to kill. That's right if she can avoid it she spares the persons life, though it doesn't get crazy where she'll put her life on the line for that ideal, at least there hadn't been a case like that yet but I assume she'd just kill a person if they are strong enough and trying to kill her.

He has ambition; it just doesn't coincide with what you want it to be. That said, yeah, his desire to return to his world is nonsensical, considering his old life was pretty shit.

Anyways, how is "not nice" unconventional? You seem to just want a specific criteria of MC. Anyways, I wouldn't know, but good luck with your search. No mc tries to get hostages and make money, raid a city, lead a big revolution to free the land of the tyranny or just lead an army to become king.

Only i am not attacked in a world overflowing with zombies chapter 37

Or a mc who is not a nice guy and weak loser. Try Dark Jokes. MC of Owari no Chronicle is pretty unconventional. Self-centered and extremely arrogant, he considers it a matter-of-fact that everyone is beneath him.

Well, he is proficient in martial arts, but he doesn't really fight most of the time.

Rob zombie

Instead he is the lead representative and negotiator for his organization, where he schemes, threatens, tricks, debates, and pushes his view onto the people of parallel worlds in order to save his own. Also an MC with a reciprocated love interest instead of a harem.

His eccentricities do not change around her. This is a photo of my speech during the general student meeting the other day. Taking hidden photos of yourself is a very difficult task. But well, if you just wanted an evil MC when you said unconventional, then yeah, this won't do much for you. MC is downright evil. Nothing he's done is evil, in if you count score he's in the positive by a large margin. Yeah, this would probably be the closest to what the OP wants. I'm not quite sure about the ambition bit, but why not try Mother of Learning?

Only i am not attacked in a world overflowing with zombies

The Mc there acts like a normal dude most of the time, but he's thrust in a very very complicated situation and he to piece together everything from there. Try this one. It fits all your criteria. There also is no incest since little aunt is t family explained later in story.

Zonbi no afureta sekai de ore dake ga osowarenai: volume 1

Mc is screwd weaker than opponent but wins fight with tactics and psychological manipulation and scams. And mc is a real alpha male that shows the kinda pride that all men should have but most men dont.

Ohh mc is not OP btw, starts as an invalid kinda and recivers ti conquer the wirld. And if needed he can also be really evil, torturing and killing those that have wringed him or those he cares about, but he does repay kindness 10fold. I'm not quite shure if this really fits your needs, but I woud suggest Dolou Dalu, as the MC is able to kill, in an alternate world, has a girlfriend and displays his power if needed sometimes its better to keep a low profile.

Only the ambitions part is a bit lacking I guess.

Found the internet! Unconventional Mc s novel? Posted by 7 years ago. I read: mushoku tensei: the mc is too nice, not unconventional enough and has no ambition. Can you recommend something? Sort by: best. Reply Share. The main character of this reminds me of Tact from Shield Hero.

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Arifureta No ambition He has ambition; it just doesn't coincide with what you want it to be. Unconventional is doing sth different mc wise. People keep saying that but I'm just not seeing it. A community for those interested in the Novels translated from Japan. Created Jun 30, Top posts april 14th Top posts of april, Top posts Back to Top.